MyBlogLog Ian Kennedy Interviewed

A few weeks ago the Collective Thoughts team got together and compiled a bunch of tough questions we didn’t expect to get all the answers for.

Almost without exception Ian Kennedy, MBL Product Manager has provided detailed answers

If you are a fan of MBL you will find some interesting stats, and some things to look forward to in the near future.

Here is an extra little titbit.

Google’s Toolbar currently regards my MBL profile as more valuable content than my blog, and the same is true for my Blogcatalog profile.

Whilst the true value Google places on my site can’t be determined due to a manual tweak to what is displayed, for reputation management online profiles on social media sites can be quite powerful.
The same is true for sites such as Digg, Sphinn and Stumbleupon.

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  1. says

    Thanks Andy for the extra tidbits. I enjoyed the Q & A with MyBlogLog and appreciate your insight which helps me stay ahead of the always-inclining social media marketing learning curve.

    “We have a number of features in the hopper that will change that and make MyBlogLog interesting for anyone who uses the web on a regular basis, which we think will lead to broader adoption.”

    I am especially interested in finding out what they have in the “hopper”. Did he give you any hints?

    Given the power Yahoo! has to broadcast a new, novel service for all web users, MyBlogLog could get BIG quick!

    • says

      Hi Peter

      I have been nudging them about things like real tagging support for almost a year, so maybe it will happen eventually.

      Hopefully they will do something on that front end soon to keep my friends at Blogcatalog on their toes, and you can expect front end developments from Blogcatalog in the near future.

      I was happy to see the growth numbers, 350,000 members is pretty reasonable, though Alexa numbers seem to have dropped off a little

  2. says

    Also if your blog posts for the the sites are in digg or blog catalog with your keywords in the category section it seems to do really well in the SERPs. Tagging/labeling posts while being a part of these communities just got that much more important. Digg shows up on Google blogsearch fairly fast.