Funny Difficult Decisions…

I just have to share with you the funny, even hilarious decision process that that guys over at Search Engine Guide are going through, removing links that have been in existence for longer than Google.

I could almost thank Google for destroying so many people’s aspirations just for that post.


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  1. says

    Hey Andy, thanks for the kind words and the link. :)

    I’d like to note (in case Google stops by here) that no money exchanged hands between Andy and I. ;)

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    People who get good at manipulating google might do better in the short run, but I bet they don’t sleep as well. I’d rather just build a good website and hope for the best than try and dance while they keep changing the tune.

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    The reading is not just funny but poignantly so. I am fascinated at the intensity of emotions being exchanged and the final outcome is just marvelous. Thanks for the link, all the commentators and this opportunity to share my views.


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