Sphinn Moderation An Insult To Gary Halbert

Whilst this might be personally biased, it is my opinion that my Gary Halbert quote in my recent Players With Money Review is probably better content than 90% of what is submitted to Sphinn, and on its own might even have been front page material if posted on a blog that was actively promoting their content on Sphinn.

The whole article is better than 99% of Sphinn content

I wonder how many people on Sphinn have even heard of Gary Halbert?

It seems like the Sphinn moderators were having another hissy fit – they see an article written intended to promote a product or service and just delete it in some kind of knee-jerk reaction based upon the title.

Sphinn Players With Money

I don’t think it was some kind of collective decision based upon community desphinns, I only saw one visitor in my stats from Sphinn/Upcoming before it was removed.

I am not going to claim that the remainder of my review/promotion was amazing content, it might have sparked a few thoughts, but honestly how many SMX related posts, or book reviews, or even announcements about various products being launched by Sphinn users really contain anything insightful that the majority of Sphinn users have never read before?

Maybe I should write about Jim’s Internet Marketing Ninjas again but include an affiliate link? I guarantee such a post wouldn’t be flagged as spam, because it is Jim Boykin’s and not Alex Goad’s product.

I am not saying I would have Sphunn my post, but then I have read the works of the late Gary Halbert multiple times, but for anyone unfamiliar, his words can have a profound effect on your business.

On a personal note, I still received 3 email requests for Sphinns yesterday, and one Twitter message asking me to comment. I haven’t logged into Sphinn since I left 3 months ago.

Whoever decided to submit my article and thought it would be interesting to the Sphinn community, thanks, but it seems the moderators at Sphinn don’t like Internet Marketing submissions.

Sphinn Is Not Internet Marketing

I suppose the ultimate proof that Sphinn is not relevant to Internet Marketing is the following screenshot

Sphinn Product Launch Formula 2
Update: published with the wrong screenshot for 5 minutes

I wrote about Product Launch Formula twice because I knew people in the online marketing community could benefit from it, and that includes Jim, probably Rand, it could even help with the promotion of SMX.
The second time I wrote about it I even included a link through to someone compiling a list of links through to all the special offers available (there were some crackers) if gaining extra value was important.

Just little things, for instance how much difference in sales would it make releasing full video footage from last year’s SMX Advanced for free? I haven’t attended… are people going to be impressed with the material?

I just looked at a couple of Jim’s Internet Marketing Ninja’s demo videos.
Which ones contain some of the very best material?
You know, the golden nuggets that are going to convince me that the remainder are going to be worthwhile?

I know that people involved in Internet Marketing need to learn a lot about Social Media, and lots of crap gets submitted to Sphinn around the time of big launches within Internet Marketing circles, but at the same time Sphinn users in my opinion could benefit from even just the free content that is provided during most Internet Marketing launches.

I don’t intend to return to Sphinn, but does Sphinn really want to alienate such a huge segment of the online marketing community, and deprive their users of news about valuable products to help their online business.

Moderation sucks on Digg, in many ways it is worse on Sphinn, you can’t even see the stuff that has been autoburied or removed.

Gary Halbert & The Significance of Timing

I know Alex Goad reasonably well, and I am sure it hasn’t escaped him that Gary Halbert passed away almost exactly a year ago. Sunday April 8th 2007. I first heard about it from Michel Fortin.
I am not sure if things were planned that way, and if there will be some kind of additional tribute other than Gary’s words being immortalized as part of yet another product launch, but that in itself is tribute to the man, and his teaching.

Question 1: Had you personally heard of Gary Halbert before I mentioned him in either this article, or my previous one?
Question 2: Had you read any of his previous letters?

Any comments which don’t first of all answer those 2 questions will be deleted (unless it is painfully obvious – e.g. you commented on previous posts mentioned above)

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  1. says

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve followed Gary Halbert’s work for years and so your mention of him was not the first I’ve heard of him.

    And I’ve read all of his letters on his site prior to his passing, and I commend his sons for keeping his site alive and available to us.

    Thanks to you for your excellent posts. I’m looking forward to seeing the follow up video on ‘Players With Money’.

    Boerne, TX

  2. says

    Andy, when I was on Sphinn your submits and a few other Sphinners where really interesting to read. A lot of stuff that is just rehashed posts goes up, but interesting post by not power Sphinners never made it hot!

    Many hot post where of bookmarks to other blogs, which I found a waste of time and Internet space! Who wants to read again and again 25 ways how to succeed in social media? 25 most popular blogs, etc.

    When I stood up for Aaron Wall from SeoBook because Matt Cutts did a public lynching of him on his blog, the moderators banned me for being a Troll.

    A bit before that I Sphunn a post about Google anti trust with regards to Answers.com and it only got 3 Sphunns.

    When I raised these issues to Danny Sullivan on SeoMoz blog he said I was wrong! I was very surprised Dany being a journalist has become so business minded and pro Google. Danny use to be on top of Google and criticize it every time it made wrong!

