Google Sitelinks On A PR4 1 Year Old Domain

Well I thought Google really hated me, but here is some real proof that the Google Toolbar isn’t exactly telling the truth.


Andy Beard Sitelinks

I personally have never seen sitelinks on a PR5 before, let alone a PR4, but then it isn’t something I monitor extensively, so it may happen frequently for sites that get a sudden increase of links between updates.

Congratulations to Maki from Doshdosh on also gaining some coveted sitelinks (and also PR6)

Maki from DoshDosh sitelinks

An example of a PR6 domain that still doesn’t have sitelinks is Sphinn itself

Sphinn No Sitelinks

Sphinn based upon MSN newly reactivated Linkdomain commnd has three times as many links as I do. compared to

Graywolf thinks sitelinks are ephemeral so I am just going to taunt him.

Graywolf Ephermeral

Lots Of Recent Links

I have received quite a few links recently which may have swung things in my favour after the PageRank updates and the sitelinks may be short lived. I gained maybe 400 additional links, a few of them quite high quality, but those links were also on pages with lots of other external links listing sites that received penalties.

My sitelinks might well prove to be ephemeral.

This doesn’t however confirm one way or the other whether sites that experienced a toolbar pagerank penalty, that still have it, pass Google juice through external links.

An Interesting Bug

American Interests Ottavio showing in my sitelinks is actually linking to my 7 critical mistakes Blogrush article with the link next to it pointing to a different article.

I haven’t yet researched the cause…

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