No Hype But Some People Should Probably Read This

I decided a few weeks ago I wasn’t going to hype the upcoming launch of Product Launch Formula 2, because ultimately it is a product that will only be valuable for serious marketers.

The biggest problem is that the internet marketers who could most benefit from Product Launch Formula among my readers have either already purchased it, or are pretty much anti-hype, and would much prefer to make substantially less money from their products and services rather than to use tactics that are used by big multinationals such as Apple, film studios and most of the computer games industry for as long as I remember.

Some of the ideas are also used by many of the most successful internet startups, though often they don’t execute them as well as they could do, and often it is to place a throttle on signups more than to generate buzz.

I think even the most conservative marketers could benefit from PLF, adapting the methods to their own unique circumstances, and potentially increasing sales.

Anyway, even if you don’t have a product, service or conference launch planned immediately, it is well worth signing up just for the learning experience.

I am going to link you through to a case study for a guy who used one of the new methods (The Horizontal Helix) to pull in $20000 plus $3,500 a month from almost nothing.

If you are not into hype, just switch off your pre-conceptions, because Jeff’s tactics are not pressure selling.

If you sign up to the mailing list you get access to more videos

I have been on Jeff’s email list for over 2 years including through the original launch of Product Launch Formula – in total I have received 160 emails from him – I actually look forward to receiving Jeffs emails because whilst there is often a marketing message attached, it is a great learning experience, and I think more than half of those emails linked through to free case studies

No incentives or bonuses – those who this is most suitable for have probably no need for them

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    • says

      Dennis this is the kind of product that can easily be hyped as being the answer to the prayers of everyone struggling online to make a few dollars, but ultimately I think it is best suited for those who have a few successful products under their belt, and are looking to either give those a boost, or improve the process for the next product on the conveyor belt.

      I have a very mixed audience, not just “info product marketers” but startup founders, VCs, SEOs, small offline business owners etc.

      There are also a whole bunch of new online marketers who are struggling with their first few blogs to get to $1000 a month online. This isn’t in my opinion a product for them.

      I actually had a few people in mind who I feel this is most useful for, but that is for them to decide. Many of them are already on my instant messenger and I correspond with by email.

      If people are already hiring PR companies to market what they are launching, Product Launch Formula as an investment is fairly cheap and probably gives more bang per buck.

      Glad to still have you on board – sometimes it is hard to tell whether some of what I write connects with at least some of my audience.

  1. jay says

    I think we are in for a bunch more emails soon :) But PLF deserves it anyways, so I’m not worried about all kinds of promo emails. This site can help you find more info about Product Launch Formula. But it wont change the fact that [spammy link removed] is hands down one of the best wordpress seo products for internet marketers.

    • says

      Jay this certainly isn’t the blog to drop unrelated links and especially about WordPress SEO unless you can really prove to me that what you are offering is outstanding

  2. says

    Although i haven’t purchased the original PLF, I’ve certainly learned a lot from Jeff by being on is email list also. Few people give it to you like it is and Jeff is one of them.

    I will definitely consider is product this time around… still a couple of months from actually releasing a very tight niche product but I’m sure i will need all the help i can get !

  3. Jeff Walker says


    Great post… it’s always great when I see my message (avoid hype, treat people well, build relationships) actually get through.

    BTW, only a few people know this… but Apple has a highly placed consultant (ie, he actually works on Steve’s jobs keynote presentations) who is a Product Launch Formula Owner and VERY well versed in applying PLF.

    best regards
    Jeff Walker

  4. says

    I haven’t purchased the original PLF either, but I think this could be a really good move and I might be an interested buyer. Is there any reason we need to have the first installment before the second? Or do they work independently. Thanks!

    • says

      I am fairly sure the final package will be all encompassing with any older strategies covered a second time around with new refinements.
      There are always new refinements, you can see it in the way product launches each build upon what worked well with previous launches.

      When PLF was first launched it was quite typical to look on the blog as something that is disposable – these days the blogs are becoming much more of a community with a continual flow of material, which then allows for multiple launches.

      There are also a lot more multimedia and social media aspects. Even The Next Internet Marketer was effectively using the Product Launch Formula from start to finish, but with amazing social proof of real people learning the techniques captured on video. You could certainly appreciate the skills gained from the full package of tuition.

  5. Julie Grant says

    Hi Everyone, I think I’ve learned more in the last half hour then I have with 23 years in Media!!! Well done. I recently decided I was too old to pretend I enjoyed the company of the advertising industry tossers any longer. So after having another baby, have downsized considerably and thankfully have reinvented myself in marketing for a small organic/enviromental horticulture company. We are to launch a new retail website in the next few months, and honestly in adland with the ‘specialties’ of TV, Strategy, Brand Management etc, us ex Adlanders never got to learn anything about emarketing as that was for the brain surgeons in the emarketing department! You have shown me that’s it’s not brain surgery, which is a breath of fresh air…and now if I can only work out what to do to launch this site, I should be able to keep my new job! If you have any advice for me, it would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks lots and keep up the great work.