Google Sitelinks On A PR4 1 Year Old Domain

Well I thought Google really hated me, but here is some real proof that the Google Toolbar isn’t exactly telling the truth.


Andy Beard Sitelinks

I personally have never seen sitelinks on a PR5 before, let alone a PR4, but then it isn’t something I monitor extensively, so it may happen frequently for sites that get a sudden increase of links between updates.

Congratulations to Maki from Doshdosh on also gaining some coveted sitelinks (and also PR6)

Maki from DoshDosh sitelinks

An example of a PR6 domain that still doesn’t have sitelinks is Sphinn itself

Sphinn No Sitelinks

Sphinn based upon MSN newly reactivated Linkdomain commnd has three times as many links as I do. compared to

Graywolf thinks sitelinks are ephemeral so I am just going to taunt him.

Graywolf Ephermeral

Lots Of Recent Links

I have received quite a few links recently which may have swung things in my favour after the PageRank updates and the sitelinks may be short lived. I gained maybe 400 additional links, a few of them quite high quality, but those links were also on pages with lots of other external links listing sites that received penalties.

My sitelinks might well prove to be ephemeral.

This doesn’t however confirm one way or the other whether sites that experienced a toolbar pagerank penalty, that still have it, pass Google juice through external links.

An Interesting Bug

American Interests Ottavio showing in my sitelinks is actually linking to my 7 critical mistakes Blogrush article with the link next to it pointing to a different article.

I haven’t yet researched the cause…

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  1. says

    Given that a PageRank 4 ‘blog gets a Sitelink is probably confusing to many — me included.

    More so if like your own, the included anchor text is more bizarre than ephemeral.

    Here’s a theory, which sort of hinges on the recent PageRank update / debacle: maybe the Sitelink algorithm runs separately (at least to some extent) to PageRank?

    So if Dosh Dosh got a kickin’ in the update (meaning the ‘blog was previously PageRank 6 or higher), that might explain the Sitelink still being there.

    Of course, that’s just a theory.

    Still, there’s hope for everyone if PageRank 4 ‘blogs are on the radar…

    • says

      Maki is a very solid PR6 and didn’t receive a penalty.

      I now believe my penalty was possibly -2 and not just -1

      The 400 links might have kicked me into sitelinks territory, but was probably not enough to go from PR5 to PR6 with sitelinks.

      There seems to be lots of factors in sitelinks no one really knows about.

  2. says

    “There seems to be lots of factors in sitelinks no one really knows about.”

    Evidently so.

    I was asked recently by a friend — who’s ‘blog is a good PageRank 7 — how to get a Sitelink.

    I’m still none the wiser.

    Maybe someone can clarify things?

  3. says

    Andy, I would presume sitelinks are a result of Google bombing, intentional or accidental.

    Should we jointly have rank #1 for
    Vanessa Fox Nude..:)

  4. says

    I honestly doubt that PR has something to do with the sitelinks – I think Google looks more at site authority and trust rank. This really gave me an idea for an experiment. :)

  5. says

    I have a PR3 website with sitelinks.

    The interesting thing about that website is that it holds #1 and #2 rankings for a certain keyword search and that’s where the sitelinks appear.

  6. says

    thanks, now i have something to study for.

    i second that the google toolbar is lying. i think it’s just for artificial purposes for the purchasing of links.

  7. says

    I love how everyone’s still trying to figure out Google’s neurosis. ;-) All I know is that if anyone deserved any penalties, I would think it would be me. After all, early on I made no bones about my experiments. I even did the “Mike Chen Secret Weapon Lite Link Spam Post” as a joke but still, you know how some techno-boneheads have no sense of humor.

    But, in all irony, my site had dropped down from PR4 down to PR2 for a while and now it’s back up to PR4.

    You know what… I’m going to try to overtake you just for the fun of it. ;-) I just have to see if all this high-level investigative neurotic Google-humping is really so necessary.

    But, for me, it doesn’t matter the subject over here… anything you write comes out interesting and a cut above.


  8. says

    Its out of date too.. At least 3months imho..

