A Marketing Hodge-Podge Of Good Karma

With my continuing internet connection frustration, I have had to prioritise work-flow, thus my posting schedule has been reduced, and regrettably I am a lot less responsive to comments and email.

Here are just a collection of things I have looked at which are worthy of your time.

Stompernet have yet another video (50 minutes) which contains some useful actionable items in the second half.

I got to meet Armand Morin whilst I was in London and spent an hour or so with him and Kirt Christensen whilst skipping a session at a seminar. Among other things, Armand currently has 8000 blogs and as far as I know, he doesn’t do anything blackhat – he develops a successful business process, then replicates it with outsourcing. He has written a short guide which in many ways covers the same content as Armand presented on stage, and his presentation was probably the best received judging by the crowds afterwards around the “tables at the back”.
It is well worth clicking through to see how well he presents his squeeze page, and the formatting of the ebook is exceptional, especially for people stuck working on their laptop.

Before Christmas Julie Szabo and Darren Barefoot sent me a copy of their new Social Media ebook for review with one of their unique, personally recorded messages that just have to be responded to.
I have been meaning to write a full review but I just haven’t had time.

Jim Boykin wants to train you to become a link ninja and has been extracting lots of secrets from many well known internet marketing experts.
Jim is without doubt a very persistent link hound – we exchanged email over the holidays discussing the possibility of advertising, and then this week I received an order for a review through BOTH ReviewMe and Sponsored Reviews.

I couldn’t give any justice to a review without access to the full product, and even watching the samples just isn’t a pleasurable experience on a connection worse than dial-up, so this post is all just good karma.

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    I’d love to see your review on the ninja video series… I think a lot of people would be looking for some positive reviews before they fork out the $3k!

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    Armand Morin has 8000 blogs and he really encourages article publication. I heard him explian the value of articles, and cutting an article in half (or smaller bits) and publishing as blog posts. Artemis Pro is a sample of a tool he uses for publishing without spamming.