Social Media Marketing Sucks

I have written my first article over at our new “Team Blog” Collective Thoughts, and decided on a provocative title to start that will lead into a series of posts on various topics relating to social media marketing goals and performance metrics.

10 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Sucks…

Don’t forget to leave some feedback and comments as they will influence what order and the content covered in the followup articles.

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  1. says

    A nice title for link bait :) First that’s a list and secondly it’s very provocative… But why only 10? Why not 100 or something more sophisticated, like 19,9 or 55 reasons… ;)

  2. Acne says

    The title is definetely provocative and yes it is going to get a lot of attention and traffic. I have read the article itself and i must admit it has some substance (evidence), in what you are saying. Although my social media marketing has weirdly brought me a lot of success. I spose im a unique case as it has worked on 4 out of my 5 sites. And on the other site well it was a total failure, something which a lot of webmasters have recorded for all there sites.

    Regards Andrew

  3. says

    Yeah, something like that definitely draws attention. I think the more you can slip in terms like “sucks” the more attention you can get because it comes right out of left field.