Digg Favorites Slapped By Google

For a company such as Google with a stock price based extensively on anticipated growth and public sentiment, it doesn’t take a huge swing in goodwill to have a dramatic effect on valuation. Google has just slapped their biggest fans.

After the very controversial hit many sites took just 2 weeks ago for various degrees of selling PageRank or linking to clients, you might have thought Google would take a breather, but Google it seems hadn’t even started its crackdown.

A number of sites have been hit yet again, including this one, but there is also a new element that has been introduced.

Here are some unusual penalties for trusted sources of good content

http://www.autoblog.com/ PR6 PR4
http://www.engadget.com/ PR7 PR5
http://www.problogger.net/ PR6 PR4
http://www.copyblogger.com/ PR6 PR4
http://www.joystiq.com/ PR6 PR4
http://www.tuaw.com/ PR6 PR4

A few search and money related sites as examples

http://www.searchengineguide.com PR7 PR4
http://www.searchenginejournal.com PR7 PR4
http://www.johnchow.com PR6 PR4
http://www.quickonlinetips.com/ PR6 PR3
http://weblogtoolscollection.com/ PR6 PR4
http://andybeard.eu PR5 PR3
Vlad PR4 PR2

So Why A Penalty?

Most people today will be speculating that it is all about paid links, or that it is a massive reshuffle in the PageRank algorithm. Some of the hits were certainly paid link or advertising without nofollow related.

However many of these sites do not fit that pattern, but they do fit another…

Here are the Google guidelines

Don’t participate in link schemes designed to increase your site’s ranking or PageRank. In particular, avoid links to web spammers or “bad neighborhoods” on the web, as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links.

Many of the reputable sources that have received a penalty are part of extensive blog networks, and they have one factor in common. They have massive interlinking between their network sites.

They may also sell links or advertising that passes PageRank on some of their less visible properties, but those properties benefit from the high pagerank sites that link to them, with sitewide links.

Some of these sites have been known to add or knock millions off of the price of Apple shares in the past, what do you think it is going to do to Google?


Daniel is also compiling a list of notable sites hit and includes

http://www.seroundtable.com/ PR7 PR4
http://www.blogherald.com/ PR6 PR4

Updates From Comments
www.Forbes.com PR7 PR5 (thanks Wiep)
http://www.sfgate.com PR7 PR5 (via IM from Daniel Daily Blog Tips)
www.washingtonpost.com PR7 PR5 (thanks Wiep)

Update 2

The most relevant update I can give you is that Aaron the Technical Director at B5 tends to agree with the idea that this might be related to blog network interlinking, but obviously doesn’t agree with Google’s conclusions that they are doing something wrong.

At b5media, we are weighing how we want to respond to this. Either we give in to Google and let them dictate what we do and have the unenviable position of losing pagerank and possibly advertising dollars, or we take the stand that quality content is quality content regardless of Google and that our content will speak for itself. We still produce millions of pages of content per month. We still have respect in the community. We still have advertisers recognizing that these sites are valuable assets to leverage to get their campaigns out on.

I certainly don’t intend to be whipped by Google for 9 reviews or “public consultation” pieces I have written over the last 12 months, and as I gave the links in an editorial matter of my choosing, I didn’t use Nofollow.

  • Not all networks have been given a penalty for interlinking.
  • There are splogs and scraper sites out there that are PR5 or higher, monetized with Google Adsense, with traffic coming from Google Adwords
  • Gloating “innocent” tech blogs who thank their sponsors each month with free followed links
  • Major corporations such as Yahoo who are allowed to sell links
  • Other corporations who practice massive internal linking among their network to unrelated sites.

Update 3

It seems 9rules got bitch-slapped too, or as Paul Scrivens describes it, Google Took My Balls and Went Home and dropped from a PR8 to a PR5

This will be interesting because members typically have a single sitewide link to 9rules, and 9rules links back to members via various categorized tag feeds.

It will be interesting to see if any 9 Rules members spot a drop in search traffic as a result.

This isn’t site-wide interlinking, though blog networks by their very nature tent to encourage a little inbreeding, just like any social group.

Scrivs wrote that the one voice of reason was Scoble, but Robyn has already caught him out for not having read the other sites he linked to.

Robert is learning to speak like an SEO, explaining that PageRank is meaningless on a site wide level, and it is all down to individual pages.

Now as Robert is a big fan of Techmeme, and I have benefited from a fair amount of traffic from Techmeme today, I put this into a Robert Scoble and Techmeme context.

Robert, is PageRank part of Techmeme’s calculation? It could be.

Whilst I have had a lot of airtime today on Techmeme (good job too because most stories about this were buried on Digg), it is very rare for me to show up, even with significant links as part of the story.
Even then I am quickly displaced by people saying almost nothing with far fewer overall links on sites like Techmeme.

On Podtech today you have a “Commissioned” video by Oracle. You have a link without nofollow. That is a paid link.

There are 20x, maybe 100x more paid links on Podtech.net than on my site.
I have written a total of 9 paid reviews, all well received by my audience, most received editorial links sometimes even from the person who purchased the review EVEN THOUGH I OFFERED CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.

Google themselves tell their users that TBPR (toolbar page rank) is an indication of quality.

Thus Google are now telling visitors to my site, and 100s, maybe 100s of others, that when they visit a site, it is a load of crock.

Those are lies… FUD

Maybe they have changed the meaning of PageRank. If they have done they need to inform every single one of their toolbar users that Google PageRank as displayed in the toolbar is meaningless.

It has to come from Google, not you.

I don’t look on this as outing Podtech for selling links. Robert entered the conversation and seems to think that any PageRank is meaningless anyway. It is very clear to me that taking a camera crew to someone’s office to video someone costs a great deal of money, and there is a lot of expertise needed to both perform the interview, and from the crew. There needs to be money coming from somewhere.

Unfortunately the Google bot can’t read that “intent”, and just like the 9 pages on my site that contain content that I have received compensation for which I seem to have received a penalty, the same could be true of Podtech.

Remember also Podtech is (or should I saw was) a content network with many of the video publishers with their own blogs that link to Podtech all the time… that is a little like the 9Rules Network.

Update 4

J. Angelo Racoma of Splashpress Media has written about their situation, with a number of sites gaining a penalty, not just Blog Herald.

Fact is that around the behemoth search and advertising company Google is built a secondary economy. Blogs and websites use PageRank as one primary metric for reputation and trustworthiness. Many site owners bank on their sites’ or domains’ PageRank, and use these to command or negotiate advertising rates.

It’s like the gold standard applied online. And with this mass PR drop, Google has just devalued the webmasters’ gold. In effect, Google has just caused the value of this thriving industry to fall in a single day. What was a thriving economy is being rendered worth less (while not worthless, of course).

But then again, we can argue that this economy is artificial in the first place–with people putting too much premium on PageRank, and especially with people putting a price tag on PR. But in that case, wouldn’t Google still be morally (and legally?) liable for killing off its competition? Do keep in mind that Google runs its own advertising program and is at the top of its game.

