Exclusive: Activity SocialStream Goes Portable With Blogcatalog

Blogcatalog have introduced a new exciting widget to help keep blog readers connected with your other activities.

Many bloggers look on their activity on social networks, social news and microblogging sites as an extension of their blog. For instance I look on my Stumbleupon blog as an ideal way to publish asides, or as a legitimate way to share cool content without having to worry about copyright issues that might be associated with sharing RSS items using Google Reader.
I am not a big fan of posts that are just a big links roundup.

Whilst it is easily possible to create a mashup of multiple RSS resources and feeds, and then combine them in some kind of universal widget, often the results are disappointing.

Blogcatalog Make It Easy With “My News Feed”

Blogcatalog Socialstream Activity Widget

Feeds have now also been added to Blogcatalog profile pages

Blogcatalog My Activity Feed

You will also notice in the top right corner of the widget that you can easily subscribe to the social lifestream of your favorite bloggers as a single feed.


You have full control over what is shared from within Blogcatalog Dashboard setting

Dashboard Settings For Privacy


There are a few

I had to do a little CSS hacking to get the widget to display correctly with my theme, but I am sure Daniel from Blogcatalog will get those sorted out quickly.

The RSS feed needs a little work. There are duplicate lines, and it would be good to include snippets where available. I am also not sure I am a big fan of the tracking links on the blog posts that appear in the RSS feeds, but that probably helps on Blogcatalog ratings.

Disclaimer: I do some consulting with Blogcatalog

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  1. says

    Hi Andy, I just finished some housekeeping and catching up in BlogCatalog and I must say that I like the new activity feed. I am yet to install it on my site and I think it will make a great addition. I have tried other widgets in the past which didn’t have the desired effect so I look forward to road testing this one.

  2. says

    That’s pretty cool, I bet you could do something similar by combining FriendFeed and WidgetBox – maybe with a little Yahoo Pipes goodness too!

  3. says

    I have to say, I’m becoming more and more impressed with where BlogCatalog is going these days. It almost seems as if they are creating the Facebook for Bloggers, which I think could eventually be a huge success for them.

  4. says

    Always glad to see our widgets out and about in the wild.

    as far as the RSS feed goes, we’re working on adding snippets soon, and as for as the duplicate lines you see in the feed one is the title and one is the description. Once the snippets get thrown in you should get a clearer picture.

  5. says

    I have been using MyBlogLog for a while now and have been contemplating using BlogCatalog as well. You have just given me a great reason to try it out!

  6. says

    Blog Catalog’s new widgets are indeed impressive. It looks like you will be able to organize most of your social media needs at Blog catalog. Seems like it will be very convenient.

  7. says

    Hey Andy,

    I see you have integrated quite a few widgets from social networks ….

    My question would be a more prosaic and to the point – have you seen any increase in page load time after doing so?

    Reason I ask is that I constantly battle wit myself about the benefits of having them and negative impact they have on page load. I have seen a single widget added to sidebar can add as much as extra second or more.

    What is your experience? Have you tested it?


    • says

      Alex yes it hits page load. You will notice I keep the number of widgets on the single pages to a minimum, and the BC / Sezwho images for comments are very small.

      That being said, I just emailed Jitendra from SezWho to see if he could turn on gzip compression for their JS and CSS.

      My sidebar loads last, or I could also use a plugin to load the widgets

      I like the idea of community, that was the aim for this blog, thus they are appropriate. For other blogs maybe they are not ideal.

  8. says

    Um hello, am I missing something here? This kind of site would have an direct effect on most Social Networks business model, advertising. I cannot imagine this model being successful. The ability to monitor your Social Networks for updates, and pull basic updates via RSS into a stream however, is something that would both be useful to users, and still benefit Social Networks.

  9. says

    Hag your point is good regarding the social stream widget alone however blogcatalog.com is also a vibrant blogger social community with over 100,000 blogs. By enabling our members to move their data where they want to go is valuable to members and strengthens the destination community blogcatalog.com

  10. says

    I love BlogCatalog + would Highly recommend it to any Blogger*

    I had joined MyBlogLog first + love it too but BlogCatalog has come on Strong with Excellent Features + a very Strong Community* It has far surpassed MBL in terms of Useful Community Features*

    I find that surprising cuz U’d think being bought out by Yahoo! that MBL might incorporate a lotta c0ol new Web2.0 stuff but they can’t even hold a Candle to BlogCatalog*

    Ironically I arrived here from BumpZee which I thought Andy was somehow involved in but considering he hasn’t logged in there in over 2 months I guess that space is a pure Dead Zone*

    BlogCatalog Rules!!

    ;)) Peace*

    • says

      There is only so much someone can cope with spending half the week travelling to see their soon to be adopted son, moving into a new house that still has bare cables hanging out of the walls, and surviving with an internet connection slower than dial-up.
      I have been neglecting Bumpzee along with lots of other social activities.

  11. says

    I joined blogcatalog and just don’t get it. I get facebook, I get Friendfeed, twitter, etc…I don’t get blogcatalog. Maybe it will come to me, that is how I was at first with Twitter etc.