Jason Calacanis – Wikia Mailing List Troll

I followed a link from Aaron’s writeup on the Alpha for Wikia, to the Wikia Whitelist of sites that will be included in the first few waves of development.

I discovered this touching remark from Wikia and Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales about Jason Calacanis…

Jason Calacanis Mailing List Troll

With all the links Mahalo gives Wikipedia you would think there would be a little more love…

I wonder how long it will take for Wikia to have some quality content on competitive search terms.

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  1. says

    Andy, are these guys for real? The going to hand edite 35 million URLs with a description? Please give me a break. I am contibuting now to AboutUs and it is a night mare with all the flasg sites and unobtrusive JavaScript DOMs that kill the search engine robots.

    As a Wikipedian to 5 WikiMEida projects I would runway from the “List” wiki…

    Please, I think all the manual editating project willl be filing chapter 10 soon, IMAO, everyone wants to be the bext FaceBook..:)

    • says

      Jimbo, my brain must be dead..:) But if a link passes WikiPedia Spam patrolmen, counter vandalism unit, and the anti Spam bots, how can it be Spam??? But we will always love Jason…the search world is big! We even love Evil Google and Dr. Evil Matt Cutts.