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GooruzeI have only just found out about Gooruze, it seems only the cool kids get to beta test anything these days ;) Actually I do get to peep at exciting new stuff once in a while, but this one slipped past me.

Gooruze seems to be a misspelling of “Gurus”

Gooruze is a new social network for Online Marketers. You can post articles and news items, there are lots of discussion groups covering specific online marketing verticals.

Even the discussion groups seem to be based around a limited blogging interface.

When you publish articles, it seems as if you or anyone else have the ability to tag your content after it is published, though that doesn’t seem to be true of every blogging interface.

Under your profile you have the ability to add feeds to automatically populate your personal blog on Gooruze, though it has to be claimed by mentioning a URL

That URL actually redirects to your individual member profile – my Andy Beard profile is a little barren currently, I suppose I should add some content.

The Gooruze team describe the service

The Gooruze difference is dedicated, ranked, quality information. The content is created by members who share real experiences and insights in the form of articles and news. The posts are tagged, rated and commented on by the community to deliver quality articles and information.

So is Gooruze the service you have been waiting for, the site that will suck you in to the extent that you will live there until you meet your maker (other than doing some occasional work) ?

I am not quite sure how being active in a social network really brings you closer to a 4 Hour Work Week.
Even with Sphinn which is much less complicated, just news items and articles, people spend much more than 4 hours per week browsing and voting on stories, and that drives traffic to your blog… potentially.

Gooruze might be too complicated for many, and finding the information and discussion important for your business so far looks a little time consuming.

Power Tip:- I have just tried claiming my Stumbleupon account/blog in Gooruze, lets see if it works.

Update – I now have my blog and Stumbleupon feed being fed to Gooruze, and that in turn is claimed in Technorati, along with my Stumbleupon feed.

Update 2 – I have now written my first article covering Gooruze Landing Pages – I would love to hear what you think (and some votes)

Article publishing on Gooruze is a little mundane currently compared to what you are used to here on the blog. I can’t include inline images to explain a particular point, and a lot of HTML formatting options are not available.

Other areas of the site do include the ability to include inline images, including your profiles, though not all of the editor boxes have the buttons to indicate the possibility.

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    Thanks for writing about this. I’ve been almost inactive on the Web for more than a week. Glad that I checked your blog today.

    Though I’ve spent just a few minutes (uploading pic, adding blog feed, etc.), but here is something that I don’t like:

    * To ensure that these external RSS feed belongs to you, we ask that within 5 days you post the text somewhere in the first few lines of a blog post.

    They could use microid instead. Why one must add his Gooruze profile URL in a blog post in order to validate a feed?

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    There are beginning to be so many of these, that I never know whether to spread myself thinner to fit them in or just ignore them.
    But I signed up and will start investigating.

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    I found a link from them in a feedburner referal. Looks good, will rise or fall on adoption of course – not sure if I have the time for yet another socmed site but…one to keep an eye on for sure.

  4. says

    Hi Andy

    Thanks for the review of Gooruze, and also for getting involved in the site over the last 24 hrs.

    Sorry you didn’t get a cool kids invite to the private beta :s

    Not sure where the 4 hour work week reference comes from though?

    Look forward to further feedback.


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        hey andy,

        i thought i had read that somewhere! ;)

        that comment is meant more for the newbies that are looking to learn. for example, they can come to one place now, run a search for what they are looking for, sort by highest rated and just read the top couple articles… rather than continually searching the internet and visiting thousands on ‘online marketing’ sites.

        hope that heps clear it up.


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    Hi Andy, Thanks for sharing another new social bookmarking site
    I have registered as a member of Gooruze. Seems like it looks a bit similar with StumbleUpon. Unfortunately I’ve found that some interesting article you have to write it by your ownself. Each Gooruze profile looks like a personal blog to share with other members

    If you have your own blog, do you think you will copy and paste another content to there?

    • says

      Hi Mercury,

      Just so you know, you can actually claim your blog on Gooruze so that your external blog posts automatically are fed into your gooruze member blog.


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    I’m wondering how thin I can keep on spreading myself. But I guess it’s all about just delving into what works for you and leaving the rest. Trouble is I’m so inquisitive – imagine if I missed something that was important (or not)….. As Gooruz puts it ‘keeping up is almost impossible’.

    Does seem much less complicated than other similar projects.

    As always – thanks so much for your insight and inspiration.

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    I love social networks..heck I run one ;) but the only problem I could see is the willingness to part with information for free or give away your advantages…social bookmarking relies on transparency and trust, but not sure if online marketers are so willing to share, but I guess the packed forums for some of these niches prove otherwise

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    Thanks for this resource Andy. At first I was thinking “Cool, a targeted social community for the Internet marketers” then I thought “Damn, I have so much to do today, I can’t get sucked in to it right now.”

    Looks promising, though.

    I’ll be setting up my profile later this week.

    @Steven Miller, are there really so many of these? I’m not aware of other sites like this that are specifically for the IM community.


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    Another social networking and bookmarking site!! With so many of them around, they have hardly anything new to offer. Will check this one out too. Someone should just post a list of all these web 2.0 sites out there. Its tough to keep track. An idea for your next post Andy.

  10. says

    Im assuming that this is going to become like the other social networking websites SOON.

    Since this is a social networking site primarily for internet marketers, we’re gonna see some spam from people looking for outsourcing deals or trying to push their ideas.

    Nevertheless, worth a look.

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    Yes Andy like you I just stumbled across Gooruze without the help of StumbleUpon. It looks interesting and I will keep in touch with it to see how it grows. Internet marketing is my passion with my particular fetish about using NLP alongside. I need to make some marketing strides especially in the SEO area tho the social side seems to be starting to build nicely without costing a bean except my time and effort.

    Keep up the good work

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    I don’t wan to be the one that spoils all the fun but aren’t there already enough social networking sites on the net. Why would we need another one??? And yes, there is already a Social Networking site for marketers.


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