Looking for a “Chief Technical Officer”

Something most people hopefully are not aware of is that I am slowly trying to launch my own “Internet Marketing meets Web 2.0″ startup.

I am keeping all the details pretty much under wraps, because some of the technology is likely patentable.

Also most of it, though it is based on lots of commonly used technology, only exists in theory.

I haven’t been a programmer for 17 years, though I have helped project manage a fair number of programming projects, and certainly got my hands fairly dirty whilst I was working with Techland. (Every project I worked on for Techland made a profit)
My primary focus at the moment is not finding seed investment. My ideal seed investment partner would be someone to fill the role of “Chief Technical Officer”.

Such a person would ideally be able to

1. Shape my ideas into a comprehensive design document. Familiarity with lots of development frameworks is a must. Maybe development experience with RoR, but that will be the decision of the CTO.
2. Identify suitable out-sourced development talent

3. Control the out-sourced development process

and ideally

4. Research existing patents for similar technology, and working in conjunction with patent specialists, write our own patent definitions and applications.

5. Provide the initial seed investment

I do have one Angel Investment network that I am working with on creating commerial presentations to potental investors, and possibly I will find a suitable CTO from their network of contacts.

This project has absolutely no current capital budget, but that isn’t a situation I expect to last for too long.

I should stress this project has nothing to do with WordPress, and its very essence is making money

I thought it worth mentioning here, maybe one of my readers would be an ideal candidate.

There will also be other roles that need to be filled, and I will provide updates in that regard as and when it is appropriate.

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