New MyBlogLog Community Widget

MyBlogLog have introduced a new interactive widget

New MyblogLog Widget

With the recently introduced API still in closed beta, I can only imagine they are going to add a little more to the information panel in the future to expose your activities in the “social cloud”.

They have limited the widget to 7 colours, no MyBlogLog green, but you can go for Yahoo purple – I would have liked a white with black borders, but have opted for black.

The description shown is very short, so you might want to optimize your description on MyBlogLog to have a very powerful first line.

In addition only 5 of your registered blogs are show, and currently there is no way within MyBlogLog to change the order your blogs are displayed, so in my case I can’t promote my involvement at Collective Thoughts.

Apparently they will also offer the possibility to skin the widgets in the future, so that will solve the colour co-ordination problems.


Kent Brewster’s new Blog Juice widget is very cool as well. You can actually browse from one community to another with it without opening a new page.

Blog Juice Using MyblogLog API

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  1. says

    Thanks for the update. I like the MyBlogLog widget and its the only one I run on my blog. ’07 was a year where the blog widget really took off, and surprisingly MyBlogLog seems to do the most for me in terms of driving traffic.

    I’m somewhat surprised you have the BlogRush widget up, whats the driver for that?

    • says

      I haven’t seen a valid reason to remove it.

      John Reese implemented better targeting, though it did take a bit longer, and if you are inclined you can also use a plugin to ensure a specific post is displayed from a dedicated RSS feed.

      The primary reason now that it doesn’t send a reasonable amount of traffic is that so many people have “talked it down” having previously reported inaccurate statistics and misunderstood the concept.

      I have 2000 people in my MBL community, but I generally get as much traffic from Blogrush every day as I get from MBL and that is passive, without optimization.

      I am sure if I was more active on MBL I could get more traffic, in the same way if I optimized Blogrush I would get more.

      Blogrush is great for small niche blogs, they actually get some useful free traffic. Not a lot, but it is useful.

  2. says

    I tried Blogrush for a while and I found it pretty useless for my needs. The content wasn’t targeted enough.

    I didn’t notice any significant traffic via the network. However, I’m going to give MyBlogLog a try with this new widget.

  3. says

    I’m so happy to finally see some much needed changes to the myblog widget.

    Even though mybloglog has stuck as the “visual visitor” widget of choice, it really needed some updating.

    Thanks for sharing, it was the first I’d seen of it.

  4. says

    I’ve used Kent’s Blog Juice widget and it was pretty good. That new look for the MBL widget looks much better than the default. I wonder if they have a brown-colored one.

  5. says

    I just noticed the new MyBlogLog widget earlier today! Between that and Yahoo’s full integration with the service it looks like MyBlogLog is making some big gains real quick. Its a little tricky to classify the service, but I guess it best competes with Technorati and all this is another step to build them up as an authority where Technorati has been falling lately with all the spam in that system.

  6. says

    While I keep a minimal MyBlogLog widget on my site, I’ve given up actually being part of the community. There seems little point in it. BlogCagtalog is much better at doing the same thing. Entrecard is better at driving traffic.