I’m An Old Fart SEO – It’s Official

I never thought I would look on being called an old fart as something positive, but I suppose it is just a matter of who calls you an old fart, the manner in which they tell you, and where and to whom they say it.

In this particular case I am flattered, and seem to be in great company.

Old Fart

I am not the biggest fan of blogrolls on my own sites, I much prefer juice to flow via editorial links in content, and moderated links in both comments and trackbacks.

Fortunately I do link to the guys at Search Engine Land quite frequently when discussing industry events, and I will be enhancing my industry resource links in the near future.

Thanks Danny

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  1. says

    I’m just a fan of being linked to.

    If by old fart they mean “in it for the long ride” and likely to still be doing well next year then yeah…

  2. says

    Wonder what criteria they use to qualify if you’re and old fart or not. Pre Florida update?

    If its true “what goes around comes around”, then you’re not old … just securing advanced positioning for web 3.0. The line starts behind me though!

  3. llc operating agreement says

    There are some very intelligent seo pros on this list! Since I listen to their advice, does that make me a seo old fart groupie?

  4. says

    Kudos Andy. You run a great blog here and it’s good that you get some love in return for all that you do. Hopefully this will help grow your reach even further.

  5. says

    An “old fart” is just a way of saying “experienced and wise”.

    Or maybe they think the parkinsons will be kicking in shortly and you’ll start wondering why your site has so many subscribers when you only started it yesterday.

  6. says

    The term “Old fart” is very British and is used normally under an affectionate mood to describe some one who one is fond of. Congratulations though I do not quite know you qualify for the first part “Old”

  7. says

    Hey Any, need some WordPress tips. Do you have an old post on adding tags or a tag cloud to a WordPress template? WordPress’s online tips aren’t the easiest to follow.


  8. says

    Shoemoney is an old fart as well eh? I guess all the hours you put towards SEO has really paid off and placed you among the best ever.