98 Remarkable Acts of Kindness

Bloggers Unite - Acts of KindnessMoving to a new house, not having an internet connection, or a telephone for that matter for 2 weeks really throws a spanner in the works, and it takes time to settle down.

I had been planning to write about Bloggers Unite about a week ago, with a followup post yesterday, but most of yesterday I was again without a connection. I gave up at 7am.

On Blogcatalog there is now a list forming of all the blogs that took part, and one way for me to give a little something back is to link to all of them.

I haven’t just copied a list of URLs, I have actually visited each site and read every amazing article listed – there is a lot of kindness in the world and many of these stories are quite remarkable and touching.

Many of the posts used a generic Bloggers Unite acts of Kindness title, so where needed I have used a title that is appropriate to the story told, or captured the essence of the story or key phrase.

If you didn’t take part I encourage you to read the stories that catch your eye. Many are really quite moving.

Starlight: Acts Of Kindness
You Can Feel Good About Good
Grander than the Bell and the Red Suit
Bloggers Unite (a touching post about her Mum)
Jericho Fans Become Boo’s Angels
Singing At A Retirement Home
John Gebhardt Caring For A Little Girl in Iraq
Pay It Forward & Acts of Random Kindness
Examples and Quotes From Acts of Kindness
Recycling & The Boys Brigade Charity Gift Box Project
Helping A Pregnant Damsel In Childbirth
Collecting Litter
My Inspiration – What are you grateful for?
Living In A Box
Caro Gesù Bambino ti voglio avvisare…
Teaching My 5 Year Old The Gift Of Giving
Want to have an amazing Christmas?
Give A Smile
Acts of Kindness Should Be Part Of Our Daily Lives
Its Never Too Late To Do An Act Of Kindness
Bell Ringers & Paper Trees
A White Cat For Christmas
Xmas Charity Appeal
The Beaming Faces of The Tiny Tots
Helping A Colleague
Hugs For The Lonely
Tribute To Rescued Cats And Dogs
Crochet Some Recycled Wheelchair and Walker Totes
Promote Thrift Stores
The Greatness Of Human Kindness and Compassion
Acts of Kindness While Christmas Shopping
Donations To Carol For A Cause
Child’s Play
Scraping Snow To Make Friends
Caring For Family
Let People Know That Someone Loves Them
Random Acts of Kindness Should Last All Year Long
Kindness Like Love Is Unconditional
Follow your heart and do your best work…
Buying Gifts From The Hunger Site Store
Donors Choose
Cooking Pancakes
One Should Do The Right Thing For No Other Reason Than It’s Right
Free Rice – Provide and Learn
Magnificent Monday: My Mother
Sharing Books With Random People
Ideas For Acts of Kindness
A Simple Act of Kindness Affected Three Lives
Acts of Kindness: A Wardrobe Full of Compassion
Bloggers Unite: Small Thing Make Big Thing
Bloggers Unite: Save Some Cats
Ellie’s Act of Kindness – A Guided Meditation
It’s Not Only Human Beings That Are Capable Of Acts Of Kindness
Touching Other’s Lives
Secret Santa
The Ripple Effect Of Acts Of Kindness
9 Acts of Christmas Kindness
Mystery Reggae Man
Caring – it all begins at home
Operation Christmas Child
Bloggers unite. Streetwise.
Save The Wild Side and Alley Cats
Each Minute Passes In Own Life We Must Spend It In Helping Others
Reading Marathon
I made someone today feel warm and human.
Make The World A Better Place
Altruistic Disease
Bloggers Unite: Highlighting Acts Of Kindness In Colon Panama
Bloggers Unite: Crafts for China
Take One Activity In Your Day
There Is So Much Good In People
Buzzards Bay Area Habitat For Humanity
Kind Classes
An Act Of Kindness Should Be Spontaneous And Not Forced
Helping Filipino children read their way out of poverty
My kindness towards poverty
Animal Rescue Charities
A day at the Senior Citizen Center
Cub Scouts At The Food Bank
A Day In A Camp
12 Gifts of Christmas: Kindness
Delivering Angel Tree Gifts in the Spirit of Christmas
Discovering Love and Kindness By Donating Blood
One Good Deed Every Day
The Kindness Of Strangers
Helping With Essential Winter Tasks
Counting on Kindness
Give and Give Back
Words by Bloggers & Acts of Kindness
Hurricane Sidr: acts of kindness
Ridiculously Easy Ways To Spread Some Kindness Around
Beautiful Minds: a day’s meal -Used in the best way
Small and Simple Acts Of Kindness
Are you the girl with sweet smile?
I Fostered a Baby Elephant, Tong Jan
Bloggers Unite & Kiva
Homeless and Lost Souls
An act of kindness that’s been going on for years