The suggestion seems to be a change in strategy on their part.

Aaron From B5 has had time to contemplate what this means to B5 going forward, and specifically his own blog. I should point out before you read this that this is his personal choice as many blogs within B5 are privately owned. No final decision has come from collective management discussions.
This is well worth a read:-

Google Can Kiss My Derrière

Here are some “Tweets” from Jeremy Wright for more on B5’s Stance

#Weird thing about today’s google smack of blog networks? We don’t actually cross-link all our sites, just per vertical. To avoid this! #
# Wow, 23 emails related to this google pr thing. Will have an official response later tonight. #
# Short version: we were playing nice. We weren’t engaged in massive cross-linking. We believe in content over pr. #
# Oh,n and this isn’t a shot at blog networks. It’s at all kinds of coontent sites, including forbes, washington post, etc. #
# Ps: b5′ll be taking a “watch and see” approach, monitoring our omniture data very closely, to see if this is a real thing or just temp. #
# More quick facts on this google update: more’n half the sites were major content and news sources. Less’n half were sellling links. #

Update 5

I just joined the tail end of a Postcast with Jim Turner and Tris Hussey from One By One Media

The first half includes Aaron from B5 Media and Steve Fisher (not sure which one)

I discuss public perception of PageRank and how it affects authority, plus some general perception of Google, Facebook etc.

Update 6

From some of the individual site mention there have also been a number of responses.

Brian Clough of Search Engine Guide has given his response to what strategy he will be taking in the future.

In case it also here is Loren Baker’s initial response, and also 8 things we have learned.

John Chow doesn’t think this will have any effect on his business, though he has removed mention of pagerank from his advertising sales page.

Brian at Copyblogger after thanking Google (very funny) has now launched Teaching Sells.

Darren emphasises not getting depressed about this, leverage the opportunity, and network with other bloggers.

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  1. says

    Andy a few years ago I might have agreed with you that they received penalties but I don’t now. Toolbar PR doesn’t matter anymore and isn’t an accurate indicator of Googles opinion on a site. You know that toolbar PR and incoming traffic are not related and any link buyer that isn’t a novice knows that as well. The only measurable indicator that we currently have of Googles opinion of a site is traffic and thats what we should focus on when we discuss penalties.

    • says

      Traffic decreases not from search, but in other forms of ranking. As an example Iwould be much higher on the Adage150 and other ranking tables.

      I don’t sell pagerank, yet my site was hit.

      These blog networks are interlinking, but then so is Yahoo, and so does Google.

      • says

        from 3 to 2 for me.
        But I don’t really mind. The thing is that you shouldn’t mind too. If you get less reader because of that it’s not because Google is penalizing you; the reason is that someone else is using Google PR to create artificial classification.

        PR shouldn’t be used to build ranking tables.Even google doesn’t use that (especially the one we see on the bar).

    • says

      It’s not that Toolbar PR isn’t valid, it’s just that it’s a snapshot from so long ago that it doesn’t really matter for what happens now. However, it does show us that something happened at least when that snapshot was taken. It’s like looking at a photo of someone hitting a home run. Sure it might have been 3 months ago but they still hit the home run.

      As long as Toolbar PR is the only public measure we have from Google, it’s going to continue to matter. By drastically dropping the PR of these high profile sites, Google is just asking to be hated.

  2. says

    Andy this is getting freaking ridiculous. After I got hit with a -1 the first time I refunded all of my text link sales money and took them down. I had to launch a new advertising campaign that used nofollows on everything. Of course I can’t charge as much now. Now I’m complying 100% with their rules. What do they do? They hit me today again and now I’m -2.

    There just isn’t anything different that I can do now, other than shutting down all revenue all together. Looking at your list, all the players got hit so PageRank just isn’t valid anymore in this niche.

      • says

        Good question Hyder. I got PR3 in the last update, which happened in April. A few weeks ago I was dropped to a 2 about the same time that Andy dropped to a 4. That was the -1.

        Now I dropped again and sit at PR1. That’s the -2. Google hasn’t updated global toolbar rank yet. If they did, mine would have to be higher.

  3. says

    It is looking more and more like Google wants to be the new “Evil Empire”. They need to either scrap PR or make it an internal metric that only Google can see.

    I am tired of dancing to Google’s music and being penalized even when I do!

  4. says

    Here are a few more that got hit:

    SunTimes.com (7 -> 5)
    TheGadgetBlog.com (5 -> 3)
    Space.com (7 -> 5)
    NewScientist.com (7 -> 5, although I don’t know for how long that 302 has been there…)

    Now I’m going to yell at my hosting, followed by (hopefully) actually getting some work done ;)

    • says

      yell at my hosting, followed by getting some work done

      After Google’s October Surprise, don’t you mean NOfollowed by getting some work done?

  5. says

    I find the blog network interlinking thing an odd one. Some networks are obviously not impacted (Gawker and TechCrunch’s networks for example).

    Also my Digital Photography School blog is from 6 to 4 and it doesnt sell links or link to any other blogs in a network – although it is on a blogroll at b5 – so if it’s a network think it’s not just that you link to others – but it’d be a penalty for being linked TO too much which is a bit of a worry (it’d mean you could feasibly take a competitor down by linking to them too much)

    If it is a network interlinking thing then I think Google have just set themselves up for a massive amount of work. What blogger with more than one blog doesn’t interlink their blogs?

    • says

      The first round of paid links updates they didn’t catch everyone, just the most obvious offenders or those they wanted to make an example of.

      Q: What is the difference between a blackhat and their linkfarms of thousands of sites and a blog network?

      A: A blog network is less subtle about the interlinking and leaves a bigger footprint

      I did check Gawker and Techcrunch, but they also have far fewer blogs involved.

      Not all Weblogs Inc properties have been affected either, just the most prominent.

      • says

        yeah – I agree – although I think there is an argument to be made for blog networks using their blog rolls as much for usability. We use them at b5 to suggest other content that readers might like to read on similar topics and to show them what else they can find across the network. To be honest I long ago assumed that Google hadn’t been counting these links – or at least had devalued them.

        If they have the ability to penalize for them – why can’t they just take any value away from them?

        • says

          “If they have the ability to penalize for them – why can’t they just take any value away from them?”

          Because they can’t. It’s probably not how their algorithm was set up. Remember it is all about the backrub philosophy, you scratch mine and I scratch yours.

          Except now I think it’s, We {Google} scratch who we want!

    • says

      In some cases it actually seems something algorithmically.

      I don’t see Matt Cutts visiting OwnedByPugs.com and UrbanPug.com (yes, these went back in PR too) to check their paid links. He’s not a dog person but a cat lover…

  6. Matt says

    Has anyone said they have lost rankings / traffic after being hit by this? Or are we just seeing a toolbar PR that is not current (as G has said before?)

