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Mike Filsaime always provides real quality in his free reports, and The Death of Internet Marketing is no exception.

I have read all 59 pages of this free report. It certainly isn’t junk, and it shouldn’t be ignored.

Mike Filsaime goes into great depths about how things are going to be changing in the Internet Marketing arena in the coming years.

This report is full of statistics and discussion on why certain types of websites have been successful, and he gives real examples of the type of sites that will be successful going forward.

He even points out services he will continue paying for, because it would cost him a huge amount of time and money to switch over to another solution.

So the content is very good, and if you read it, and take action, it will make you money.

Towards the end of the report, he goes into 2 very personal, and in some ways embarrasing situations Mike found himself in regarding copyright infringement.

I was already aware of one of these situations, in regards to legal documentation, and I extrapolated that out a little when I recently highlighted potential copyright problems if you share RSS content.

But he has actually been caught out twice. The second time all he did was display a graphic on a website sometime in the past, and the usage was discovered by the company who owned rights in the images.

If you are at all serious about what you are doing on the internet, I highly recommend reading his report. Not only for the insight into what might be successful for marketing in the future, but also to read about his very real copyright problems, and how much it cost him to resolve them.

Read The Death of Internet Marketing

It is quite possible you have seen other people promoting this free report, and you felt it was just another “me too” report, similar to the “Death of Adsense” report that caused such a stir just a few weeks ago.

Mike is using a similar technique to get the word out. The content within the report is insanely valuable, and I agree with a great deal of what Mike has written.

Mike actually skirts around some of the things I am working on with my own large project, but is certainly unaware of what I am looking to create.

It is not often someone gives away what could be a number 1 best selling ebook for free.

Disclosure: I will receive a small payment ($1) if you sign up to download Mike’s free report, and most likely he will send you the occasional email regarding his other products in the future. Mike Filsaime is one of the few Internet Marketers whos mailing lists I sign up to with my primary email account. It is always interesting to watch what he is promoting, but also how he is promoting it.
The tags I have used for this post give some indication of some of the contents, and also hint at some of the unwritten topics it can also affect.

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  1. says

    I definitely aggree that “The Death of Internet Marketing” is probably the best and most leading edge report of late.

    The best part of the report for me was the information on how user generated content is taking content sites to a new level and that google loves user generated content.

    After reading Mike’s report I am totally changing my sites to include more rss feeds, comments from my visitors and interactive rss autoresponders rather than email articles.


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