Apple Executives Use Product Launch Formula

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Product Launch Formula 2 would be released soon and encouraged you to watch some video and sign up for more case studies in the build-up to the launch.

I know lots of people whilst they clicked through didn’t bother

I deliberately didn’t hype things, and I stated then that I don’t intend to offer a bonus for Product Launch Formula 2 – those that could most benefit from it honestly wouldn’t need one of the many bonuses lots of people are offering.

There are people offering to create complete products for you (pay someone at Elance probably $600 or less), give you free access to their existing high value membership sites, or give you 500,000 coop email leads (shared) along with lots of resale rights products.

Jeff actually read what I wrote the other day, and left the following comment to confirm the Apple connection.


Great post… it’s always great when I see my message (avoid hype, treat people well, build relationships) actually get through.

BTW, only a few people know this… but Apple has a highly placed consultant (ie, he actually works on Steve’s jobs keynote presentations) who is a Product Launch Formula Owner and VERY well versed in applying PLF.

best regards
Jeff Walker

Product Launch Formula isn’t just something that can be used by internet marketing gurus to sell information products to gullible internet opportunity seekers, and I am not going to try to persuade anyone that this is the ultimate answer to making money online (it might be, but remember, I am trying not to hype this)

Some people who are going to buy Product Launch Formula 2 today are going to be looking for bargains – there are plenty out there, and my friend Dr. Mani has even been compiling a list of them all.
(I started to do something very similar for the launch of Niche Annihilation recently, though I encouraged my readers to provide their links rather than “the gurus”)

I am a strategic marketer, and I believe that is the case for many of my readers. Sure some will jump for a bonus because they will find it useful, which is why I linked through to Dr Mani. I even encourage people to do so if it will make a difference for them.

Others will look on things differently, maybe based on help I have provided in some way in the past, or possibly on help I might be able to provide in the future.

I will state that if someone purchases through this affiliate link, I stand to benefit from it financially… quite substantially compared to almost any other affiliate launch. (don’t forget to clear cookies, and wise to use a unique email address not previously signed up to any email list)

I am convinced the people who will benefit from this the most in my own audience are probably people involved in internet startups, possibly with significant funding.

The $2000 price tag (less a coffee in Starbucks) is just a drop in the ocean compared to how much money will likely be spent on marketing, focus groups etc, and many of the aspects of PLF could also save a lot of needless expense in wasted development effort in products or features that have no market.

I know some readers will be launching stuff (or relaunching) in the near future, Product Launch Formula 2 is something they should strongly think about either through my link, or someone else’s.

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  1. says

    I think u should have a should have done a bit of marketing surely this would have helped lot of people.I am not talking of u creating hype or anything.But if its going to be helpful then why not say loud.
    Between spending 2k$ at starbucks is bullshit(honey latte).I did go once with my father.

    • says

      My regular readers know I don’t promote anything unless I believe it will help them, and the whole ethos behind PLF is that you are not having to market or hard sell, people are willing buy a product based upon the mass of information and proof that is supplied.

      $1997 is a starbucks short of $2k but for many people that is cheap compared to what they pay for what is effectively a tiny amount of media attention and very few sales or recurring revenue.

      Whilst there are a lot of big bonuses on offer elsewhere, not all of them are appropriate for my readers. They don’t need someone to create them a free ebook or provide them with 500,000 co-opt leads that then need to be cleaned, and are all just from business opportunity seekers.

      There are bonuses which may also be useful to them, I know for instance Rich Schefren is offering a great package.

      I don’t want to be the one to try to persuade people not to buy through someone offering a bonus that would be useful to them.

      At the same time, many of my readers already have many of the bonus products on offer, and might be looking to just purchase PLF and may feel that I have provided them with information that was helpful to them, or I might be able to help them in the future.

  2. says

    only a fool would spend $2000 on something unseen from a long sales page

    you really think it’s wise or responsible to consult people and startups to take out their wallet and visa and drop $2000 on a program they know nothing about other than hype and a long sales page?

    • says

      Yes I do

      This wasn’t the first post I made mentioning the launch, people had an opportunity to access a fair amount of good free information over the last 2 weeks.

      If a startup is funded, and even if it isn’t, if people are investing a huge amount of time in development, some thought to marketing strategy is important.