  7. says

    Puuh, good to read that i am not the only one with a pagerank drop. The PR 6 of my blog was changed to 5 about two weeks ago and today the PR was falling to a 3. Hmpfh, even the Pagerank is not so important anymore, this big drop really hurts…

  8. says

    I am not seeing the PR of these sites changing. I have even checked a few different ways and see forbes, engadget, autoblog and the others that I tried showing the higher page rank. Any way I can test it across datacenters or something to see the same as you?

  9. says

    Is it a penalty or just PR adjustment?
    I guess my question is has any one increased PR? It seems like everyone is just being lowered in adjustment. I really did not keep track of PageRank too much so I can’t tell.

    • says

      i agree. i think its just an adjustment. but i don’t blame people who worked really hard then all of a sudden they get slapped in the face. i say keep on doing what your are doing and eventually the rankings will go back up.

  10. says

    Unless there’s an algo change behind this, they better come out and explain the reasons behind this, or there’s nothing webmasters can do to correct the situation. Saying “go check the webmaster guidelines” will do no good either, since there are so many points that can be twisted. Something makes me think that’s how they’ll answer though.

  11. says

    Well I’m glad that I didn’t immediately dump my advertisers first time around, as it’s obvious it wouldn’t make any difference. One of my blogs has been hit, and the others are sure to follow, so the only course of action I can think to take is simple.

    Screw ‘em.

    Google can come up with new rules to protect their advertising models as much as they like (‘cos that’s all this is) but if people ignore them en masse….. Courage people, they can only do as much damage as you let them.

    As for Problogger getting spanked,I wouldn’t be surprised if it was linked to all the recent outgoing links connected to the various writing projects & competitions – how on Earth could Darren check if they were to ‘bad neighbourhoods’ or not? Indeed, if the majority of those blogs he linked to are monetized in anyway to do with TLA or PPP they could be classed as such by Google.

    So, Darren is generous to his readers, and gets stiffed in reply.

    Yay. Go Google……

  12. says

    I was hit with a loss from PR5 to PR4 two weeks ago, I took actions to remove the links that I was getting paid for but today I find out I got hit again, this time to PR3 :( And intenal PR4 pages are now PR3 too. FFS GOOOGLE !

    btw. http://www.adesblog.com/ is now PR5 from PR7

  13. says

    We’ve gone from a PR 7 down to a PR 5 within the last year.

    Thankfully all of our main site sections are still sitting at PR 5, but who knows where the slide will end!

  14. says

    PR is and has been a BS measurement metric for a while now. Yeah, companies still use it in top x blogs rankings, but they also use Alexa and other (often) grossly innacurate metrics.

  15. says

    Thanks for the list of those who lost their PRs. I don’t mean to sound mean but it is a little comforting to know that it is done across the whole blogsphere. I lost -2 in all my blogs. Oh well…

    • says

      Hi, my blog is http://bucksfrominternet.blogspot.com and it jumped from 0 to 2 after the update. But after that I sold a single link which decreased my PR from 2 to 0. Could you tell me the reason for decrease in my PR. Even others can help me to find this issue. I am really confused right now because my PR decreased in steps, i mean from 2 to 1 and then after some days from 1 to 0.

      Any one please help me about this issue. If you know any thing please reply to nithin_chinni2002@yahoo.com

      Also suggestions are welcomed.

  16. KWD says

    The network linking aspect is interesting. It would appear to be limited to blogs though. One business network that does extensive sitewide linking among their sites is IAC (HSN.com, Hotels.com, etc.), and I see no declines in the page ranks amongst their sites.

  17. says

    OK, so in the past whenever we have seen a PR update we either stay the same or get a slight bump. The scale is from 1 – 10, so we can’t always expect to go up. Every day there are more and more links, so isn’t it only natural that PR will need to be re-adjusted at some point? Perhaps Mr. Cutts is simply riding the wave of the PR update and using it to his advantage? I’ve had two sites go down, one -3 (minus one 6 months ago, and minus two now) and the other -2 (minus one a couple weeks ago, and minus one now). Then, I have a couple other sites with
    virtually ZERO inbound links, no content, no nothing, stay at PR 5 and PR 6… chances are they just haven’t gotten to these sites yet.

    Of course, I’m pissed that my PR has dropped on my two main sites, but there’s not much to do about it. I’m not going to nofollow my links because I just don’t believe in this approach and I’m not going to stop selling advertising because, well, I like to have a few extra bucks every month.

    I think we need to all wait and let this play out a bit more… their PR algorithm wasn’t all that great to begin with. It was very inaccurate and sometimes just strange, and what they’re doing now is just making it even more inaccurate and even stranger. Eventually more and more people will begin to notice that it’s inaccurate and strange and will stop trusting it.

    I wish the googlites could just let us know what is going on. It’s their PR and they can change it all they want, but it would be nice if they could work on their communication skills and stop being such snobs.

  18. Jeff says

    I think this is a simple “don’t pass page rank” penalty for link sellers. These sites either sell links, look like they sell links (problooger & copyblogger advertise TLA), or have inbound links from link sellers (not necessarily purchased links).

    An ebbing tide lowers all boats.

    • Bob says

      None of our sites sell links or buy links or advertising and the PR dropped. So it is not all about selling links.

  19. says

    I see that Google still has a page rank of 10. Has anyone ever seen a site with a page rank of 10 other than Google? I can’t remember ever seeing one. I have seen plenty of 8’s and some 9’s like CNN and MSNBC, but no 10’s.

  20. says

    i’ve seen my blogs went down the PR slide too and none of my NEW blogs have taken a new PR status even with sufficient backlink

    google is becoming another ‘microsoft’ … ppl is starting to hate them

    i’ve since forget abt PR and focused on content these days

  21. says

    AutomoBlog.net went from PR5 to PR3.

    I can’t believe this. It would be so much simpler if Google just came out and said they changed the algorithm or something. I mean come on, this is ridiculous.

  22. says

    Everyone is focusing on PR loss. But unless you are selling text links somewhere or watching some stupid blog ranking chart, PR decrease does not mean death by Google by any means.

    As some of you have well understood Google has just limited the amount of PageRank these sites can pass on to other sites, whether these others are paying or not.

    I have lost 3 points of PR but I see not even a slight change in traffic nor in revenue from AdSense. Maybe I should wait before arriving at such conclusions but what I see is:

    Google is not penalizing sites by lowering their search position inside SERPS. It is only lowering their PR so that they can pass on less juice if they ever wanted to.

    Cutting down interlinking inside small and large blog networks is something we need to add to the new list of items that make Google sneeze, while stopping being so paranoid about our position inside the charts.

    • says

      Robin those ranking charts are actually a health steeam of traffic from many niche sites, and each one I have been included on sends me more traffic than Dmoz, and it is highly targeted.

      It makes a difference to me as a blogger and as a businessman looking to capitalize on my growing authority to be hit with a penalty.

      You struggled to make a living when you had a Google penalty, and I actually had a lot of sympathy and submitted your problems to Sphinn.

      My monetization and living doesn’t rely on Google traffic or income, but that green bar sometimes has more relevance than all the Google traffic I get sent.