    For Danny, times have changed, it is all about money now! Sphinn is about money and Google, because of Danny’s SMX show! This is conflict of interest for Sphinn that is why integrity is not there. It can only be seen as corruption and totalitarian – autocratic on the part of Sphinn!

    There needs to be an independent Bookmarking service that deals with search engines, social media, affiliate program marketing and blogosphere! Andy, I hope you build a service like that, many of us would come there to learn and participate.

    I would not think it would be so hard to achieve. You can get a bunch of people who are involved in this industry together and build the platform. It needs to be done as a cooperative with its primary objective – mission as service to the community, not profits! First build it and then renumeration may happen or it can be done as a nonprofit business model like Wikipedia, W3C, etc.

  3. says

    Yes and yes.

    Big Gar Halbert fan, after I write this I am going to click that link to see what else you write about him Andy. I think any serious Internet Marketer can learn a huge amount from the free stuff that Gary has wafting around the web.

    I have learned a lot from this guy, what I take from him is the analogy of the hungry crowd. brilliant stuff.

    As I don’t often go to sphinn, unless it’s to submit the odd post I am not familiar with the latest “thing”.

    I think there are issues over at Sphinn, although moderating the IM crowd must be like herding kittens. The traffic I get from a front page is hardly noticable.

    Personally I think democracy in publishing is bullshit, people are basically stupid and have to be shown what’s good, else all you get is the selfish gene kicking in.

    The editor, or gatekeeper of information is getting a lot of flak these days, but I for one would like a trusted expert to sort through pieces of information I would like to consume rather than have the sweaty mob sift and rate it. And of course the IM crowd all have their own agenda, even the mods.

    Dammit! Another comment which could have been a post, lol.

  4. says

    Hi Andy,

    This irks me to no end.

    I’m over my head with launch but I will reply in detail when things slow down.

    Seems like your readers already have a good grasp of how much attention Sphinn should be getting. Aka, not much.

  5. says

    Hi Andy, gawd this post brings back so many great memories for me. I first subscribed to Gary’s newsletter in the late 1980’s, what a goldmine of info, not to mention the entertainment value of his abrasive character but… that was part of his charm.

    I actually recived/read the PWM newsletter when it first came out and it’s as appropriate today as it was back then.

    Too bad he passed away so soon, it’s a great loss to the marketing world. Excellent post BTW.

  6. says

    I had the pleasure of eating dinner with Gary Halbert and a few others at John Reese’s workshop that was held a few years back.

    He was quirky as heck, but could throw out amazing headlines in a heartbeat.

  7. says

    Andy, I read every word that bastard would let me read for free… so yeah – I had heard of him before.

    Sphinn moderates ads, and your ad got moderated. How is that an insult to Halbert? I don’t get it.

    • says

      Sphinn in theory moderates spam

      If a user decided that for whatever reason a post is newsworthy or contains useful information that might interest others, that isn’t spam.

      I had been told specifically that the inclusion of an affiliate link in a post doesn’t make it spam, and there also wasn’t a problem with paid posts that contain useful information.

      The much lauded implementation of the “desphinn” button was meant to provide the community control to prevent junk reaching the front page.

      Do you really think that the launch of Product Launch Formula 2 isn’t a news item that might at least warrant one post remaining on Sphinn, a community supposedly for internet marketers?

      Even when something is buried on Digg there remains a trace that it was submitted, even though it will never hit the front page.

  8. says

    Actually Andy, the Desphinn button is to help users vote down stories that aren’t really important. The spam button is there to help get rid of your affiliate ads.

    • says

      If you remove the affiliate links and the bonus offered it is just a news item about a product that some Sphinn users (internet marketers) might be interested in, along with a useful quote, and a link to a resource many I am sure wouldn’t have heard about.

      A few people weren’t quite sure about what was in the product, so I provided them with some followup information.

      The only reason I ever used the spam button when I was on Sphinn was for stuff that was off-topic

      A recent blog giveaway one of the ways to gain entries was to vote for the giveaway on Sphinn, Stumble entries etc.

      A follow on from that is another site doing a guest post competition with similar tactics to measure the winners (something Rich got banned for)

      Part of the problem for affiliate reviews is product access during the timespan available of the launch. I had access to part of the product that was completed, and pretty solid, that is what I covered.

      For another recent product, Niche Annihilation I wrote about it and didn’t include affiliate links, even though I had access to the product – I opted instead to offer links through to reader reviews.

      Bum Marketing Squidoo and Hubpages are still listed on Sphinn for that product.

      I don’t know whether or not what I wrote about Niche Annihilation was submitted, it certainly doesn’t appear in Google currently.

      It is also interesting that what I wrote about Stomernet also doesn’t appear on Sphinn anymore – I seem to remember that being submitted and there was a lot more content.

      Yes it was still an affiliate review but does that automatically make it bad content?