Social Media Playbook

Muhammad Saleem has written a great introductory guide on how to approach social media.

It is good to see it appearing as a seed story on Techmeme.

Social Media Manual

Ben wrote a related article “Are You Sabotaging Your Social Stories?” explaining why you could be wasting your efforts with Social Media Marketing.

Shana is delving into Social Media Marketing for Small Business. You don’t have to be running a blog to use social media to promote your website.

Tamar just keeps on hitting home runs, but it hasn’t always been that way.

If you thought social media was a quick fix for easy exposure, consider the stats I presented last month at SMX: I’ve Dugg over 18,000 stories (that number now exceeds 22,000), and I added that each individual social network takes hours of study to get even the slightest inkling about. If you are under the impression that you can wake up one day, submit all your stuff to Reddit, and become an instant hero, unfortunately, there’s a lot more that you are not understanding: the bottom line is that an army of your peers is watching.

Maki’s new series on Social Media Marketing has so far covered an initial introduction and the benefits.

Social Media Conduits

Yesterday when on Collective Thoughts I wrote about how Social Media Marketing Sucks, I mentioned how you can link to people strategically in various ways.

Mu’s story is already hot on Digg, but no one has yet linked to it in Techmeme. Ben’s story is likely to to go popular very soon, and is a very good article. Shana’s article could use some additional attention, and I just love Tamar’s viewpoint to round things off.

In this particular case I wouldn’t class this as becoming a “hub” of the conversation, more like a conduit. You are helping attention flow from one related story to another.

I haven’t actually had to say too much about the articles themselves, in fact in this particular case it would be hard to add any value, other than adding value by linking them together

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  1. says

    And I recently started a series of articles on Social Media Marketing, which could use some attention too..since it ain’t getting on Digg anytime soon. :)

    Good links, all of them. I liked Mu’s article a lot.

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      Now included – I was rushing to get a link through to Mu’s post, as a story that doesn’t attract links doesn’t seem to stay on Techmeme.

      • says

        Hehe. Thanks Andy for the mention.

        One question.. do you need to link to the Techmeme story to be connected to the original story (Mu’s article)?

        I know you can get included on the frontpage when Techmeme regulars link to your article.. just not sure what you need to do if you are not on the frontpage because of being linked-to but want to be counted as a related-story…

        Should you link to the story on the frontpage and the Techmeme blurb?

        • says

          I haven’t got it 100% sorted out.

          If you are a Technology blog and you are writing about Tech stuff all the time, you seem to be able to get on Techmeme a lot easier than if you are a blog that only sometimes covers technology stories.

          I think linking through to stories gets you on their radar and somehow added to the sites they monitor, but Techmeme doesn’t seem to poll my feeds very often.

          I can cay that having the lead position for the top story on Techmeme can drive some useful traffic. For the PageRank story it was something like 800 direct visitors though I was pushed out of the lead by Techcrunch.

          It is possible to be tied into a story with any links to the current people listed, possibly based upon title.

          Don’t forget they have sister sites as well on things like politics and celebs, though I am not sure how much traffic those can drive.

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    You always seem to be far more on top of your rss/blogosphere than me andy, so post connecting the dots like this can often be pretty useful.

    Never really used techmeme much, am I missing out?

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      It was funny putting together this article, it was one of those “quick opportunities” which can’t be planned, but makes sense in a strategic way.

      I had already seen each of the articles on Sphinn, but I happened to glance at Techmeme and saw Mu’s article extremely lonely with no links.
      I knew it would drop off fast as it had been posted quite some time earlier, and didn’t have new links.

      So I quickly knocked a post together grabbing Mu’s article, 2 articles from the front page of Sphinn, Shana’s which was still on upcoming made some sense of it and posted.

      It actually just got added to the tail end of the story before it drops off the front page, though for some reason it happened due to a syndicated copy of my article on WebProNews, and not because I wrote it.

      Overall you will pick up almost anything Search related on Sphinn sooner than Techmeme, unless Techcrunch get an exclusive.

      In general the Megite meme based upon the Online Marketing Blog OPML of the top search related blogs is more useful.

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    My site,, is a social media site for small service businesses. We are starting with three major categories, business services (this includes everything from accounting to SEO) real estate, and weddings.

    We are pre-launch, with a planned 12/1 roll-out, however we are already accepting articles, and if you submit one now, you get a chance to win a MacBook computer! The contest is at

    In addition to having articles with good links back to your site, we are going to send highly qualified leads to your business, sort of like elance, but without us taking a cut of the job!

    • says

      Alex I did take a look a while back, though to be honest it seemed like an article directory. I know there is more to it but I just don’t have a huge amount of time to delve in.

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        The idea behind Advice Network is that if professionals who specialize in subjects that are hard for consumers, like buying a house, running a business, or planning a wedding, post “how to” articles on their area of expertise, then that will attract traffic of people who are in need of the same vendors.

        So, it takes the article directory piece, and then marries it with lead generation for small businesses. Almost like elance, but without the taking a cut of the revenue from the entire job thing that elance does.

  4. says

    Let me first laugh at “DON’T BE AN IDIOT”, very nice haha.

    It is great to see you passing some necessary attention to some of the these great post. Surely something everyone can help out with.

  5. says

    You know for some reason when someone says social media, I think of Facebook and Myspace, period. I never think of Digg, Reddit, or even StumbleUpon actually belonging in that same category. I wonder why?

  6. Michael Lodispoto says

    For some reason when I think of social media I actually think of Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon, but NOT Myspace and Facebook. How weird is that? The complete opposite of Lincoln in the above post. Maybe since I’m a newbie to social media and was introduced first by Digg and my love for Digg made me seek out a way to have a site that members can vote on videos and groups and more ( Digg at the time was mostly tech news). That’s when I found Pligg, the open source platform resembling Digg, then evolved my own site earthfrisk from there.
    Social media to me is not Facebook, I think social networking with Facebook, but like I said I am a newbie to the field and not a pro and do not intend on becoming a professional Social media man. I prefer to hire you guys and see who does best for me.

  7. says

    That “Are you Sabotaging Your Social Stories” article is fantastic. I just wanted to add that because I think it really touches on some of the pitfalls of SMM.

  8. says

    Hi Andy,

    I like the angle you take on things – always trying to find that extra edge and sharing at least 10% of it with us. ;-) (you KNOW you know way more than you tell).

    Of course, you look at social media from the business model which is, in my opinion, its best (and only) function. Everyone else might think of it as SOCIAL, but all I can say is that it’s SOCIAL only in the way that keeping a bunch of egg-laying hens as comfortable as possible would be considered SOCIAL.

    You said we could post a link so here’s one from a similar angle but that is told in my “between-the-eyes” style…

    The Myth and Fallacy of Social Media

    Happy fishing,

  9. says

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