Am I Really A Good Person?

I might actually be more evil than John Chow, but haven’t revealed my motives, but Vlad seems to think I am a “Good Person

Vlad’s video was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk

Vlad or Volodymyr Zablotskyy has been going through some hell over the last couple of week, with some rather nasty attacks on his online reputation, brought about due to some quite explosive discussion about ePerks.
I have been helping with some support in the background for the last couple of weeks, though most of the problems Vlad was able to take care of by himself.

In my mind, though I only know Vlad online through his writing and communicating through IM, Vlad is a good person too.

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    Actions speak louder than words and any sort of writing. What you, Matt and others have done for me in the past two weeks or so will never be forgotten.

    None of you guys had any obligation to help me. You felt you had to do the right thing, and if this is not sign goodness in some one I don’t know what is.

    Thanks again!

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    The assistance and comfort you gave me will remain in my heart of hearts forever, Mr Andy Beard. Besides that, I really enjoyed having a few good giggles with you in that same brief exchange.

    The post begs the question, “Good for what?”

    Rut Roh, now it’s “out there.”
    You’re ahight in my understanding of the coined phrase of you being, “a good guy,” Andy. Moreover, allow me to say, thank you for extending a helping hand when I was in need of your knowledge and support. My issues worked out according to plan.


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    I definitely agree with the idea that you are a good person when I first started blogging you also helped me and I am always delighted to read your post although I haven’t been around much to read lately because of trying to raise my traffic through Entrecard. Take care and I am so glad that you got your rank restored because that totally sucked.

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    Vlad, maybe John Chow needs to stop Flaming and Baiting for attention! We all do Viral but there is a tolerable limit to RickRolling! Also what is offensive is that he is bragging about how much money he presumable makes.

    Not everybody doing this for the money. While non of us are fools and would like to make a few bucks, if not a lot of bucks..:) Most of us are dedicated to this community do this work because we like to develop and communicate with people. Our actions are not hinged on the size of the pay check, well not mine at least! And I have not seen Andy act so audaciously.

    I use to have a very profitable business off-online, now I make peanuts, but that is how business is. You invest in it and watch it grow.

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      I have never linked to John Chow from my blogs, and probably never will. If disagree with his approach to “marketing” his blog and making money, it does not mean I think he is an evil guy…

      After dealing with this faceless coward on Yahoo! Answers, my understanding of evil adjusted some what. ;)

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    Vlad, I am just using Evil metaphorically, same like Evil Google, Dead or Alive, etc. But there looks like some poetic justice in the analogy. Evil Google does not like John Chow.

    Googling for John Chow returns John Cow domain. Google has deindexed key word phrase “John Chow” from his domain name! I guess he will not be bragging how he made 31k in March!

    I also wonder how many of the 7,000 Mybloglog community contacts ever read his blog. Are they even real members or his crew created fake Yahoo profiles..:)

    On his blog he says he makes money from private advertisements placed on his blog. So maybe he exaggerates his income so he can get better rates from advertisers. Inflated Ego!

    Maybe Andy should hack his Google Tool Bar Page Rank and then he will be charging Super Bowl prices for advertising slots on his blog. I would think Dr. Evil Matt Cutts will come down on him with Thunder and Furry!

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      Maybe Andy should hack his Google Tool Bar Page Rank and then he will be charging Super Bowl prices for advertising slots on his blog. I would think Dr. Evil Matt Cutts will come down on him with Thunder and Furry!

      And teach his readers how to do the same lol…

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    Maybe we can bribe Matt Cutts to get this accomplished?
    And if he is uncorruptible, we can blackmail him to get a Google PR 8 for our blogs. We will just tell him if he does not comply we will Viral all his dirty secrets .

    Once Eric Schmidt finds out, he will give Matt the boot. After Matt has been fired as a Spam Assassin at Google he will have to convert to the Dark Side! How long do you think Matt Cutts stool pigeon will last among the Black Hats. ;-)

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    You were the first person to comment on my blog. I reckon you rock! Trackbacks are nice when you review or mention other people’s sites but comments are so much sweeter. Just wanted you to know that I appreciated it. Yep – you’re a “good” person!

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    My gut reaction would be to put you in the “good people” category too. I only know you through online chat, comments and the like but you seem level headed and not too snooty to talk to people. In my books “good” is a good word to describe you with…

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    I don’t know Vlad but everyone is a food person deep down inside. So I am going to have to say “Vlad is a good person too :)”

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      After getting to know me you may change your mind. Nonetheless no one should be subject to to anything like I was…

      I was trying to leave a voice message on your blog with that cool little widget. But I guess it can’t be done via Skype. Will try on the regular phone tomorrow.

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    Very well said. You are standing up for what is right while others stand by and watch. Without people like Andy and Greg Swann, Vlad might have gone this one alone. It is by ones deeds that we judge greatness. And by Andy and Greg’s deeds, I choose to augment the title of “good” to “great” for both.

    For anyone that come in here and beg to differ: Take a page from history – Winston Churchill was one of the greatest men to have ever lived in terms of accomplishments and public altruism, however as a person, he was deeply flawed. But his personal foibles do not detract from his public accomplishments.