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The “nofollow” tag prevents (in theory) search engines attributing weight to links for Page Rank. It also in theory prevents them following the link and indexing the content.

Recent proof suggests that this is not necessarily true with Yahoo and as I showed in my original post regarding Google Reader and Splogs, Yahoo can be used to find links to Google Reader Linkblogs.

If you want a big list of linkblogs (for whatever purpose), Yahoo will help you out.

On the blogs I can remove the nofollow tag (rel=”nofollow” used in a link), I do, including this one. There is no way to help users of free blogging services such as and Blogger.

If you are using WordPress on your own domain, there are multiple plugins to choose from. I am not going to recommend one, because I might well change the one I am using soon (I just downloaded a few more). Just do a search on Google (you see I am not totally anti Google’s wishes)

NoFollow was introduced around 2 years ago. Most people would agree it hasn’t reduced the amount of comment spam on blogs.

There has been increased news today on the subject.

Enclick have reported that have implemented nofollow on their front page
Randall McCarley over at 14th Colony has reported the shocking news that SearchWarp have added nofollow to all their author article links.
Short Offtopic Intermission:

I am a great believer in the power of article marketing, but it is very interesting the reasons why SearchWarp took this action. I wonder if should offer a service to other major article directories, filtering articles thorugh their custom software.

Christ Knight recently reported that they have also been very successful in finding PLR articles that have been processed through article rewriting software.

Now whilst I am a heavy supporter of article marketing (especially Article Marketer), I have never supported the rewriting of articles for submission to article directories.

I have a fair knowledge of language translation technology, as during my time at Techland (who are most well known for their computer games), I spent a lot of time working with the first edition of their “English Translator” product, including writing the English manual and help files (I wanted a quality product to sell). The product is a perenial award winner in Poland, is now in its third generation, and is not only used by language enthusiasts, but multinational corporations and the Polish Government. Don’t be deceived by the price, that is an effort to make it mass market in a territory with low average wages and very high levels of software piracy.

I think the current installation of English Translator is in excess of 500 MB – an aweful low of of cross referenced language data. Whilst the development team started quite small, last I heard there were at least 25 people working on the development full time.

Now I have been toying with the idea of asking my old friends to adapt their technology to create an English > English Translator. They already have Polish < > English, Polish < > German, Polish < > French, Polish < > Russian.

The technology works in a semi-automatic mode, or fully automatic, allowing you translate a document in a few minutes (semi) or seconds (auto). The results are great if you are translating into your native language.

Maybe that is a project in the future (think 1 year of development for a section of the team)

However even with such advanced technology, it wouldn’t fool Ezine Articles for too long.

Never use PLR articles for article submissions.

End of Off Topic Content ;)
Hmm where were we?

There are some support sites fighting against nofollow provides a good Wiki resource provides a german resource that might have some translated material from the first

There are thousands of bloggers who have installed various dofollow plugins, but how do you find them?

Well you can find a few using Google Blogsearch, but the ideal method for finding them seems to be deliberately broken.

Try doing a search for -nofollow

Sometime in the next few days I will be launching a site to help you find other sites that don’t use nofollow, so you can pop on onver and join in the conversation, and gain some benefit in backlinks in exchange for your participation, just like most forums.

I have the domain name:-

I am having problems with propagation, so I can’t access it to do anything. Maybe I will have to stick it on a different host.

yes I am aware that taking part will subject your blog to potentially increased spam, but the backlinks will be worth it.

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  1. says

    Very interseting article, I guess you will never know exactly what’s going on; kind of like Page Rank. You know the number, but no exact idea why it is that number :)

    Excellent resources as well, thanks

  2. says

    Hi Andy,

    We’ve considered opening up our system to trusted distribution partners; but have been unmotivated to follow through as we have not had a compelling argument with all things considered that would make offering the service, a good thing for ourselves and all stakeholders.

    Said another way: We have more compelling arguments against offering the service than ‘for it’.

    For now, we do make [partial] RSS feeds available for every author and every category and this is as far as we’re willing to go at the moment in terms of automating the distribution of quality content to niche websites.

    Chris Knight, Publisher

  3. Andy Beard says

    Hi Chris

    I wasn’t thinking that the other sites would use any of your content, just have access, for a large fee, maybe via API, to your software.

    I am sure some of them have their own systems to detect origin already, but maybe not all of them, and quite possibly not as effective.

    Do you know what the funniest thing is?

    The basic concepts in rewriting a PLR article are extremely similar to the methods used to detect its use.

    Also the more articles you submit using these methods, the easier it is to detect.

    Thus your first submission might go undetected, but once you have submitted 50 or 100, there is a much larger dataset to work with.

    If you then sell the software, you are multiplying the dataset many times over.

    The more successful the sale of the software, the less time it will be effective.

    Regarding your feeds – honestly I don’t like them so much. Other niche websites use them, and the benefit for the authors is minimal compared to the benefit to EzineArticles.

    I have also noticed a significant drop in the pagerank of articles stored on Ezine Articles, and even the profile pages to a certain extent.
    Have you been making some changes to the linking structure over the last 9 months?

  4. says

    Hi Andy,

    I think it’s a great idea to setup a list of blogs which don’t use the no follow tag.

    The present lists I see don’t do make it easy to identify blogs in a particular niche.

    Would be great if yours did…