Mirroring Results In The Fall

Obviously despite some negative commentary, Google still is the fairest of them all, though not all results necessarily make sense.

Vanessa Fox came across something interesting in her vanity search today, and I thought I would add to the mystery and mystique of… the Google SERPs.

I noticed that within my own not quite so vanity searches ;) call it an ego search, that a recent post by Tinu about the paid links problems was ranking highly (#7).

Listing at #7 on search for Andy Beard

That isn’t overly strange, until you look a little deeper in the SERP, and discover a second listing for exactly the same article, at exactly the same URL, at #27

Listing at #27 on search for Andy Beard

As far as I am concerned this in many ways confirms Vanessa’s observations, with a recent blog search result being pulled into the main SERPs, as Tinu’s post ranks highly in blogsearch (not the newest, but one is on my domain, and another is a comment on Robert Scoble’s blog)

Thus Google might well now be including one recent blog post in universal search for some search queries.

But… Yeah There Always Is One… or Two, or Three

  • This Only Appears In Personal Searches

    I logged out of Google to double check, and unfortunately the listing was cleaner without personal results.

  • This Doesn’t Seem To Apply To Blue Pills

    I tried a few more competitive search terms, and could find no correlation between blog search and normal search, although this might be hampered a little because those are not terms Google might think should return a personalized result for, because they have no history.

  • This Doesn’t Apply To Other Competitive Terms

    I tested quite a few which I have searched in the past, and of the competitive terms I found no evidence to suggest that blogs were being used as a source.

Vanessa’s results from her post also appear in my own SERPs, even the personal ones, so what I am seeing with my “ego” searches might not be the same as Vanessa’s “vanity” searches.

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  1. says

    I’ve noticed this several times in the past few weeks, possibly even months. I wasn’t logged into Google. Just a normal search for “make money online” was showing 2 results for one URL. That’s the only one that stuck in my head since I compete for the keyword phrase, but like I said, I’ve seen several others as well.

  2. says

    I noticed this recently. I only realised when google started listing both web search and blog search in the keyword tracking section of googles webmaster tools.

  3. says

    Okay, you have set the cat among the pigeons. So far, there has been thundering silence from Google. Let us see what they say and or do, when they do. I think that you should keep at it till they resolve it.

  4. says

    Just a theory, but, could it be that due to the comments each blog post receives (which to some degree changes keyword density/topic of the page) and fluctuation of inbound links, the SERPS fluctuate as well – on an hourly basis (for popular blogs at least).

    Now, google has many data centers that are constantly updated. If one gets temporarily overloaded with queries, the search data is pulled from another data center which index may not have been as current as the others. In other words, the first page of SERPs is pulled from one data center, and then if that one gets overloaded as you click “next” page, the second page of SERPS is pulled from another data center which may have different SERPS (more, or less up to date).

  5. says

    I have seen this happen a few times. I was not logged into personal search. I have seen it pretty rarely over the last 3 months. I saw it for minor real estate terms. I checked a few times and it was consistent. But it only lasted for a few hours.