How To Add FriendFeed To Technorati

You can add your FriendFeed account to Technorati, and there are various possible methods.

Go to your account on Technorati, and use the URL for your personal lifestream on FriendFeed to start the claim process.

What you now need to do is be able to get a typical Technorati claim code to appear within your feed on FriendFeed

<a href="" rel="me">Technorati Profile</a>

The 2 easy ways to do this are:-

  • Twitter the code – it is short enough so that the URL doesn’t get changed to a TinyURL
  • Leave the code as a comment within FriendFeed

There are other possibilities such as including it as a description in Delicious, as that appears as comments to a link, and in the near future the same may be true of Stumbleupon – I haven’t tried with other bookmarking tools.

Why Add FriendFeed

  • It is a feed and you own it – it is one way for other people to discover it
  • It might provide some links either for you or the content you share in various services, through other 3rd party aggregators
  • It might contain some totally original content in the form of comments
  • If you want comments to get indexed on Technorati, one way they might determine spam is whether a feed is registered
  • Technorati have one of the best implementations of microformats, that can be used by the Google Social Graph API, and that ignores nofollow, thus it could be looked on as important to link your profiles together both for discovery, and possibly for any ranking benefit in the future.

I have done the same with things like my Twitter, coComment, Clipmarks, Gooruze and Stumbleupon accounts – I have a few more I should probably claim as well.

FriendFeed OPML & FOAF

Revealed earlier tonight was how to get and OPML list of services and a FOAF list of people associated with a FriendFeed account.

This my services would be:-

My Friends on FeedFriend would be

If you plug those into some recursive PHP, you can extract some fairly useful data even without an API

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  1. says

    Thanx for the explanation of how to add your FriendFeed to Technorati…. I never would have thought of doing that without your explanation! :)

  2. says

    Yesterday I spent considerable amount of time setting up my account. Today wanted to claim it at Technorati but FriednFeed has no record of neither my account nor my e-mail…. So I am giving up on it.

  3. says

    Thanks for that information. I got everything running now.

    I hope it gets me some fresh content in form of comments to my blog posts.

  4. says

    This is a great angle.

    I also added “simply rss” to my facebook account that adds my posts to my facebook page as well.

    Pretty soon my feeds will be all over the world :)

  5. says

    Seo Consultant,

    I usee an RSS feeder on my facebook page, but not Simply RSS. I have had several people start coming to my blog via facebook. I see more and more referrals each day via that app.