Are You A Sucker For Marketing Resource Lists?

Tamar must have spent a huge amount of time compiling this enormous list of what she feels were the best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007. I gained a few mentions on some key articles which was great.

From what I can see she concentrated on timeless content that is educational, so this isn’t just a list of the most popular content on Sphinn, and many of the articles I didn’t get to read during the last year.

As Tamar didn’t feature videos in her list, I should also mention the high quality website optimization videos that the guys from Stompernet have been pumping out over the last few weeks, and their new website scrutinizer application which is available for a free download.

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    Love them, especially when I am involved. These are the kinds of things that people tend to bookmark and come back to multiple times because there is a lot of great information there.

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      I think what stood out for me compared to many similar lists is that Tamar made a unique comment often quite perceptive or “non-obvious” about each one, thus took some time in preparation

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    Hey, that was a great list! A small bunch of stuff I hadn’t read. I also liked the comments for each of the links. Well put together. Oh, and happy holidays!

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    WOW. Now that is a comprehensive list. I like how it’s split into different categories – so you don’t have to waste time scanning the page to find what’s relevant for you. Thanks for linking to this post!

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    I guess I am a sucker for these type of lists. There are many articles there that I have already read and many more that I want to read. I was even linked to indirectly for writing one of the 65 Stumble Upon Articles featured at Newest on the Net. ;) Thanks for feeding the habit!