      It is a form of social proof, and it is seen that way by the general public who will have no idea why my site is a PR3, and a splog with scraped content is rated higher.

      • says

        The visitors you get from ranking charts that include your pagerank are mostly interested in pagerank and how they can benefit from it.

        Especially when they see that you have nofollow removed.

        You won’t get many visitors really interested in your knowledge coming to your site through ranking charts.

        • says

          It is quite possible that some are more mercenary, especially as I am one of the catalysts of the dofollow movement.

          However many people following the lists have been “converted” and many have given me far more juice than I have ever given them.

          That is a community thing that many online marketers and SEOs just don’t understand.

          Dofollow links is really just a token gesture on a well optimized blog.

      • says

        Andy, I can see your point and I appreciate you being frank about it.

        I am also on many charts and you can imagine that the same drop you have gotten as a consequence of yesterday PR drop has also hit my own visibility and traffic from those sources too.

        I understand you saying that your sustainability does not depend on Google’s traffic but openly complaining about the negative impact resulting from the loss of PR.

        Is this because you do consulting work and people look at your PageRank before considering to hire you, or simply because the lesser exposure on those charts takes away more customers from your potential pool of clients?

        • says

          In this particular article I would look on it that I am reporting, previous articles were more personal because I was hit in the first round 2 weeks ago, possibly unfairly, at least that is the collective opinion of my readers.

          This blog has always been intended to challenge SEO concepts on certain issues, including Google’s stance on paid links and PageRank / Juice control in various ways.

          On the monetization front it just damages options. I have never, and have no intention of selling links intended to game search results, but I do walk close to the line with the few “consulting reviews” I write.

          Many experts state that visible PageRank drop has no effect on traffic. The charts are just an example of a real effect on traffic, and also justify the way PageRank is used by many as an indication of a site’s relevance for advertisers, not just to sell PageRank influencing links. Google use it as a ranking method themselves in their directory, provide APIs to get the data, then expect no one to use it?

  23. says

    It’s an interesting piece, but I’m curious if you genuinely believe that engadget losing 2 from it’s toolbar pr is going to have an effect on Google’s stock valuation?

    • says

      I believe it can have a dampening effect on share evaluation, because so much is weighted in public sentiment.

      AOL is a fairly big Google partner, and they have just been told by Google that their blogs are a load of webspam, yet another competitor such as Yahoo didn’t get a penalty for mass interlinking, and openly sells links in their directory.

      If I was AOL right now, I would be seriously considering doing something similar to what Ebay did a few months back.

  24. says

    great post!
    it’s great how things are changing for people who only look at PR’s… there is alot more to a blog / website then just it’s PR…

    • says

      Dmoz might give some trust, but relatively little visible PR.
      hat is especially the case once the data is transferred over to Google’s own version (which uses PageRank to rate the sites)

      This site constantly gains links, high quality links from authority sites, so a drop in relative pagerank would be unlikely.
      My link profile is too wide, as are all of the other sites listed.

      Even in Vlad’s case, whilst I have probably given him a fair amount of juice over the last 12 months, a PR2 is a joke, and so is that of Court.

  25. says

    It is possible, the biggest partners have the option. But, I’d argue that in general people are with AdSense not because they like Google but simply because AdSense pays the most. Switching off Google would have a financial impact on the switchers. And companies short of Ebay and AOL don’t have the clout to push Google around. I’d be surprised if companies took a financial hit simply in protest of this. Surpised, but interested to see what would happen if it did.

  26. says

    The Sports Cartel blog network was hit hard, with a lot of sites going from PR 4 to PR 0. The sad thing is that for a lot of the sites, they still rank extremely high on a lot of keywords. We’ve sold text links in the past and tried to play ball, but a lot of the network sites have been punished. I’ve seen a MAJOR drop in AdSense revenue, too. It’s the worst its been since the first month of implementation 3 years ago.

    It’s just kind of disheartening that a primary source of revenue will be stripped away by Google. What happens when these mom-and-pop sites can’t pay for hosting because they aren’t getting paid advertisers?

  27. Curious says

    It’s interesting to watch this-I checked out a few of the URL’s you name and the update in page rank is NOT universal across all datacenters. It may be that this is being rolled out and that’s why or it may be that Google is backpedalling because of the press, but I wonder why the differences across datacenters (I don’t often see that as frequently as in the past).

  28. says

    Boo to that, I’ve just noted that my blog with 100 + posts with god knows how many uniques from various sites has also been rewarded with a nice -1 or perhaps it’s a -2 even.

    They obviouusly couldn’t give a flying about what we think, else why be so contemptuous about it all? *shrugs*

  29. says

    Honestly, Andy, I wonder how much we have unknowingly contributed to the problem with Google Analytics?

    Perhaps in hindsight, Analytics seems to act much more like a Trojan Horse than a “free service for the community”.

    We let them in, we gave them all the info they needed, and now, they are using it against us.

    I start looking for a new analytics solution today. I’ll pay for it if I have to. I’m done giving the devil access to my personal diary. ;)

    • says

      It is actually quite scary to think how much data Google gets as a result of Google Analytics.

      Between that and the Google Toolbar, they have access to a ton of information regarding the flow of traffic across the web.

    • Sockmoney says

      I’ve always felt this way, and shared with others… but no one ever seemed to care.

      I use Awstats… which sucks… but at least I get to keep my underwear on… ;-)

  30. says

    If everyone puts up adsense ads on their site they will be fine, I don’t know what you are all worried about…. sorry to hear though.

  31. says

    Hmmm. OneMan’sBlog.com dropped from a PR8 to PR7 about a month ago. Then overnight it dropped from PR7 to PR5.

    There are no links being sold on the site without the mandatory


    ” that Google loves, so I have no explanation for it.


  32. Greenie says

    PR5 is the new PR7
    PR4 is the new PR6
    PR3 is the new PR5

    Google finally goes after the digerati and they are shocked, just shocked! I think it might be time to get some money out of the piggy bank for your new Adwords campaigns. Could this just be a terrible Google revenue enhancement accident??? Join the club.

    From what I have been able to determine, all nofollow links have been followed by a bot from Google for at least the last 9 months or so. They just don’t count them, but they do see where they go.

    Nothing happened to my site’s PR, but then I don’t use blog network linking tactics to excess. You need links from all types of sources, not just other blogs. If only the digerati are reading and linking to the other digerati, how truly relevant is that? Besides, given their demographics, digerati may have high Adwords revenue potential. Squeeze that turnip.


  33. says

    I was going to ask if anyone knew of sites that had actually increased in rank during the recent changes then discovered that one of my sites, for a non-profit volunteer run Coastwatch organization in UK has gone up 2.

  34. says

    All my pages had the same PR as before… but even autoblog.com was “decreased in PR from 6 to 4″ will it also kill their visits?

    Sat 10/20: 243,546
    Sun 10/21: 264,249
    Mon 10/22: 407,464
    Tue 10/23: 699,705
    Wed 10/24: 756,951

    we will see

  35. Laza says

    The biggest drop I’ve seen so far hit the freeware album creator site jalbum.net – from PR9 to PR5 in two weeks. Useful content, tons of visitors per day, millions of backlinks, and no bad neighborhood AFAIK.

