Social Power Linking Now Only $29.95

JackBack in August I reviewed Jack’s Social Power Linking Home Study Course which he created with Peter Lenkefi

I claim it as a review, even though I hadn’t actually seen the product. I had one major problem with it which wouldn’t have worried many of my readers, but was a significant problem for me – it was a physical product.

Part of my old job in the computer games and software industry here in Poland used to be import/export. I have been through living hell with Polish customs so many times the very thought of having to handle what is now minor import paperwork, and then only sometimes, just gives me the shivers.

For a physical product it was damn cheap, $169 Flat Rate (including shipping) = no brainer?

Social Power Linking Membership Site

Social Power Linking is now a membership site, and as such Jack has the ability to continually add new content. A huge amount of new content has been added since it was first launch with tons of new strategy guides, tools and an awesome buzz network to help you promote your content ethically.


Jack is really going for the mass market with this site, $29.95 per month, which compared to most training membership sites in the niche is an absolute steal.

Despite my internet connectivity problems with are an ongoing thorn in my productivity, I have already downloaded most of the course material, along with Jack’s Web2.0 Submitter software.

If you are struggling to get traffic, or want to pick up a few extra tips, or just increase your leverage using the buzz group of 500+ social media marketers, Social Power Linking offers tremendous value.

p.s. as Jack noted in the comments on my last review I have been ranking first in Google for Social Power Linking since it launched, with Jack currently holding a solid 2nd and 3rd slot.
We have used many of the same strategies for ranking websites over the last 2 years, and both Jack and Peter are excellent at teaching marketing to others, having done so extensively with their other membership sites such as Content Desk and Authority Site Centre.

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  1. says

    I joined it a few days ago, and I must say that I am very satisfied so far.

    There are a lot of quality content inside the members area, the only problem is to have the time to actually finish reading it all or watching all the videos.

    I agree with you Andy, it’s an absolute steal.

  2. says

    I agree as well. For the money, Jacks Social Power Linking membership is the best thing going.

    Now to see if I can bump you out of that #1 spot :-)


  3. says

    That seems interesting. Social power linking can be great if you know how to do it well but I guess it takes a lot of time and patience to generate traffic by social networks. Does that also caters for linking for SEO!

  4. Krumpet says

    I wonder. . .is this a long term solution or something that is short term, time consuming, and low impact? I get frustrated with SEO specialists who opt for short term link building strategies. I realize being #1 takes time and effort. Just wondering how this package positions itself between hard work and time consumption. Any thoughts?

  5. says

    For a physical product , that is really a good offer . Most people will normally tend to help each other be it willingly or unwillingly , As the saying goes : It is better to make a friend than to make an enemy.