Bidvertiser Feed Advertising For WordPress & Blogger

It looks like Bidvertiser have worked fast to address the problems many bloggers noted about their new feed advertising solution a short while ago and have come up with a way so that you can now use Bidvertiser using your existing feeds, and still use Feedburner as before, so that it doesn’t affect your stats, and most importantly your feed readers.

From the Bidvertiser Blog

To address this, we have now launched 3 unique solutions:

1. WordPress Plugin to allow you to seamlessly embed the BidVertiser Ads in your feeds. You can download the plugin from your publisher account.

2. Solution for FeedBurner that allows you to embed the BidVertiser Ads in your current FeedBurner address. Click here to learn more about the FeedBurner solution.

3. Solution for Blogger/Blogspot that allows you to embed the BidVertiser Ads in the footer of each of your post feeds. Click here to learn more about the Blogger solution.

This now makes Bidvertiser feed advertising a much more viable solution

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  1. says

    The results of a few quick searches seemed less than glowing. What are the most popular and best solutions that allow ads in regular WordPress feeds (that is not using Feedburner)?

  2. says

    Since I’ve had no luck with Feedburner’s feed advertising solution, I’m trying out Bidvertiser. So far, the ads are showing up in everything but my Google Reader feeds. Is Google blocking them?

  3. says

    This is very useful information for those considering Bidvertiser. I’m reviewing the program, however I see some negative comments from Affiliate Best Programs which suggest that there is a need to be cautious before signing up.

    • says

      I have seen some complaints though most of them were quite old

      What I haven’t ever seen is conclusive proof, such as data from both sides of the links, so a person is buying ads on his own site and sending traffic to a site where those visits are tracked

  4. says

    Unless I’m missing something, you can’t do this if you want to keep your domain name in your feed using a CNAME redirect. Anyone know a way around this?

    • says

      Sapphire you can probably hack the plugin to work with alternatives if needed. I haven’t actually looked at the plugin yet, but it seems likely they have probably modified the Feedsmith plugin to divert through Bidvertiser

  5. says

    Creative Something, they just showed up. But I took them off my feeds yesterday, because they were making my feeds slow to update. I may try them again later.

  6. says

    I don’t really like Bidvertiser because in many cases they show unrelated or 100% spammy ads. Once they show ad on my website which was telling that cloacking is the best way to rank on Google… WTF?

  7. mukh17 says

    why my ads on bidvertiser “you add here”..But all my articles on english language..sory I am newbie blogger


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