      Maybe it would be more cost effective for a VC or other investor to invest in the material, and then pass on information to their teams.

      The sales process isn’t hype, though it might seem that way – providing people with lots of free information and them making a concious decision that they want more is not a hard sell method.

      Long pages sales letters work – they answer the questions people might ask before making a purchase decision.

      The guarantees made by reputable marketers such as Jeff Walker are always honoured, quickly and in full.

      I can remember you had quite a few videos from Joel Comm’s Next Internet Millionaire on your blog, as do many people you respect.
      All Joel was doing was applying Product Launch Formula tactics in a unique way – loads of videos showing useful content, though it could have been a little more in-depth.

      Other people more associated with blogging own the product, use the tactics and also promoted it, including Brain Clark (Copyblogger) and Yaro Starak.
      I had the chance to meet Jeff whilst I was over in Florida, and have been on his list for over 2 years as I mentioned in my last post.

      When you have studied the number of product launches I have, you get a different perception on the value.

      I am certainly not encouraging people to load up their credit cards to buy something they can’t afford, in many ways I am encouraging a smaller segment of my readership to consider buying something that they can’t afford not to purchase, because it would be false economics not to do so.

    • says

      I don’t know for fool, but I know I’ve made a lot of money with these launches.

      I was looking at my numbers and all my best months were a results of product launches (not even my products).

      I can guarantee that this stuff works like gangbusters.

  3. says

    I agree that startups need marketing. However I think it would be a poor investment to spend it on a product unseen with no contact info and a one page website based on hype.

    By the same logic startups should spend their money on a Nigerien email scam just because it sounds good ;)

    I just visited the site and it’s gone already, and no contact info anywhere. Shady.

    • says

      I agree that it would have been good to have a phone number, but maybe the affiliate system doesn’t support telephone orders. Lots of other formalities are in order.
      I can’t remember exactly what was included on the sales page and I didn’t have time to save a copy (but I know a man that did)

      I assure you that 100s, if not 1000s of people didn’t have the same problems.

      Now the fun thing, it turns out there was a mistake in my article that I didn’t spot and the only links were through to Dr Mani’s site, so I might not even earn any commissions.
      It is hard work looking after a sick 1 year old and blogging…

      Then again, if Dr Mani gained a benefit from it that is all good, a huge chunk of his online earnings help pay for operations for children with heart defects.

      I notice you have posted about your dislike for long page sales letters – great, that is your personal choice, but as Jim has pointed out to you, they work, and that Jeff Walker is the real deal.

      It is great to quote lots of internet startups not using long page sales letters, but that isn’t the point.

      Have you noticed any startups using scarcity in their launches?

      Have you noticed them using a coordinated launch process from multiple news outlets that were embargoed?

      Have you noticed them providing lots of free services which they leverage for a small percentage who want a little more?

      Have you noticed founders making themselves widely available to media outlets at launch time?

      As I mentioned in my last post some of this stuff is not new, that it has been used in the games and film industry for years, though you wouldn’t see the games industry or film industry giving away the first episode of a film so that they can make money on the follow on. They will however run a series of Bond films on lots of TV channels in the run up to a DVD or cinema release.

  4. says

    Hi Guys,

    Mark, I don’t know what planet you live on or what makes so many people have a mindset whereby nobody would share anything good if it actually worked.

    Andy’s blog is a no spin zone, so he is not going to tell you that buying that product may help you circumvent the learning curve and squarely change your financial out come in no time flat *IF you are in the right situation*.

    I think it will, and that further more, people with more technical backgrounds trying to market products or services will likely be handed exactly the set of keys their educations and dispositions has left them wanting for.

  5. says

    It seems to me the point you are making is a great one. The PLF launches I’ve seen have created some amazing numbers, Stompernet being a great example, but as you point out many of the elements are there in the big Apple launches. It points out that many of these ideas do not have to be internet marketing tools, in fact I think the iPhone launch would be the greatest example of this type of launch yet seen.

  6. says

    It looks like the Apple crew has the elements of Product Launch Formula down to a tee, even down to having the Apple Store down during product announcements (I guess this is their version of “OMG my server crashed!!!) that you see on every PLF launch.