A little personal act of kindness

Whilst I was over in the UK last, and in fact every trip I usually pop in to see old neighbours, many of whom being long-standing friends of my parents are now quite elderly, and help with small chores, even just taking the rubbish out or updating them on life in other parts of the world.
Whilst I was writing this I received an email to inform me that one of those neighbours passed away on Friday. I almost didn’t have time to say hello on my last visit, and am so glad I did.

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  1. says

    Thanks for visiting. I do appreciate the link and sharing all the remarkable stories. You’ve done more than just talk about it:-)

  2. says

    Thank you for compiling this list. I’ve read a number of the posts and there are some remarkable acts of kindness and touching stories. Your list will make it easy to read more.

  3. says

    Andy, a great follow-up concept to Bloggers Unite, i.e., reading and then listing. I am going to attempt and duplicate your effort today and read each one.

    Your final comment on your post is equally compelling. One never knows when you will lose someone, see someone for the last time.

    I have also just blog rolled you.

  4. says

    I am so grateful to you for compiling this list in your blog post. I have only found time to read a few at the Bloggers Unite listing of posts because I decided to keep doing something every day until Christmas. Keeping me busy and joyful both!
    Now I will come back here to read additional stories.

    It’s so cool how this morning on the radio a local station was playing a story that won a large monetary prize in their local random acts of kindness at Christmas drive. I cried tears of happiness at hearing the story told on Lite Rock 105 fm in Rhode Island.

  5. says

    Thanx for adding me, It means a lot…
    I’m striving to promote the Truth about my country, REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA, so all friends are welcome to help in our struggle for keeping our name…
    Best wishes and happy hollydays

  6. says

    i’m on the list ;) anyway, thanks for compiling these stories coz it makes them easier to read and choose a story that interest us. really nice :)

  7. says

    I really appreciate so many people “Paying It Forward” during the Holiday season. This can be a very hard time for many people. It’s great to see a dedicated movement to provide some cheer to everyone.

  8. says

    aloha Andy! Mahalo for putting the list together and for linking me up. I really appreciate your effort in spreading the word. So many blogers do good things every day. This project is a salute to each of them as well as to the projects they’re supporting. I’m enjoying visiting some of the posts and hope to get to all of them eventually.

  9. says

    Thank you so much for including my link on your blog for the Random Acts of Kindness day.

    It is so amazing to see so many people write about their own random acts of kindness or tell about others who they say doing random acts of kindness. It really warms my spirit to read everyone’s blogs. I am behind and trying to read them all, doing my best but wanted to be sure to thank you for sharing my blog listing.

  10. says

    Sharing the amazing long list here is one random act of kindness by itself! Maraming salamat (Thank you vey much) and Happy Holidays! :-)

  11. says

    Thank you for compiling this list, and for including my post in it. Today, I’m off to complete my Bloggers Unite mission as a Secret Santa!

  12. says

    Hey, Andy. Thank you for the linklove. But most of all, thank you for being an advocate of this movement.

    Hope you had a blessed Christmas. And cheers to a happier, kinder 2008!


  1. Меѓу 98-те блогери…

    Учествував со пост во акцијата ACTS OF KINDNESS на Bloggers unite и типов, Andy Beard, го ставил мојот пост во неговиот (субјективен) избор од 98 remarkable acts of kindness…

  2. Bloggers unite. Two days later.

    Here is the growing list of contributions via Blogcatalog’s Act of Kindness initiative that concluded 12/17, but one can imagine this list continuing to grow. Another site you should visit that inspired PM to revisit and read a great many entries…