    I have some on a clients site that lists a item which was on the homepage over 3 months ago but is litsted in the sitelinks..

  9. SEO-Newbie-Guy says

    So I’m wondering what is “Sitelinks” anyway. Obviously something to do w/ links, but is it, real or imagined, a rating Google gives based on links like PageRank?

    Trying to learn!

  10. says

    Congrats Andy, I have actually seen a PR3 domain with them, a site called, it has got a PR5 now, but up until the recent update it only had a PR3 and it had site links since the last site link update. I have seen a few PR4 sites with them.

  11. says

    I predict that one day you will be able to go to college and major in Google. We’ll have to hire people with Master Degrees in Google to tell us what’s going on…and we still won’t know.

  12. says

    Sitelinks for PR5 sites is actually quite common. I just checked three past client sites that are PR 5 and two of them continue to have sitelinks. However, like you, I’ve never seen them on a PR4 site before. Kudos!

  13. says

    Sorry for the double post, I couldn’t resist. It took me jsut 5 minutes to find another PR4 site with sitelinks. Maybe it isn’t that uncommon after all? This time it’s a real estate site with a state-level focus. However, the domain is pretty old so I still think hitting the sitelinks level in 1 year is worth noting.

  14. says

    I just checked our site. We recently got levelled from a 7,6,5 to 4 and we got some great sitelinks now:

    Including a link to Register on our site!

    One thing I have never figured out is what happened to our existence in Google “did you mean”. It always used to catch misspellings however now (for the query above) it will still suggest “woodwork” :(

    Guess you can’t have everything!

  15. says

    Maybe Page Rank simply means nothing anymore. Google just wants to publish something hoping to confuse link sellers and make them over pay or under pay.

  16. says

    I wonder how many psychologists Google has on staff. They do a very good job of keeping conversations focused on them and keeping everyone guessing- so their brand remains strong no matter what happens. It’s sad that they have so much control over the blogosphere (and indeed so much of the web, but my main concern is blogs).

    I have to laugh at Jason Clark though. I think we’d do better with soothe sayers than experts. LOL

  17. says

    Regarding that odd Google bug — “O – A. I.” (not spelled out to make it easier to study in G) was one of the commenters on that page. I find this a really intersting quirk — if we could nail down what may have gone wrong it may give us more insight into how sitelinks operate.

    I’ve studied the link profile for O’s blog and the links to that particular page of yours and I am really scratching my head on this one.

    Somehow I think it has something to do with the two links from the comment heading to a blogspot blog… Google’s spiders might get a little drunk when they stumble onto their own properties. :-)

    Another interesting thing here is that Google reordered “O – A I” to “A I O”. Quirky.

  18. says

    I too was surprised to see that my blog got sitelinks along with my pagerank decrease.

    I have a couple of ideas about how/why sitelinks might be given for a particular search/ site.

    A) You really have to own the search (as was mentioned above by Tomaz)

    B) There has to be a significant number of searches for that term.

    I’d assume has no problem owning the search for “Andy Beard” or “andybeard”, also I’d bet you see a decent number of referrals from searches for “andy beard”. Yes?

  19. says

    I have some low PR sites(PR 3-4) with sitelinks before, so i dont think PR has someting to do with sitelinks. I believe in site authority and trust rank anyway and get a lot of backlinks from relevant authority sites would help a lot.

  20. says

    Andy, i am a problogger from Brazil, have a blog about cars for some 2 years, but my actual domain is only 1 1/2 year old. It is PR4 and i already have site links. My blog is the one i inserted in the URL field, and you can see my site links searching for “noticias automotivas”.

  21. says

    Whatever the reason for your sitelinks addition, well done Andy. You fully deserve it, along with any additional traffic it may bring.

    Congrats to Maki too – another excellent blog author.

  22. says

    Since is Pagerank related to Sitelinks? PageRank that is displayed on the toolbar is not the best indicator of your true PageRank, especially for newer sites….

  23. domainappraisal says

    I just checked our site and got levelled from a 5 to 4 and we got some great links. so you can try yourself again.

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