Players With Money Review & Bonus

Gary Halbert has been an inspiration to online marketers

What I want to impress upon you is… if possible… you should endeavor to confine your selling efforts to…

Players With Money!

Why? First of all, it is easier to sell something to someone with money. It’s an obvious fact that person has the money to buy what you’re selling. If you’ve got a $500,000 house for sale, it doesn’t matter how appealing the house is if the family you’re pitching it to has a pitifully low total income.

But there’s another fact you mustn’t overlook. People with money usually means they also have an important character trait most of the “sheep” out there don’t possess. Namely…

They Have The Ability To Make A Decision!

And… without talking it over with their spouse, their lawyer, their CPA, or their mommy. Usually, people with money got their loot because their lives are filled with independent thought and movement. These people with a high Halbert Index also possess another rare commodity. Namely… the ability to recognize true value. In other words, yes, it’s true these people are easier to sell than Joe Average but… only if you offer true value!

Reflect, for a moment, on what I sell. This would include a high-priced, rather arrogant newsletter, expensive seminars, expensive videos, audios, printed information packages, client services, etc. Who won’t buy my material? Basically, stupid, lazy people who relate its value to how much it weighs and how much “bulk” they receive. Who does buy my material? The answer is easy…

Players With Money!

From the archives of the great Gary Halbert, in a letter titled “The Halbert Index

Powerful thought provoking stuff that precedes what many top level online marketers aim to achieve today, though many were themselves students of the great Gary Halbert. Do take the time to read the complete article, in fact you could spend days insides Gary’s archives.

I can’t resist one further quotation

Start Thinking About Developing
High-Priced, High-Profit Products
And Services With Enormous Value!

And secondly…

Start Thinking About Selling
Your High-Priced, High-Profit Products
And Services With Enormous Value
To Players With Money!

I think the original letter was written back in 2003 – the idea of internet marketers promoting high ticket items is nothing new.

Some of the traits of higher ticket products

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower support costs
  • Higher retention
  • More repeat business

What Does It Take To Get There?

  • Research A Niche
  • Keyword Research
  • Research Potential Products
  • Create Products (preferably using outsourcing)
  • Setup an effective sales funnel
  • Generate traffic
    • SEO
    • PayPerClick (PPC)
    • Buzz marketing and Linkbaiting
    • JV Partners & Affiliates

Players With Money

Alex Goad has been a reader of my blog for about as long as I have been writing it, and I have a great deal of respect for him. He has achieved phenomenal success over the last 12 months with a number of successful Clickbank products that have become successful not because of hype, but quality. I actually had a chance to be part of one of them in the past, but it would have been hard to condense things whilst still provide the depth of information I felt obligated to provide.

That being said, I still wanted to see what Alex created before considering a mention here, let alone encourage people to buy it.

I believe I am one of the few who have actually had access to a large chunk of the materials, though many were still in draft form.

One important segment that Alex has included is on Traffic Funnels or more importantly Sales Funnels, and he has written one of the best explanations I have read about why a traffic funnel is important, and how they should be set up.

Well at least in part…

I have monitored almost every major product launch over the last year, and even the experts are leaving a huge chunk of their potential subscribers and profits to chance.

As for bloggers, there is a gaping hole in the sales funnel, and it is not at the end where the sales are made. Even if you manage to gain a minimal commitment in the form of an RSS subscription, hot prospects quickly turn cold.

I am one of the worst offenders

Technological Hurdles

Basic list building on a blog isn’t too technically complicated, but there is a lot more that can be done to enhance the process and build fanatical readers and boost income, though many of the tools such as membership scripts often need to be jury rigged to achieve any level of back-end coordination.

Even the most experienced pros effectively separate the list building mechanism from the blog. Whilst that might be suitable in the internet marketing niche, there are better ways of doing it.

Players With Money Bonus

Over the last few months I have been designing what I believe will be the “perfect funnel system” for blogs, whether for conventional bloggers looking to boost their subscriber base, for affiliate marketers, and yes… it will also add a totally new dimension to major product launches.

I have spent a lot of time ensuring that it is the right product for the market

During the next week I intend the development to start… I might need more than one full time programmer working on the project, and I intend it to be sold on a recurring membership basis.

Anyone who orders Players With Money and joins the program for at least 2 weeks will be entitled to free membership even if you eventually decide that it isn’t the right product for you and ask for a refund. That is the level of trust I have in Alex’s product.
It is a Clickbank product, so the refund period is a lot longer – you will have absolutely no risk

At this time it will only be for WordPress, and I am going to try to make it affiliate system neutral, so whether you are dealing with Clickbank, Paypal, PayDotCom, IDevAffiliate, InfusionSoft, 1ShoppingCart or other system, either as an affiliate or as a product creator, you will be able to benefit.

The aim of the system in a nutshell

  • More links
  • More traffic
  • More subscribers
  • More sales
  • More profit

One of my biggest negative traits (other than possibly fulfilling Alex’s requirements in the video) is that in some things I am a perfectionist – it has taken me a long time to finalize the design, but hopefully that will ensure a premium product.

p.s. As an added bonus, you will also get to be in on the initial beta test and become launch partners. It is a beast of a system, and intended to be insanely viral.
p.p.s I am going back through historical affiliate transactions and also including those who have supported me or trusted my advice in the past (those I can track to an individual), though I feel you will also benefit from Players With Money, I do know how to treat my customers and future affiliates like gold.


I am going to get there in the end, but I currently can’t fix a delivery date. It will be a major undertaking – if you qualify as a “Player With Money” based on the definition from Gary Halbert and repeated in Alex’s video, this won’t concern you.

