Google Banquet and Google Feast

Whilst working on an elevator speech suitable for non-technical potential seed investors, I was chucking loads of word combinations around and came up with two very unique definitions that describe what I am trying to achieve with my startup projects (I am looking for a CTO partner).

Google Juice has already become a very well known term. It relates to how one website page links to another, thus giving it a vote of confidence, which a search engine such as Google subsequently uses to determine the relevance of the page that is linked to. This is how Google Pagerank is determined, PR10 being the ultimate goal. It should be noted that pagerank is something that is determined on an ongoing basis. This new blog of mine is still PR0, but probably already has enough links both internally and externally to be looked on as PR4 or PR5.

Here are my new definitions

Google Feast: A website full of lots of content, hopefully (intelligently) interlinked between LSI relevant content. The content should ideally be provided by “authorities” in the subject to give it enhanced relevance.

Google Banquet: A Google Banquet is a combination of Google Juice and Google Feast

I am looking to create lots of Google Banquets. I will expand the definition as I release more details of my major projects.
This is a very white-hat strategy. It is not gaming the search engines, it is providing the search engines with exactly what they are looking for… and then some! is only a PR9, with 2,680,000 links reported to their front page. is also PR9, but has 158,000 links reported to their front page

Based upon my new definitions, CNN is a Google Banquet, is not.

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