  36. says

    Is it possible that a large number of incoming links to the sites which are now dropping had come from newly identified bad neighborhoods that themselves had high PR? If there were, say, a few thousand PR 5-7 sites that were previously passing page rank to a large number of A-list bloggers, and that suddenly ended, it seems reasonable that those A-list bloggers would drop in page rank as well.

    I have no idea, I’m a PR0 all the way :)

  37. says

    re your comment at the end of the post, it would appear to have only kicked in at a certain number, so only larger linking networks have been punished as opposed to some of the real small ones, least from what I can see.

    • says

      Duncan there is nothing in this as conclusive as your Techcrunch post, as certainly Yahoo abuse interlinking far more than your former partners, yet seem to be unscathed.
      I am fairly sure my editorial has far more value on the web than Yahoo paid directory links.

      Thus they have missed a few, and Techcrunch pushes the envelope a little too with the post thanking advertisers, and mentioning advertisers without nofollow links.

      TLA was probably mentioned on Techcrunch as many, maybe more times than PPP.

      Know More Media have more cross linking than B5 media
      Splashcast were partially hit

      Copyblogger has never had paid links, but has potentially followable advertising links even though they are through an ad server, but then Clickbank passes PR as well, as do a number of affiliate programs.

      Whilst they may well have received some kind of visual warning about the linking practice, that doesn’t mean Techcrunch is innocent.

      Thus only a subset have been punished so far for possible interlinking, just like only a subset of link sellers or advertising sellers.

      Did you see how Valleyway were so happy pointing the finger?
      Did you also notice their Intel sponsorship without nofollow?

      • says

        You’re pointing out that they’ve only hit a subset, but are you sure they’re done? Who says the other sites you’ve pointed out aren’t next. If this is a manual reduction, as many people are speculating at this point, it would take some time to roll everything out. Keep watching and I’m pretty certain we’ll see more.

  38. Giseppe says

    It does not matter what penalties slap on blog/site owners in regards to PR. Natural traffic is the all important currency. It will all come out in the wash. People can speculate all they like. Google will do what it does best. Control the internet. :D

  39. Pedro says

    For what it seems, google are hiting the sites that sell links, the sites that are about SEO, money and related to that, the sites that do paid reviews or have some links at posts that seems some kind of sponsor.

    If we take this big big group, it explains all the sites that are loosing (we hope not forever) pagerank.

  40. says

    Well let us await a formal communication from google or the report of a research done to find out the reasons…To me blogs, however popular they are, do not deserve the PR as they are mostly duplicate stuff…probably google is taking into account the uniqueness of the content as well(may be pagerank now works exactly against Techmeme’s algorithm??)……hopefully the originator of the content gets the credit as per the new system…i also hope that news that are made popular by social networking sites like digg and others lose credibility as they are 90% unfairly promoted……

  41. Rob says

    TEXT LINK ADS still has a PR7: http://www.text-link-ads.com/ – can someone explain this? Surely if people are being penalized for paid links and advertising TLA on their sites actually penalizing the site that is making it all possible would be a good way to go?

  42. says

    Greetings all –

    Go Google at last we are seeing the right way from Google, we have been warning people for a long time of the dangers of online marketers that really dont know what real marketing is all about. Paid links bad advice and money blogging. all they have all been doing is leading people up a garden path.

    We for one celebrate the dismiss of the so called Guru – I.e made money from a virgin market.

    Good on you Google – The big ship is turning at last.

    Have a B L O G G I N G good day.

  43. says

    The big G got me too. Took my PR5 and replaced it with this moldy PR3. WTF?

    I was making some great pocket money based on that PR5 too, so Google just screwed me out of my beer money.

    AS soon as I get my Absence money from them I think I’ll cut all ties wit them, hopefully others will follow.

  44. says

    My blog was also downgraded from PR5 to PR3. I wrote reviews for Reviewme and I made about 20$ per review, but now I don’t think I will make more than 10$ per review.

    I don’t think this is good for Google also. Companies like TLA and others have just started and I don’t think Google can stop this expansion. They will just exclude page rank as relevant attribute of blog/website value.

  45. says

    That definitely degrades the meaning of PageRank to an even more arbitrary number. Google is not exactly a non-profit organization, is it. They are probably prelaunching a new commercial product:

    Google AdWords -> AdSense -> Ad(d)PageRank

    That won’t be cheap, I guess.
    Just my humble 2 cents. –John

  46. says

    I took a huge hit on my main site over the last two Toolbar rankings, from 6 to 5 to 3. I dabble a bit in paid posts, but my non-paid content is probably 90-95 percent of my posts.

    My photography blog dropped from a 4 to an N/A. Can’t sell any ads with that, but I was only making nickels and dimes from that site, anyways.

    Yet my traffic has never been higher, and I have had a simultaneous upsurge in hits over the past two weeks. My site was averaging about 400 uniques a day, but has averaged nearly 1000 uniques since early October.

    Of course, Alexa fails to recognize that two-and-a-half fold traffic rise, but that’s another story altogether.

    Agreed that the corporate mentalité of Google is one of arrogance, hypocrisy, and greed. These will be the corporate downfall, and I agree with earlier posters that there will be blowback that Google’s wonks did not forsee.

  47. says

    Of course, here is the part that drives me bonkers. Little ol soon to be Google Partner (just a rumor) WordPress.com, didn’t get smacked, with all of those subdomains, weirdo linkage, unnatural linking. Hmmmm.

  48. Jeff says

    Check the wayback machine on many of the “unfairly penalized” sites that sell “nofollow” today and you will find they weren’t so squeaky clean a couple months ago.

    I maintain this is a simple result of marking link seller’s pages as “don’t pass page rank.”

    Its not necessary for Google to “Identify interlinking,” the page rank algorithm already does that. The thing that is new is Google’s database of link sellers. Marking pages “don’t pass” interrupts the flow of page rank across any such network.

    Some good folks at the periphery of the link selling network will lose PR because many of their incoming links are devalued. An ebbing tide lowers all boats.

  49. says

    AF: I noticed that too but oddly enough search engine traffic is actually up today and yesterday. Go figure…

    I think it mistook my long blogroll as spam, I removed and I’m going to reintroduce a new one soon.

  50. says

    My site also dropped from PR6 to PR4, though I’ve seen only about a 5% drop in traffic over the last month.

    Interestingly, I sort of knew something like this was coming since my AdSense revenues have been down almost 50% over the last month. Fortunately it is not my sole source of income.

  51. says

    Ok, I’m noticing a slight trend upward in my pagerank following my corrections. I checked my PR this morning and I now have eight datacenters putting me back at an eight. A few still had me there after the drop but not eight. I don’t think the PR correction can be that fast but who knows?

    I’ve seen no measurable drop in SERPS nor have I see an drop off in search engine traffic. Perhaps, for my site at least, PR is just an age.

