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The most believable April Fools are the ones with an element of truth, maybe I cut this one a little too fine to the wire as no one caught on, even though I posted mine a little after Darren had already posted with his PayPerTweet.

One section of this post contained totally false statements regarding a competition by Mahalo, but many bloggers offer similar incentives for links. The section in italics were the fabricated parts of this entry.

I am adjusting this post now that in some parts of the world it has now passed midday on 1st April.

Original Title: Mahalo For The Air

Did you see Jason Calacanis with his incentivized signup program for Twitter, in a bid to take his “Jason Army” above 20,000?

Jason Calacanis Twitter

All those twitterroll links are having a significant effect on the highly competitive “Jason Calacanis” SERP.

Jason Calacanis Google

Stage two in the plan is even more devious…

Mahalo MacBook Air Giveaway

All you have to do to enter is to blog about Mahalo, and link through to the topic of your choice with 5 sugested links to include in that particular Mahalo Search Result.

For every 20000 links valid suggestions, Mahalo will give away a MacBook Air.

$0.10 per suggestion (equivalent value) seems like a pretty good deal to me.

I think this is especially appropriate with April 1st being the day without Google

What Is Acceptable?

I don’t honestly know, and Google rarely tell us anything

Lots of people offer incentives for links in prize giveaways, though maybe not on the scale of 100s or 1000s or MacBook Airs
It is frequent practice by many to offer incentives to add them as a friend on various social media platforms. This can be looked on purely as a way of adding more subscribers, but many of these platforms are indexed by Google, and the links to your profile count and give more juice. If you want to maximise your social media profiles in the SERPs for reputation management, that is one cheap quick method.

That might be acceptable if you are just trying to boost the SERP of a page for Andy Beard, or in Jason’s case “Jason Calacanis”, but what happens if your twitter account is Online Casino News, and you offer a MacBook Air for every 1000 subscribers, instead of every 20,000.
50 MacBook Airs for 50,000 profile links, plus I am sure more media attention. Maybe a first page result for Online Casino SERPs.

That could protentially be worth the $100,000 investment, and you might not need to be quite so generous, plus you would have 50,000 subscribers.

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    That second part is completely false… we are not giving away a MacBook Air for folks linking to Mahalo. Can you please take that down ASAP, as it will clearly get us in trouble with Google/Yahoo/MSN for trying to “buy” links with a contest.

    Thank you for a speedy correction to that very false information!




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