Taxation on Geothermal Energy

Today is blog action day, which I joined fairly early on in the promotion (17th August) and has grown to become one of the largest initiatives ever undertaken by the Blogosphere. Sometimes blogosphere or “the ‘sphere” is used as a derogative. I think this is a huge exception. Over 15,000 blogs have currently registered as being participants.

The issue being undertaken this year is the environment.

As I have written in the past, I am busy building a new home. Actually it is close to completion and we will hopefully be moving in during November.

One decision we made is that as well as exceeding all “norms” for insulation, we were going to attempt to use renewable energy sources as much as possible.

Our initial intention was to use geothermal energy, because our house is built over a very usable geothermal hotspot. The initial cost to do so would have been at least twice as much as a conventional heating system and in Poland no government grants are available for home owners.

The exploitation costs were far from free, with the need to use some electricity for pumping and heat exchange, and wear and tear on the equipment.

Unfortunately we would also have to pay tax similar to if we were piping natural gas or burning oil to heat our home, simply because the pipes would have to run fairly deeply into the ground beneath our home.

We have opted for alternative solutions, solar panels and burning wood pellets made from waste materials which have originated in Poland’s extensive renewable wood plantations.

I would like to encourage the World superpowers to place a global ban on taxation of geothermal energy.

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    I am impressed and glad to see that there are people like you who are walking the talk. In my own small way, there are a lot of things that I and my family have been doing towards environmental protection the most important of which has been towards tree plantation and composting domestic waste. I also support your idea that taxation of geothermal energy must be banned.

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    Here on the Canary Islands, you can swim in the sea, lie on the beach and play in snow on the same day. It is just a matter of driving some tens of kilometers. But, this paradox situation lets forget everyone about heat insulation. It is simply not existing. Even in new buildings. What a waste of energy. I tried a couple of days without heating at all last winter. The average temperature in the apartment during the day did hardly exceed 13 C, which is not comfortable and makes it colder inside than outside. Most people help themselves with energy wasting electric heaters during the day. My computers substitute some of those heaters. That kind of heating is at least “intelligent”. You see solar panels mostly on hotels and houses of immigrants not much elsewhere.

    Huge wind power plants in the south are probably the most prominent sign of renewable energy production (but they are so ugly).

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    It’s wonderful that you are building an energy efficient home and I like the recycled pellets for the stove idea. We are looking into solar.

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    I’m curious. Is the tax on laying pipes? Do they pipes for water wells too? (Sewer? etc.) Do they levy the tax on water pipes and sewer pipes? Or just energy distribution?

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    I can’t believe there are taxes on something so important. If renewable energy sources were partially funded, it would encourage everyone to at least think about making an effort. I made the point on my blog action day post that when I begin to pay tax on the removal of my bins, I will probably be more conscientous about recycling. Maybe this same theory could apply to limited fuel sources.

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    I completely also if congress wanted to cut energy usage they should start a war on energy conservation. It will be as successful as the other government wars: the war on drugs, the war on terror etc. The govt fails at everything it does, so going to war against energy conservation should drastically cut energy..

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    They should do everything possible to make it less expensive to use renewable energy, but half the time the tax breaks are going to boondoggle projects (ethanol, etc.) when things like solar, wind, and geothermal power are much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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    there’s some good tax breaks for solar and wind, but i don’t know either about geothermal. Also lots on hybrid cars, although is a bit of a mishmash and complicated – it depends on the car, how many have been sold, etc.

    What they don’t have, and probably should is a tax break to help get old clunkers off the road. A tax break on the trade in on an old jalopy (or SUV) if I use that to by a hybrid, or a hybrid SUV.

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    Very Well said. I must say that people like are much needed in our society to encourage the use of geothermal energy. And the matter is not only of geothermal energy, but to globally use all those energy sources that can be recycled. Only then we can make a earth a better place for living.