  52. says

    I think this smack down really had a lot to do with the web directories that you may be linking from and to, not just paid links. Hell, I’m even thinking about cleaning out my reciprocal links programs!

    What to do, what to do? Probably nothing.


  53. says

    Pagerank is something that only certain webmasters care about. I think this is just bringing people back to earth about selling links and link building.
    As my father has said many times, if you don’t ask you don’t get. I have a few PR7 sites that are just link exchanging with me due to actually asking.

    No need to pay for links

  54. says

    If indeed this is an algorithmic change, and the probability that a random surfer follows a link has dropped drastically across many sites, then it seems to me that the probability that they follow other links would have to go up.

    The process is not completely done, not being exported to the toolbar equally for all sites, or not an actual algorithmic change.

  55. says

    Two of my PR 0 sites have been rewarded with PR, from 0 to PR 2. I woke up today and checked they are now both PR 0. Both sites are brand new and have only been up for two months. After I noticed the PR reward I went to Bruce Clays site and did a link check both sites have links from Directories non paid links sources with good PR. Each site also had a link from pagerank10.co.uk/ with a reciprocal link that I put up than took down. Did the link check hurt my PR? Did the link from page rank 10 affect this?

  56. says

    As long as Google doesn’t take notice of linkselling, nothing will happen to your pageranks, and besides that, there are many other factors that decide on your ranking.

  57. says

    The drops keep coming — we’re not out of the woods yet. I had a PR 5 site survive (and it has some kick-ass authority incoming links, like Sports Illustrated, et. Al) the first round of cuts, only to have it drop to a PR 4. I’ve had PR 4 drop to PR 0, and I’ve had a site with a handful of WALL STREET JOURNAL incoming links drop from a PR 4 to a PR 2.

    Thanks a lot, Goog.

  58. says

    The annoying part about all this is that it seems like Google never deals with blog scrapers and splogs. Seems like they’re going after the wrong folks to me.

  59. says

    The most annoying part of this is how mum Google is being about this again. Matt Cutts is being way too quiet.

    We’re starting to take a look at the different Data Centers and see which way Google is leaning. We’ll track the different numbers there to see if Google is going to roll this back a little or not. AS it stands either not all the data centers are updated or some of them are already rolling back as the numbers aren’t consistent.

    We’ll have to see.

  60. says

    You gotta just love the http://www.YouTube.com pagerank. Still sits at 3. This isn’t over by a long shot. I think it is going to get pretty messy for Google.

    We took a look at the article directories — all of them lost 1 to 3 notches. No big surprise there tho.

    Also pretty funny how all of us claim not to really care about PR, but this one post has 116 comments.

  61. says

    I can only imagine the PR drops are just a visible warning. Can confirm links being dropped from some blogs. A popular retail site has lost close to a thousand links from blogs and forums – all natural links – people like the site and pass on their coupons etc..

    I too found it hard to believe this was all automated but seeing some pretty small blogs effected coupled with a distant memory of Matt Cutts asking people to report link selling sites to test an algorithm leaves me wondering about at least a semi-automated method.

  62. says

    Although I didn’t rate to be mentioned in this post, I take solace in the fact that I may have been the first to report this story, and ironically mine was also the most dugg story on the topic as well. But most of all, I can now boast a higher pagerank than most of you. So here’s sand in your face ;-)

  63. says

    Guess I’ll chime in too… my site pixel2life.com went from a 6 to a 4 and my 2 main competitors didn’t even budge from their PR 6 levels. Charming….

  64. says

    The interesting thing about the YouTube incident is that it shows that Google’s algorithm is seriously flawed and that a lot of sites are going to be unjustly hit with penalties.

    Google… still beta…

  65. says

    This would make sense:

    Paid links are in my opinion direct competitors with Google Adsense… Now, if the blogs remove the paid links, some of them will place Adsense, and all money comes to Google…

  66. says

    Continued (sorry, an edit button would be very useful):
    Still, the quoted Kerner-“theory” above has one week point from my point of view,
    because AdSense has nothing to do with PR inheritance while
    selling/buying links on sites is exactly about that.
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  67. says

    Exactly.. I’ve been on a few forums and they’re all talking about using nofollow tags to avoid PR loss.. CRAP! Digg uses nofollow, yet pagerank loss is evident..

    ModulusSystems.com has lost PR.. only because I added about 20 nofollow links.. there you go!

  68. says

    Exactly.. I’ve been on a few forums and they’re all talking about using nofollow tags to avoid PR loss..

    CRAP! Digg uses nofollow, yet pagerank loss is evident..

    ModulusSystems.com has lost PR.. only because I added about 20 nofollow links.. there you go!

  69. says

    I can’t seem to make heads or tails of this most recent update. I had some blogs go up and some go down. Most of the PR 5 went to PR 3 and some PR 4 to PR 2. But if you check more datacenters it still seems that there is a lot of inconsistency – implying that the update is no where near complete – and who knows what the final number will be.

    http://www.articledashboard.com went from 5 to 6, and they mainly have sitewide links on a lot of other article directories with thousands of pages.

    I would say that it is definately too close to tell to know what is going on yet.

  70. says

    I was down graded from PR 3 to PR 2, I am not a big site but I only use google adwords. My banner exchanges and links were put in after the ‘change’

    Madness, but as the scale is only 0-10 its a bit small to accommodate the vastness of the internet.

  71. Shawn says

    7 months ago I battled severe back pain to the point that as a 32 year old male in reasonably good health and shape, I could barely walk and began limping when I did. I worked in the automotive industry for 8 years, constantly on my feet, and it interfered with my work. In my constant search for internet knowledge, I had learned enough to promote my own niche website and used paid links to build traffic and increase my search engine rankings. I have created about $1200 to $1800 in residual income from my website in only 7 months, and have been building momentum. My dream is to earn $10,000 or more per month which is 2 to 3 times more than I ever have in my life. I have been working from home, relying on my internet income for the last 2 or 3 months. My back pain has gone away and things have really looked promising – I was seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I figured a year from now that I might be able to trade in ramen noodles and tv dinners for the good life. I have been really budgeting every available dollar into my advertising/seo/paid link campaigns. I see now that Google had reduced the page rank of many of the sites I was focused on advertising with. I don’t know that they are hurt by this as much as I am, as they are still authority sites no matter what Google says their PR is. I know my PR is zero, yet I have dominated some keywords based on my efforts. I guess what I’m saying is I started using Yahoo as my first search engine, and when my entrepreneurial spirit called, I discovered Google PPC, and Adsense, and Google seemed to offer everyday people like me, the opportunity to reach their dreams, and that is why I began using Google. Not because their SERPS are any better than Yahoo, but because they represented what I thought was good with the internet. Over the last 4 or 5 years, that dream they sold me and others has boosted them to unparalleled business success for Google, and now at the pinacle of that success, Google has turned it’s back on people like me, and basically said they’re going to push our dreams back a little… make our road a little harder to climb. Taking this stand at a moment when their stock is trading for what $700 per share or something like that? I’m not taking this personal, because I’m going to succeed on the playing field created by my creator, not on the one created by Google. I’m disappointed in their actions, but it’s within their right. My response is to return to using Yahoo. I will never use Google to search the web again. I’ll accept traffic from their SERPs, but I won’t spend a dime on PPC with Google. Their heads have gotten a little big, and it’s time for a reasonable response, and this is mine.

