Survey:- What Books Do You Buy?

Chris from Catdynamics is currently running an extensive survey on the buying habits of people involved in web development, seo and online marketing.

It looks like the survey will provide some interesting data

I must admit I found myself answering “other” a fair amount, though I might not be typical.

5, 12 & 19 Other (interest plus to see if it would be of interest for an affiliate review / promotion)

22. For me personally it is either direct email from the publishers, or an affiliate recommendation either on the web or via email.
A second option, though still primarily by affiliates would be various forms of web advertising.

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  1. says

    No, you are correct, we are getting a fair amount of “other” responses all though this is still ubder 50%.

    22 was left closed to an extensive amount of questions as this was the intention. Wanted to really see or get an idea of who was using search and major directories.

    Am looking forward to the results in a few weeks. Amazingly enough not many interested in the results as yet, great information for finding little niches and better ways of marketing books in these fields.

  2. says

    Cool idea, thanks for the heads up. I filled out the survey, can’t wait to see the results since I buy a ton of books every month. I try to keep at a pace of 1 book a week, but sometimes I read more or less depending on how busy the week is. It is a good mix of web development, psychology, business, and whatever is interesting at the time.

  3. says

    I hate to admit, but I don’t really buy any books anymore. The internet has just about everything I need. Also, its much easier to search Google than to search thru an index.

  4. says

    I never finished a book and most likely will never finish one, Its so boring.

    I guess the internet is the one to blame.