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I have been planning for a long time to launch a membership site based on custom wordpress plugins, and also taking advantage of various mininet strategies, especially those discussed in Revenge of the Mininet (which you can now get free). It is honestly required reading.

Developing custom WordPress plugins isn’t cheap. I have a full time programmer working on plugin development.

I am looking on it as “stepping stone” project. The custom plugins and tools will be insanely useful for 100s of people, potentially 1000s. Each solves a problem I have personally faced in developing my own WordPress blogs and mininet sites.

I am sure I could charge money for each product individually, but that has many pitfalls.

  • A high upfront cost
  • Reduced feedback compared to a community model
  • Difficulty in marketing products that are based upon knowledge that is not in the public domain
  • The difficulty in discussing future projects with potential users that are “highly confidential”

I actually have some projects on the boil that will require Angel or VC investment, and the approaches I have made have so far been promising.

Intellectual property has a high value for investors, and the patent process is such that you can’t discuss details of future projects in the open, or you lose the chance to patent your unique ideas.

Thus a membership site makes an ideal venue

  • Much lower upfront cost of entry
  • Recurring payments to help offset development costs
  • The ability to discuss future product development in private
  • Ensures great value and support for the members

I am not an email marketer. Over the last year or more I actually built up a list of over 1000 subscribers, and didn’t send them even one email. I would be much more inclined to share information on a private forum.

I have been researching backend systems for quite a while now. I actually have rights to a couple already, either custom made as part of other membership programs, or fairly well known, because they were part of a PLR package.

There are various commercial and opensource alternatives, Amember, Visiongate, Joomla could be used, as could Drupal.

The problem is they are not really designed for marketers, easy integration of multiple payment levels, affiliate programs etc.

There are a few other custom made options.

ButterflyMarketing.com $1497 = ouch

If you really took action based on your purchase of the Butterflymarketing scripts, you would get your money back many times over. It is however a large investment upfront.

Cody Moya often offers his backend scripts as a bonus. I am not sure exactly what it includes. I have seen Cody use loads of different scripts for his sites over the last year, including JV Manager, and Amember.

I recall Gary Ambrose offered something based on his viral sites. I didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to the details at the time. I am not looking to make the same kinds of sites (though some scripts can solve many solutions)

Now there is a new script available, from Robert Puddy who owns sites like AdvertisingKnowhow.com, Hitsconnect.com and AdsenseDetective.com.

AdvertisingKnowhow actually has a fair amount of complexity to how it was integrated, and a site like AdsenseDetective has to have good security, both of which are highly important.

A few hours ago I purchased Launch Formula Marketing upon the recommendation of Ed Charkow. He was one of the beta testers of the script, and is a very smart guy, both a respected programmer and successful marketer. Here is a link to his blog promoting this script (but don’t forget to come back here). Use CTRL click to open it in a new tab.

I have examined the code for the script, none of it is encrypted. There is a warning that if you tinker with it, you can’t expect support for the problems you might cause, which is fair enough. It is important to have access to the source code.

I have just been in email contact with Robert. He made a glaring mistake in his sales letter which I needed to have clarified with him and I am sure is going to be corrected soon.

The strategy with membership sites is to to make multiple sites, and leverage one site to launch additional sites. Obviously it helps a huge amount if you don’t have to buy a new license for every new membership site you create.

This is what Robert forgot to mention in his sales letter.

Yes sir it can, the strategy calls for multiple membership sites each
connected to the first. So having a multiple sites license is key :)
I will add that to the bullet points though
Good spot

Just to give you an idea how dedicated Robert is with his business, it was close to midnight in the UK, and certainly “after hours” in many parts of the US when he replied to me personally. That was actually my second reply from him within minutes, and we had never really had any direct dealings in the past, other than both being members of the Warrior Forum.
Is there more in Butterflymarketing?


It has now been on the market a lot longer, and all those sales feed the development coffers, as will happen with Launch Formula Marketing. I have already started making suggestions for improvements, and I am sure Richard will be keen to implement improvements for his customers. (1 full year of free updates)

It is important to note that the type of sites Richard has implemented are as a whole slightly more complex than most of the sites I have seen Mike create, or those created by users of his script.

Installation seems to be very straight forward (Ed did mention that too), and there is a series of comprehensive videos to take you step by step through the installation process.


I am honestly quite impressed so far. Butterflymarketing.com, however impressive the results may be, is simply out of my budget, and it seems to have a lot of features I would never really need. Certainly not for my first few membership sites, and then in theory I will have a little more capital to play with.

Don’t forget information

Butterfly Marketing comes with a lot of additional information, the top selling Butterfly Marketing Manuscript. Mike should really take that manuscript off the market, because now you could combine the manuscript with an alternative competitive script solution, and save $900

With that $900 you could also invest in the new Jason James membership ebook, and gain even more useful tips for launching your site. You only need one successful site, and the cost of scripts really doesn’t matter. You can then pick and choose the best solution from the many scripts you own (and one script never suits all purposes).

Thus $497 for Launch Formula Marketing seems like a really good deal compared to ButterflyMarketing.com, and Richard Puddy’s product is time tested, it is not like you are buying something from a total newcomer. This script is his workhorse, day-in, day-out.

But wait a moment. I didn’t pay $497 for the script.

With this promo code (and I have no idea how long it will last for), you get a whole $200 off the purchase price.

$297 or $1497

Which would you rather pay?

Remember this is a specialist script, and you only pay once, for as many membership sites as you care to run, each potentially (realistically) adding a significant stream of income either from direct or backend sales.

Launch Formula Marketing

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  1. says

    This is interesting, because I’ve been looking for a script for awhile now integrate with WordPress and create a membership site based on the WordPress platform.

    It’s a lot more difficult than I imagined.

    GetPayBox.com seems promising, but I tried contacting the owner and no response… for about three days now.

    aMember looks nice, but seems like it wouldn’t integrate real nice…

    I never thought of the BFM script… I’ll check out Launch Formula Marketing.

    Thanks for the heads up!!


    • says

      David I have, or have been a member of tons of membership sites which use Amember, and I have never liked the internal navigation.

      I replied to John by email as since I wrote this overview, I have purchased a ton of different scripts looking for the best integration.

      My best option currently would probably be some kind of combination between PayBox and FastMembershipSites, but it still isn’t quite what I am looking for.