Also to conform with Clickbank terms (how many affiliates offering bonuses even know these rules, let alone comply with them)

1) The bonus offer is not the responsibility of ClickBank or of the seller of the primary product.

2) ClickBank will not honor any refund requests that are based on non- delivery, quality, or functionality of the bonus materials.

3) I have always listed my contact information and any issues regarding bonus delivery, bonus functionality, or bonus quality must be addressed with me, not with ClickBank or the seller.

Further Reading

My thought process has continued since I wrote these articles, but you might find them enlightening – they also provide some level of proof as to how much time I have already invested in this project.

Why Blogs Suck – an in-depth rant on blog subscription rates and the inefficient sales funnel process they create.

10 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Sucks – damn another rant, but again I delve into traffic and sales funnels.

I am quietly confident that this will be the most valuable bonus offered by anyone for Players With Money but it will require your patience and trust.

Update: Just to be sure

When you arrive on the payment page for Clickbank having followed my link you should see something like this showing at the bottom of the page, with the affiliate ID “Nommus”

Clickbank Nommus

If you have any queries just let me know, I am even available on Skype a lot of the time.

I will be monitoring the Clickbank account for transactions, and they provide contact details, but to be sure after your purchase it might be a good idea to forward me a receipt using my contact form.

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  1. says

    Andy, I hope when you’ll make your site membership, you will still leave a section for us free loaders! I love reading the Arrogant Blogger..:)

  2. says

    I am not really familiar about online marketing but your post gave me some idea about this thing. I am glad that I stumbled here at your site as I learned some key points about internet marketing. Your overview about Players with Money is worth reading.

  3. says

    I am very impressed with your postings, First I landed on your blog when I was researching on sites penalized for paid links. I saw your post where you said you never sold pagerank.

    This post is very good but a bit technical for me to understand. May you can try next time in more in simpler words.

    • says

      Hi Jeff

      You seem to be having some problems with your DNS or server as I can’t access it currently.

      Some of what I write is aimed at more advanced users.

      For some people just having an audience and display advertising is their intention, thus they could benefit from encouraging more people to sign up to some kind of email newsletter, though there are multiple ways to encourage this process.

      Others may be looking to promote their business services or offline business, gain regular customers to their online store – again a systematic method to turn a one time visit or purchase into regular business would be a benefit.

      A large number of my readers are bloggers or affiliate marketers and they currently use various methods to encourage repeat visitors to their blogs, traffic, comments etc, but even the most advanced could improve their signup rates for their newsletters, improve the viral nature of their content and free reports, and develop both front end and back end products to promote to their subscribers.

  4. says

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for a great review. I really appreciate you taking the time to go in depth like this.

    Frankly, I completely agree with you analysis of blogs often lacking in sales funnel appeal.

    In fact I had a detailed reply I never posted when you made that post…

    I think it also has to do with mindset, whereby many bloggers think the holy grail is purely content and SEO.

    While those are very important, it’s possible to structure things in a way that the other pillar of business, aka marketing and getting users to consume you and your products, is not left aside.

    This makes a very interesting discussion…

    Finally, I very much look forward to you launching your product.

    If you’re putting something out with your name on it as well as a price tag, it’s going to be better than good.

    Lastly, it always makes me smile to read more Halbert quotes, so thanks for that too.



  5. says

    Hello Andy,

    I just read your review, alas it is after I bought a membership to Alex’s site as well as the OTO, I have been online for 6 years and was struck by Alex Goad’s forthrightness about the Guru’s who hold back on what they want YOU to know, top guru’s either assume you already know or shy away from giving anyone the truth by only supplying you with half baked, half truths information on how to proceed to build a business, as it’s not in their interests if you can, or indeed, whether you make it big, this is because they’ll lose you as a future customer, you have become their lifetime prey, and they want to keep you just at that position, so you keep buying from them and make them rich, they don’t want you to become totally independant.

    I felt I was a kindred spirit who has found the truth when I was reading Alex’s sales letter ~ I was pulled, the words hit a chord in me, that’s why I made my purchase, I arrived at the right place at the right time.. I know I am “A Player!”

    Thanks Andy and most of all thanks Alex and a great posthumus thanks to the late great Gary Halbert!

    Marcus Owen-Henson..

  6. says

    Thanks Alex,

    I can’t wait for your return to the forum..
    The possible is achievable, the impossible takes a little longer, but with your help even that will take no time at all…


  7. says

    Just wanted to follow-up and say that I’ve signed up to be “a Player” and am pretty impressed with Alex’s eagerness and vision for the community so far. There are a few rough edges once you get inside, but it looks like he is getting them sorted out pretty quickly.

    I’ve looked through about a third of the initial course material so far, and it all seems like a pretty practical approach to creating and marketing an info product to a niche. Over the course of 8 modules, Alex steps you through it all in an easy to read, hands-on fashion.

    In this case, it was surely your review that pushed me over the edge as (no offense Alex) the sales letter just didn’t resonate with me personally enough that I would have given it serious consideration.

    Kudos Andy — one of the great things about your reviews is that you respect your readers, make well-reasoned recommendations, and don’t settle for the easy buck.

  8. says

    Frankly, I completely agree with you analysis of blogs often lacking in sales funnel appeal.

    In fact I had a detailed reply I never posted when you made that post…

    I think it also has to do with mindset, whereby many bloggers think the holy grail is purely content and SEO.

    While those are very important, it’s possible to structure things in a way that the other pillar of business, aka marketing and getting users to consume you and your products, is not left aside.