25 Reasons You Get Thumbs Up

Muhammad Saleem yesterday wrote a list of the reasons that he might thumb someone down whilst using Stumbleupon.
I thought it would be a good exercise to come up with as many creative reasons why someone might Stumble one of your articles.

  1. To say thanks, great post
  2. To test stumbleupon algorithm
  3. To be the first to discover a new site
  4. To build up the strength of a page linking to them
  5. To gain traffic both short and long term from the 3rd party
  6. To benefit from multiple tier referral programs
  7. To bookmark a future resource
  8. To build up content
  9. To strengthen good relationships with a power user
  10. To repair bad relationships
  11. Because you stroked their ego
  12. For reputation management and branding
  13. To share it because it is good content
  14. To build awareness in an issue
  15. To get them to come and visit their site (linked from profile)
  16. Because they are a client
  17. To build up followers
  18. To get a stumble or Digg on -!- an important story -!-
  19. Because someone asked
  20. Because they are just being nice
  21. To make a comment because they force you to register (just hope it is good)
  22. To Get Their Attention
  23. because they are polite
  24. Because they are just being funny
  25. They have auto stumble switched on, and it is just as fast as clicking Stumble

Please note:- this is just a list, and I am not advocating anyone does all, or even any of the above.

All links point to an assortment of quality articles from my recent browsing and stumbling for your enjoyment.

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  1. Paid Survey Website says

    Personally I Stumble articles for a variety of the reasons you noted such as it’s good article, I want to share it with others, to build relationships or to market or promote a site. StumbleUpon can be quite powerful if you have good content to share with others…like Andy Beard :)

  2. says

    Reason #26: Because they accidentally hit the thumbs up button instead of the “Disable Cookies” button on their jam-packed toolbar.

    – Recipient of a Category #3 Stumble.

  3. says

    Hello Andy,

    I’m very flattered to be on your list at #25 but I do not get the point. Maybe it’s because I’m not a native speaker in English: What’s “auto stumble”? Basically I would have preferred #24.

    On the other hand, the two most frequented articles by SU users at SEO 2.0 are:

    • says

      For the Toolbar there is an options panel
      Under configuration, there is an option to “Stumble After Rating”

      In this way you don’t have to thumb up, and then hit Stumble, you can just use the up or down thumbs.

      There are a few other options there, plus for the hardcore there is another tab for keyboard options.

      The reference was nothing specific to your article, but vaguely related, and I haven’t really seen many people talk about it.

  4. says


    I am curious as to which StumbleUpon channels you belong to. I write a blog about the latest trends online, currently focusing on blogging, social media and podcasting. I never know which channels to belong to. I also write a blog about massively multiplayer online role playing games, so I joined the Online Games channel. But I hate the flash games sites that I always stumbleupon.

  5. says

    Hmmm… no link associated with “because they are a client”? ;)

    Now that I am stumbling, I do so for all those reasons. I had that Stumble toolbar installed and never used it until I started reading Sphinn. What was wrong with me?

    • says

      Well I don’t personally have any clients, well other than the very limited consultation with Blogcatalog (whose site is performing badly today, no idea why) – I also didn’t feel it was fair to link thrugh to someone with that term, or the “because they asked” because that might imply something.

      I have never thumbed up something just because someone asked me, it would still have to meet other requirements.

  6. says

    @Andy: I sort of figured that you didn’t have a link on that reason because people might think you were suggesting something! I just got a kick out of that unique feature.

    Thanks for the link too!

  7. says

    Andy, great list, especially liked no 4 :D 12 is a good reason too of course, but I confess to an ever so slight bias on that front.


  8. says

    stumble’s network and concept is good..like minded people sharing same interests so unlike digg people are interested for what their friend stumbles.

    But stumble upon visitors are like auto surfers who come read your post and in a second move to next site that they need to stumble.

  9. says

    I didn’t even know there was an auto stumble feature? In any case I give the thumbs up to stuff I like, or posts that look like people have worked hard on, or people that have been nice to me :P

  10. says

    Thanks Andy for your list. I am quite new to Stumbleupon, as well as the blogosphere, and am curious if you have compiled a list of how to get people to “stumble” onto your website?

  11. says

    For me it’s mostly #1, #3 and #13.

    I like it – I stumble it.

    Relationships, followers and friends develop naturally anyway.

  12. says

    I just stumbled this article thumbs up
    I would never stumble a site down but i only give a thumbs up to a few.
    Good article keep em coming