Share Your Montastic Stats or Not?

Christian Montoya pointed me in the direction of Montastic today.

It looks like a great service, especially because it is free, and I have lots of domains to monitor that I might not visit personally very often.

I would love to see Widgets for other services.

It is another service that provides RSS feeds of valuable personal data I am sure you will want to share.

The RSS Feeds are not protected by RSS Authentication, thus you can share them from Google Reader.

Even if you had RSS Authentication, you could still share the data from other RSS Readers without any warning that it is data you might not intend sharing.

RSS is not just about sharing blog entries. The potential of RSS is much greater, but some level of automatic flagging of feeds “noshare” needs to be implemented.

One good way to use the Montastic data might be to add the RSS feed to the Admin of all your WordPress Installations.

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  1. says

    I am not afraid of others being able to see my uptime data; it’s already public information. Anyone could monitor my sites with their own computer or a service like Montastic. In that regard, I’m almost certain that there is no point to Montastic making RSS feeds private.

    Still, there does need to be some sort of “noshare” flag for other feeds that are private. I can think of feeds that notify you of when you have e-mails.

  2. Andy Beard says

    Hi Montoya

    That may be because all your websites are public knowledge.

    All of my websites certainly are not public knowledge, and that would be the case (or should be) for lots of people doing niche marketing.

    People keep niches a secret. They don’t want their competitiors to know which niches they are working in.

    If data like that slipped out from someone with lots of website property, VRE, like maybe John Reese (who invented the VRE term), it could be very expensive for their business.