    Happy Optimizing, & Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

  72. says

    I just got a PR boost on one of my sites (bidboxes.com) from 0 to 3. That’s probably because they knew they were about to ban me from google adsense on one of my other sites. That happened 3 days ago.

  73. says

    It makes sense that digg favorites would get hit the hardest by the PR drop. It seems like the way that site is set up, it will increase ranks unfairly. Google rankings are based on the relevance on the site, and just because it has had a few stories hit digg does not make it more relevant.

  74. says

    great post. good to see someone is on the pulse of things… Google is messing up big time… but they can afford to!

    i zligged this post since it talks about making money online… if you’ve got other “make money online” posts – come zligg them,
    and see them rise in rank. http://www.zligg.com

  75. says

    This is so annoying. I run a small blog out of Atlanta about the city and music, without any current advertising except my AdWords and got bumped from a 5 down to a 4. I have never paid or sold links. I just don’t understand this. Look forward to hearing Google’s reasoning for these PR hits. Love the discussion about “why care” about PR. Google is determined to change the way businesses and consumers interact with the internet on every level. What they’re doing is controlling and stifling web authors.

  76. says

    This is really alarming. Google can’t be doing this to small businesses. Google practically is a giant,and he is still stomping at little ‘Davids’ like us.

  77. says

    I did a recent survey on Digital Point and it appears most link buyers have been un-phased by the recent Google PR slap.

    Also there seems to be very few reports of sites actually losing traffic – PR doesn’t really appear to mean very much anymore.

  78. says

    I still don’t see the big importance of Page Rank, other than for an uninformed PR person sitting in her office to quickly judge whether to send a press release to a website or blog. If you’re going to sell ads, you can easily produce proof that they should advertise based on your stats, or if they are leary, give them a free month to prove how effective it will be.

    But, your link for searchengineguide.com is wrong. it went to somewhere wierd and Apple related. SearchEngineGuide is a great newsletter. I hope you weren’t knocking them just because they sell ads. And their Page Rank for them is a 6, as of 11/21/07.

  79. says


    This Google PR fiasco may not be quite over yet. Though my blog went from PR 0 before the update to PR 3 afterward (and has so far remained there), I know someone who had a pre-update PR of 3, which went up to 4 right after the update, then down to 2 about a week later, and which has now, as of the beginning of this week, dropped to PR 0. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to Google’s heavy-handed penalties, and their fickleness really is quite perplexing.

    One of your earlier commenters stated that PR 3 is the new PR 5, which really has me wondering; because, prior to the recent Google update, the iWebtool page rank prediction tool predicted that my Writer’s Notes blog would be a PR 5 after the update, based on the number of backlinks to it, and it came in at PR 3 instead. Hmmmmm…interesting coincidence!

    So far, I haven’t lost any of the PR ground gained during this update; but I’m still wondering what might yet happen. I write sponsored content on my blog for several different paid-to-post services–even more than does my friend mentioned at the beginning of this comment, whose PR has plummeted to 0. Only time will tell, I guess.

    But, I, for one, intend to continue doing things just as I’ve been doing them up to now. I plan to continue disclosing all sponsored content posted to my blog in fairness to my readers (rather than hiding the fact, as many have advised). The way I look at it, I’ll tend to my business and let Google tend to theirs.

    Thanks for all this fascinating info!
    Jeanne Dininni

  80. says

    I have always thought of paid links as corrupt… Those that have lots of money could buy there way to the top… It left an uneven playing field. I also have considered paid links to be the drug of choice of the SEO subculture… Easy to get and hard to shake… Recent reports have indicated that around 70% of web masters reporting are still buying links… This supports my position of paid links are a drug.

  81. says

    We have been penalized pretty heavily across all of our sites. The oddest one is mcmcse.com which went from a 6 to 4. This is odd considering a couple of months prior, Microsoft.com added a link to our site on a PR8 page. I though we would be moving up to PR7. The other odd thing is that it doesn’t seem to have affected the SERPS. We still come up 3rd for the search term mcse as before. Here is what happened to our other sites:

    techtutorials.net – 6 -> 4
    certnotes.com – 5 -> 0
    certifypro.com – 5 -> 0
    beertutor.com – 4 -> 0
    7-seconds.com – 2 -> 1

    While we do sell some text links, our sites offer great original content. So, I guess I am not going to worry about it too much. If Google continues down this path, they will become irrelevant and they will give somebody else a chance to step in and take over. As a company, they can’t be dictators and expect everyone to stay on board with them. At least that is MHO.

  82. says

    i never sold a link from my site ucables.com, but this summer i put a link to my new girlffriend website about real estate: ibizaloft.com to help her to get some traffic and from october i lost my pagerank from 5 to 0.
    i have send some messages to google to reconsider my site, but i have not received any response after 2 months. My traffic decreased 20% and continue decreasing. I have removed this link already from my site.
    I think google should try at least to contact with owner before to do this type of action.
    Why not decrease rank of payed links from adsense too?
    Some years ago, when google was created we love google because, all service that offers was free, and contributed to the original internet spirit to share all, with easy and simple way.
    As in the real life google is corrupted and bad directed for the money.
    Sorry my bad english i hope you can understand me.

    Happy Xmas!

  83. says

    Gawd, mine had gone to N/A too, I hate the fact that they have to reduce our PR’s just because we monetize our blogs. What’s the catch anyway? They do the same thing, too I guess on their ‘other’ websites perhaps. Damnn, it makes me go all crazy. :(

  84. says

    The latest moves on the PR are really to be scared about. I see many changes in the old algo. Maybe that is the reason, to change the way the algorithm calculates the PR now in order to prevent sites involved in link farming networks to gain PR. Yet, I have still seen many of those link farming sites getting high PR and good quality sites with 0 PR.

    That may be taken as a problem. Still I am sure Google is still working on this.

    Kind regards,
    J Mihai

  85. says

    how long does it take before a website gets PR I have 2 or 3 some older than others and NONE have PR yet? should i care?

  86. says

    Hi Andy, I saw two days ago, my google toolbar show PR 5 for one of my site, but today I saw the green bar dropped to PR 3, Why that could be happen?So what is the real PR for my site?PR 5 or PR 3 now?


  87. says

    One of your earlier commenters stated that PR 3 is the new PR 5, which really has me wondering; because, prior to the recent Google update, the iWebtool page rank prediction tool predicted that my Writer’s Notes blog would be a PR 5 after the update, based on the number of backlinks to it, and it came in at PR 3 instead. Hmmmmm…interesting coincidence!

