Niche Annihilation Reviews & Bonuses

Rob Benwell is launching his Niche Annihilation Method today.

I actually read a preview copy about a week ago. It is not his usual beginners style guide such as his previous Blogging To The Bank 1 & 2 which were both massive Clickbank hits although I didn’t fully agree with some parts of them (Rob I still don’t know how you can use Yahoo hosting)

Then again, I assure you Rob makes far more money online than most A list bloggers

Here is a short video he made with some proof

Niche Annihilation is not just an ebook, there are also a whole bunch of videos linked from within, so at $47 is it a really good deal.

I have already seen tons of emails promoting it, and I expect a lot more, and there are some great bonuses being offered by many of the top marketers.

Rather than write a full review, I decided to do something different with this launch and act as a central collation point for all the reviews and bonuses on offer by various affiliate marketers.

Giving My Readers A Head Start

If you read my blog, you get a head start. It is quite normal for people to click only the first few links, and I will be compiling the list on a first come, first served basis.

Anything Goes

For once I am going to allow people to comment with links to their reviews and squeeze pages with various offers for Niche Annihilation.

#1 Rank for Niche Annihilation?

It is most likely that I will have to compete in the SERPs with lots of pages on Squidoo, Ezine Articles and possibly Hubpages as is normal for a product being launched on Clickbank.

I normally do fairly well, and even after a year I still maintain top rankings for many products without having to do any specific link building. That is the advantage of having an authority blog.

Decided To Buy?

Make sure you check back here frequently for the best deals, and don’t forget to subscribe, I know Rob does.

Reviews And Bonuses

Just leave a comment with a link to your review and bonus offer and I will add it here. First come, first served.

Manuel Viloria is offering some useful bonuses for Niche Annihilation, and I can tell he has actually read the ebook before writing his review.

I found the ebook rather light reading, and the videos “heavy” (because it’s taking a long time to view them).

I’m offering some code that helps automate one of the points mentioned by Rob Benwell in page 6 of his ebook, as well as a special bonus regarding the over 60 videos of the Niche Annihilation Method package.

Have you already bought it? Let others know what you thought of Niche Annihilation?

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    • says

      It would have been a little shorter, but it seems to have allowed affiliates to register all kinds of domain names

      This launch is a little different to many I have written about because I decided to write about it on launch day, rather than during the early launch process, so I have a huge amount of existing competition in the SERP on Google.

      Some people’s landing pages might have been up for over a week, so Google has already had time to take into account links.

      That being said, I have already seen some search traffic.

      On the primary term, I entered Google at 28th, that then went to 24th and now 22nd.

      I rank better on terms including review (3rd) and bonus (6th)

      It will be interesting how that continues to change

  1. says

    Niche Annihilation Method includes techniques on increasing conversions, ranking on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN, time saving, building a strong affiliate program using Clickbank, Creating quick, high ticket backends for niche markets and a load of other cool stuff.

  2. jonamie amper says

    That’s great!you have a brilliant ideas,keep it up and do more something unique.You have talent so do something more……

  3. says

    I found the ebook rather light reading, and the videos “heavy” (because it’s taking a long time to view them).

    I’m offering some code that helps automate one of the points mentioned by Rob Benwell in page 6 of his ebook, as well as a special bonus regarding the over 60 videos of the Niche Annihilation Method package.

  4. says

    Great video, thanks Andy

    I like the idea of having an unfair advantage. I would also like the stop creating pages like I do on Squidoo to get more attention to my offers.

    I would have to read his take on PPC because any method I have tried in the past have only drained my resources. I have certainly lost a lot more than $47.00 :)

    I have a few niche sites that don’t seem to doing quite what I expected and one of them is in a similar niche to one Rob mentioned so I guess I better purchase his ebooks and then pass him in the search engines.

  5. says

    Thanks for the eBook review, that Niche book seems like a real solid read, definitely a change in pace from all of these SEO optimization and traffic growth books you find that reiterate the same information repeatidly.

  6. says

    Hey Andy,

    Funny to see you delve into these waters every once in a while.

    Interesting experiment though. I have no doubt you will be on top of the serps in no time as evidenced by how hard (nearly impossible) it was to move you in other such occasions.

    Niche Annihilation? With the videos, it makes a pretty darn solid buy.

    • says

      Alex I still look on myself as one of the “internet marketing” crowd, I just promote stuff via this site less frequently.

      In this particular case why not give others an opportunity to make money, whilst I grab some subscribers.

      No hard pitch required.

  7. says

    I must be the only person left alive who would rather have transcripts than videos. I have yet to buy one of these where the main selling point is the videos.

  8. says

    Just got it, I am about halfway through. Jury is still out with me on this subject. I will have to finish reading it and implement before I pass judgement. I am hoping to have a positive feedback for everyone.

  9. says

    Hi Andy,

    That’s why I like your blog, I think it’s really a phenomenom.

    I was excpecting a bonus from you, and I find that you let people give their bonuses!

    Crazy stuff.

  10. says

    I still think that Rob’s sales letters are way more professional than his ebooks. I didn’t quite like Blogging to the bank (both of them), and I found Niche Annihilation to be somewhat not quite well compiled. Beginners will sure misunderstood many things Rob describes. And BTW, the ‘annihilation’ isn’t a suitable name for the book. There are just a couple of sentences about ‘annihilation’ itself.
    Yahoo! shows 4 links pointing back to sales letter, but it’s #1 in Google currently. So I guess this blog is well respected by big G ;)
    In my hubpage I listed my dislikes regarding NAM, because I think that beginners can be mislead by the sales letter… promising too much. It’s more motivating than the ebook itself.
    BTW, Niche Domination videos aren’t ready yet?..

  11. Players with Money says

    I honestly thought when this dropped it was just going to be so-so, you know.. But, it was actually a breath of fresh air, and it sells well so that’s a plus.

    Stephan, no there’s still one more <– me – You know they say there’s visual and audible learners.. I think fewer of us prefer the latter. Glad to hear I’m not crazy as well..