Technorati Favorites

I was just browsing Technorati.

It would only take 67 favorites to get in their top 100 favorites

Top 50 – currently only 115 favorites

327 Favorites to get in their Top 10 !

Those are realistic targets for any blogger (not just me)

Much more realistic than the most linked to blogs. You would need links from 3000+ blogs to get into the top 100.

In my honest opinion, long term, Technorati Top 100 is worth more than the occasional Digg. From now on Technorati buttons will feature prominantly on all my blogs.

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    I’ve come to this a little late but I’ve just added your blog to my technorati favorites. Would have done it anyway without any incentive because it’s a pretty damn good read. :)

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    Great Blog – love the LinkedIn Fast button which I have blogged about and this tip in Technorati favourites – I shall start working on that (just added it to my feedburner feedflare) Yours is added to my Technorati favourites now.


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    Thanks for stopping by Rikki and glad you found something useful.

    I will stick a link of your writeup over in the comments for the LinkedIn post so people can see why this is so useful.

    I will be reciprocating the favourite shortly

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    You are looking at this from a purely statistics point of view, the amount of traffic that might be generated on a single day, from a single search term.

    I take a long-term outlook on traffic, and also place a lot of value of various forms of social proof.

    Technorati favorites is just measure of success, and actually has some use as it also allows me to help my readers as well. Whilst I have removed the Technorati widget showing posts from my sidebar temporarily because it was running very slowly, I will be introducing an RSS feed there soon.

    I don’t think I have ever received more than 20 visitors in a day from MyBlogLog, but it has brought me a huge number of subscribers.

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    True, looking at it from the long term point of view. Anyone who ends up reading your blog from Technorati or MyBlogLog is a blogger, which means they’re more likely to subscribe and they’re more likely to link/interact/engage.

    I hadn’t thought of it that way.

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    Hi Andy, I have a question for your Technorati Faves list. If it’s in an iframe will it still be picked up by the search engine spiders? I always thought that iframes were not bot friendly.

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    Hi Jules

    They do tend to be picked up, it is one of the reasons cloaked affiliate links can include the details of a page within search results, whereas older frame methods didn’t.

    You don’t really want to go beyond 5 RSS items, because they leak Google Juice, and because they are probably in your sidebar, those links then get discounted.

    On many themes sidebar contents gets included on every page, including the duplicate content pages, so ends up multiplying.

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      I did, and then removed it – it doesn’t make any sense at all for me to favorite a blog which isn’t in English, and I can’t understand a word of it.
      If I wasn’t planning to use the OPML data for other projects, it wouldn’t be a problem, but it would prove difficult filtering it out manually.