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Collective ThoughtsSome of my readers might already be aware of this new blog on Social Media marketing based on some submissions I have made to Sphinn and Stumbleupon over the last 24 hours, but I thought it would be good to mention it here.

I am keeping this extremely simple:-

New blog = Collective Thoughts

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If you feel like it, we would welcome new members to our new community on MyBlogLog as well.

We are still trying to work out some problems with adding co-authors on Mybloglog

This blog is a joint effort (all writers have equal status) between a bunch of social media friends who are all experts in their field and I decided to join in a few weeks ago, and since then we have been doing a lot of planning especially on the kind of content we are going to write.

My first post is likely to be within the next 24 hrs, so I though it a good time to let my readers know so they can subscribe in advance, there is already some great content.

Here are some quick pointers

  • You don’t know who is involved, so hopefully you will click through to find out (curiosity)
  • I haven’t included any links other than to actions I want you to take, such as visiting the blog and subscribing with the method that best suits you.
  • Yes the blog has been entered in the MyBlogLog Problogger contest ;) – I wouldn’t class anyone in the team as a schmoe.
  • I am going to try hard not to mention Google in all my articles there, as if they don’t exist, though I might be forced to mention some of their services (Feedburner, Analytics etc)

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  1. says

    I will join because I think you have so much insight into everything, but have you noticed how everyone, well not everyone, but a lot across the board have dropped to 0 that do ppp. Maybe it will change tomorrow.

  2. says

    Social networking is so powerful and very much about now. I love to hear about new ways, new tools, new successes and you have pointed us to one again. Thanks Andy!

  3. says

    Andy, great stuff, the new blog is reaching out to comminty.

    This blog read as suspense novel…

    Who called you old fart? The FS…you know what is hot, what is not, and you extend yourself to the community…

    We all have alot to learn from you.


  4. says

    This is a great idea. I love the idea of a blog written by a few people. I will definitely subscribe. I can’t wait to read all of Brian’s Cats posts.