Stumbleupon Adds My Shares – Sharing History

Stumbleupon slipped out a new interface feature during the last 24 hours, and whilst I wouldn’t regard it as ground breaking, it is actually useful, though they could have made it a little better.

My Shares

The My Shares feature is hidden in your inbox

View recent shares

Clicking through reveals a history of messages you have previously received through the “Send To” interface on the toolbar. If you haven’t yet viewed items that have been sent to you, they won’t be shown on this page.

My Shares

I must admit it was a little bit of a challenge grabbing a screenshot which didn’t contain any self-promotional messages as a lot of my online friends use the Send To feature to make me aware of articles they have written and I might have missed.

So what I did was ask my Twitter friends to send me a few links – this was also complicated, because to send links through StumbleUpon, there needs to be a mutual friendship, and I have been maxed out with 200 friends for over 6 months, and that did not include many of the friends who responded to my plea for help – so I had to go culling long-term friends just to grab a screenshot.

I would like to thank my Twitter friends of their help
Liamvictor (Liamvictor) who blogs at Liam Delahunty, Smirking Loon & Bigger Brighter Better
Engtech (Ninetimessix) who blogs at Internet Duct Tape
Terence (Terencechang) who blogs at The Internet Entrepreneur Diary
Nathania (Nathania) who blogs at Social Media Butterfly
Leigh (Crazymeezer) who blogs at All For Women and Crazy Meezer

A few others offered to help or try to help but had technical or other problems.

What Is Wrong With Stumbleupon My Shares?

Just like the messaging, it only shows one side of the conversation

Sometimes the Send To feature can result in some real backwards and forwards conversation, 4 or 5 messages. I certainly need to have a visible record of the messages I have sent people somewhere, not just what they have sent me.

I think it could also benefit from other features such as specific search

I am glad Stumbleupon continues to add a few more features

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  1. says

    I found that new feature as well, but I was not fully understand about it. Now I realize that is just the half conversation.

    Here is the problem I have with StumbleUpOn.

    1. The list of friends in the tool bar is getting too long.
    2. The list under Recent Share Message only shows those links has been viewed or replied. It doesn’t show if your friends thumb up or thumb down with or without review. So I have to go through each one and see if they did or not.

    I have been sharing my discoveries through the send message box directory, because it guarantees to send the email notification to the stumblers. In most of the cases, they response back or visit the site.

    I hope there is a way to show their icons in the tool bar. I don’t always remember their screen name, but I do remember their icon.

    I also need to find a way to see who actually StubmleUpOn the link I share.

  2. says

    Thanks for the head’s up Andy! (Pssst… typo on the last heading it is Worng) – Keep up the great work, I am headed over to stumble to check it out. — Dave

  3. says

    New WordPress 2.3.3 Exploit/Vulnerability – Adds Spam Directory /wp-content/1/

    Here is a temporary hack until you guys can figure out a permanent solution.
    .htaccess password protect the Shit directory!!!

    Igor The Troll

    • says

      Yes Igor I know about it, but I have also heard that it seems to be blogs that require being logged in to comment, and/or not using mod_rewrite.

  4. says

    Somehow, i prefer stumbleupon, while the traffic received could be lesser than what digg gives, but it comes in a more continuous way rather than a blog to your server if it’s not strong on it’s bandwidth.

  5. says

    I think the problem with Stumbleupon is the list friends in the tool bar getting longer and longer.

    I do appreciate that it is still adding features but do fix some of them which requires improving

  6. says

    The feature is a good start for stumbleupon but I agree that it defiantly needs more work. People are already using I’ve talked to about it are already using it.

  7. travis says

    I recently read on Woody Maxim’s blog ( about a Stumbleupon script that increases conversions on a site. I don’t know if it works; it’s an interesting idea, though.