Remarkable Traffic From Alexa Themselves?

Many webmasters would say that Alexa data is meaningless, and that there is no benefit in gaining in Alexa rating, other than possibly from various metrics used for advertising, and “meaningless” ratings charts to brag about.

But whilst we await an advertising metric which can’t be gamed, there is certainly one measurable benefit of having a good Alexa score, or more importantly a significant gain in Alexa rating.

Alexa Can Drive Real Qualified Traffic

But where from? The Top 10 Movers and Shakers page.

Due to the sudden influx in traffic over the last week due to the Google PageRank updates, I was shocked to see some referral traffic coming from Alexa.

Here is a screenshot for some future bragroll or for use as “social proof”.

Alexa Movers & Shakers

Here is my traffic spike that demonstrates that 390% increase in traffic as measured by Alexa.

Alexa Traffic Spike

Alexa Accuracy

Here is the amazing part of all this, though obviously the traffic interested in my PageRank articles is probably similar in nature to my normal traffic (using the Search Status plugin for Firefox)

390% Increase Is Fairly Accurate

The peak traffic on 24th October represented 4,093 unique visitors (24hr tracked by MBL) and 6,901 page views. Awstats shows 7674 visits and 66630 page views – the first figure is a lot more accurate.

Traffic actually has grown fairly slowly since February or March whichever metric I use, other than the one that probably counts the most, subscribers.

Feedburner Subscribers

You will notice that that subscriber growth doesn’t contain any significant spikes. The growth isn’t based upon massive social media traffic such as a front page Digg as this blog has never appeared there, and probably never will.

I will have some more stats about the “PageRank Blogstorm” in due course.

So How Much Traffic Can You Gain From Alexa?

Note I am at the bottom of the list, so the traffic I will receive is much lower than those further up.

So far since I appeared on the list yesterday I have received 110 visitors, and those visitors know what the site is about which they are clicking on. Targeted Visitors

If that listing remains for a week (I don’t know how long they normally last), then I might gain 300+ visitors.

300 visitors might not seem like a lot, in the past I have managed to send 400 to someone’s blog, but in the general scale of things in this niche it isn’t bad for a single source of targeted traffic (discounting social sites), though temporary.

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  1. says

    While I’ve never had the pleasure of being on the movers and shakers list, I can confirm that Alexa can drive some highly targeted traffic to a site. At one point, I owned a site that was very popular in a particular CMS niche. I found that I was getting a measurable amount of traffic from the Alexa related links section of that CMS’s Alexa profile and the profiles of other related sites.

    Congrats on making the list!

  2. says

    Alexa is amazing for stat tracking, and although I’m probably not going to make it on the movers and shakers list, it IS a great place for traffic simply because it is not exactly social, but it provides statistics. It’s basically the mob mentality of “what everyone else is visiting.”

  3. says

    Interesting post Andy. I did a survey a few months back to see if there was any correlation between how much bloggers earn and there Alexa ranking. It turns out that there is, that may come as no surprise, but is a useful broadbrush tool to let you know if you can expect to make much money from your blog. To make decent money you need to be below 150,000 to make good money you need to be below 25,000 and to be a really big hitter you need to get below 10,000 – the whole post is here – – just a bit of fun but interesting nevertheless. Another interesting point, my Pagerank just went up, although my Alexa ranking has gone down !

  4. says

    I don’t think you can say that the traffic is definitely targeted traffic. There may be many other reasons why a person would click on your site…maybe they were just interested in the design of the site or trying to find out how your site got onto the movers and shakers list.

    Saying that though, I would imagine quite a high percentage of people that use the Alexa website are either marketers or in a similar field so you may be right.

  5. says

    Congrats. Its an achievement to be up there. But frankly I don’t think that would be a viable source of web site traffic. Sites listed there, like yours are already having massive traffic.

    Smaller ranking sites will still need to rely on other methods to get traffic, be it through ezine advertising, social bookmarking, PPC or website optimization services.


  6. says

    Hei Andy,
    I missed this post that day dear.. any way good analysis. I saw this in a time when i was about to start c0onsidering alexa is useless… :)