Best Of Ebay – Ebay Sellers Christmas Opportunity

I know that lots of my readers sell stuff through Ebay, in fact many of them make a full time living doing it.

Ebay have now launched their own Social News site to highlight the weird and wonderful best items for sale on Ebay, past and present.

Best of Ebay

What is strange is that it doesn’t appear on their community “sneak peek” though it is still in beta.

There also doesn’t appear to be any mention of it on the Ebay blog.

How much traffic a site like this could drive really depends on how much Ebay decide to promote it, but it if you are a regular on Ebay, it might be a good idea to invest a little time in building up both your profile and those of your products.

Valleywag was a little critical, saying they are copying Digg and Craigslist but considering Ebay already own Stumbleupon, this was a logical direction to take.
I wonder if they might integrate the 2 in some way, allowing you to Stumble the Best of Ebay.

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  1. says

    This is web 2.0 adopting Web 2.0. This is a natural progression. I like it.

    Could you answer a technical question for me? How do you get your bumpzee, plugim, and sphinn buttons to line up on top of each other on the right side of your posts? I would love to do this.

    • says

      I look on this as being an absolute given, so many crazy things get sold on Ebay that could make it more sticky, I am really not sure why Valleywag didn’t like the idea.

      For the voting buttons here is the code

      <?php the_post(); ?>
      				<div id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" class="<?php blogtxt_post_class(); ?>">
      					<h2 class="entry-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h2>
      					<div class="entry-content">
      <div class="mybotbox">
      <p style="margin:0;padding-left:10px;">
      <?php if (function_exists('bump_this_widget')) bump_this_widget(); ?>
      <p style="margin:0;padding-left:15px;">
      <?php if (function_exists('show_plugimbox')) show_plugimbox(); ?>
      <p style="margin:0;padding-left:20px;">
      <?php if (function_exists('show_sphinnit')) show_sphinnit(); ?>
      <?php the_content('<span class="more-link">'.__('Continue Reading &raquo;', 'blogtxt').'</span>'); ?>

      With it I use some simple CSS

      float: right;
      margin: 10px 5px 10px 10px;
      width: 100px;
      height: 250px;
      min-height: 250px;
      padding: -8px 0em 0em 0.5em;

      I need to improve it a little, and am looking at how to do it all inside an iframe so it doesn’t slow down page loading so much if something is broken.

    • says

      The first snippet is a chunk from my single.php

      When I had the full content on the home page I used to have the buttons there as well in the index.php , but this slowed page load a fair amount.

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    I wonder if they might integrate the 2 in some way, allowing you to Stumble the Best of Ebay.

    I hope not. That was one of the things I was worried about when Ebay bought StumbleUpon. That we would be seeing Ebay auctions as we Stumble. If they do offer it hopefully we could turn it off. Like Stumbling Flickr or YouTube.

  3. says

    Hey, I am one of those eBayers who earns my living selling on eBay – I like to call myself a “professional recycler.” I am all eBay, 24/7. I have found most of the eBay sponsored community platforms (the blog, forums, etc) sort of a waste of time. It seems the forums and groups outside of eBay are more informative and REAL – there are just too many restrictions on the actual site so communication between members is limited. I find discussions on other forums, groups, and blogs to be much more open and genuine – we chat freely and provide links to other resources to help each other out.

    Suzanne Wells
    The eBay Coach

  4. says

    I am also another big time seller on ebay. I started out selling things around the house. Now i buy things cheap and then re-sell them for a profit. I think the new social news site is based on promoting the christmas stock, well thats just my theory.

  5. says

    I’m not a real big supporter of Ebay but I do think they’re trying to experiment with something. And Christmas is the perfect time to launch something like that. If it soars, then they can officially make it known to the world next year. If it doesn’t, it can fade away with the year.

  6. says

    I used to ebay quite a lot, however since moving to the country and not having a local post office, it’s become too much hassle. Although I read this so obviously still keep up to date with what’s going on.