  88. says

    I have never bought links before but one of my sites went from PR4 to PR 2. But it is still ranking number 1 in Google SERPs for my keyword, and my traffic is increasing!!

    The honest truth is I noted my PR out of curiousity and not an over-riding need to increase it.

    I suppose for internet marketers selling links on their blogs, page rank is important as the cost of the links is tied in to this

    For the rest of us who monetize our sites via adsense and affiliate links, i wonder if page rank is so important?

  89. says

    I think pagerank is highly unpredictable, and regardless of backlinks, it can still vary greatly.

    One of my sites is PR2, with thousands of relevant PR3/4/5 links and got a PR2 last update, another site with 100-ish links of lower PR got a PR4.

    So I dont worry too much, just keep working on SEO and getting good relevant links

  90. says

    Google has already changed the blogosphere a lot, I don’t want them to do that again. Thank you for the compilation. Many of the bloggers have regained their pagerank by now, but there are quiet a few you haven’t.

  91. says

    Ive seen Tristar web design go from 7 – 4 and the same for SEround table. its usually due to advertising or selling a large quantity. I don't think it effects your domain authority tho..

  92. says

    It can affect the ability of a page to pass PageRank, both internally and externally which can have a drastic effect on internal site structure

  93. william_12 says

    Yes – over 18 months old post and interesting to see how many sites have been affected and many people annoyed. PR is still being dropped by Google for many sites.

  94. skintreatment says

    Yes – over 18 months old post and interesting to see how many sites have been affected and many people annoyed. PR is still being dropped by Google for many sites.


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    I thought John Evans explanation of Google's action, penalizing several blogs including my own Webmetricsguru.com (even though I did not do any of the things that are being punished) is more eloquent than any other I've seen, so far.By the……

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  10. […] Dar printre ele, au nimerit ÅŸi niÅŸte siteuri foarte rele, de genul celor care produc conÅ£inut ca lumea. Prima valoare este pagerankul vechi, a doua PRul nou: http://www.autoblog.com PR6 PR4 http://www.engadget.com PR7 PR5 http://www.problogger.net PR6 PR4 http://www.searchenginejournal.com PR7 PR4 http://www.johnchow.com PR6 PR4 http://www.forbes.com PR7 PR5 http://www.sfgate.com PR7 PR5 http://www.washingtonpost.com PR7 PR5 (via andy) […]

  11. Google PageRank Devalued: What Is Really Happening – PageRank Does Not Count Anymore?…

    The news is everywhere. Yesterday, October 24th 2007, Google has drastically started to lower PageRank for many popular sites, especially several prominent blogs and reputable marketing sites around the world. Many such sites have seen an overnight dec…

  12. […] Индекс PageRank для многих посещаемых ресурсов резко упал на два-три пункта. Ð’ частности, значение PageRank понизилось для таких известных сайтов, как Engadget (с 7 до 5), AutoBlog (с 6 до 4), Washington Post (с 7 до 5), New Scientist (с 7 до 5), Forbes (с 7 до 5), Seattle Times (с 6 до 4) и многих других. С более полным списком сайтов, подвергшихся переоценке Google, можно ознакомиться здесь. […]

  13. […] 前幾天,不少有名的大網站都發現了它們的 Pagerank 值降低了。這次不是只有 John Chow 之類在賣付費連接的網站,其他有許多沒有賣付費連接的部落格,還有大的報社及雜誌網站,都受到了影響。詳情請看Andy Beard 這篇文章。 […]

  14. Weekly Search Buzz Roundup: 10/26/07 – PageRank Drops…

    This week can mostly be summed up to one thing: PageRank. Of course, a week of search always has some other events, so let’s take a look. The Big PageRank Update A bunch of blogs, including ours, dropped PageRank this……

  15. […] 此次 PageRank 调整,可以说是几家欢喜几家愁。特别是国外的英文很多知名博客和网站,在这次调整中 PageRank 都被降权。关于这些知名网站被降权的原因,据目前网友的分析,原因可能包括出售链接(paid link),或者加入了博客联盟(blog network)等。关于这些降权网站的全纪录以及具体分析,感兴趣的网友可以查看此文:Google PageRank Update October 2007。 […]

  16. […] Beard在24号其网站PR被降权后,持续的跟踪了google pr的此次更新,Digg Favorites Slapped By Google报道了24号开始PR下降的著名网站信息以及相关网站对PR事件的回复;Penalty […]

  17. […]   Participants of Social Networking Sites/Services get their Google Page Rank hammered Specifically, power users of digg.com have had their Page Rank lowered by google: Here are some unusual penalties for trusted sources of good content Autoblog PR6 PR4 Engadget PR7 PR5 Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging – ProBlogger PR6 PR4 Copywriting tips for online marketing success from Copyblogger PR6 PR4 Joystiq PR6 PR4 The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) PR6 PR4 Check out this article for more info. […]

  18. […] to read on the recent update in toolbar PR: Google’s PageRank Update Goes After Paid Links? Source: Google PageRank Update October 2007 | Andy Beard – Niche Marketing Google Drops PageRank For Many Sites : Paid Links or New Algorithm? SEOmoz | Google Toolbar […]

  19. Massive PageRank Update…

    Willy sudah sempat menuliskan posting mengenai penurunan PageRank blog-nya dari PR 6 menjadi PR 5. Hari ini Pak Budi Rahardjo menuliskan kalau blog beliau mengalami degradasi rank, dari 5 menjadi 3. Penurunan ini tidak hanya mencakup blog Willy dan Pak…

  20. […] Having been defamed by Google, along with many other bloggers, gave me an opportunity to reevaluate my relationship with big G. I have decided to see how will this survive on its own- without Google. So I have instructed Googlebot to stay way from this blog. But I also have requested to remove my entire website from Google’s index via Google Webmaster Tools (formerly know as Google Sitemaps). […]

  21. […] The latest round of page rank scoring by Google has hit many good web sites very hard, in that the bigger list of A level blogs, and big blog companies like Weblogs.inc have seen a sharp decrease in their page ranks. This is leading to speculation that some of these sites will soon be joining the Web 2.0 dead pool, or have to reduce staff via layoffs. Many of the reputable sources that have received a penalty are part of extensive blog networks, and they have one factor in common. They have massive interlinking between their network sites. They may also sell links or advertising that passes PageRank on some of their less visible properties, but those properties benefit from the high pagerank sites that link to them, with sitewide links. Some of these sites have been known to add or knock millions off of the price of Apple shares in the past, what do you think it is going to do to Google? Source: Andy Beard […]

  22. […] What is abundantly clear is that splogs and the content that they use can be a complex moving target that is never that easy to pin down or eliminate. We can’t rely on others to deal with what is a problem for us all. We can’t dictate to the search engines that they shouldn’t allow such things to prosper as in most cases our individual voices will fall on deaf ears. It isn’t really in their interests to eliminate this stuff, and we shouldn’t be too trusting of them either. Sites labeled as thin affiliates know only too well the pain of arbitrary decisions, not to mention the individuals targeted for far lesser crimes. […]