SpeedPPC V3.0 Released

SpeedPPCAs we are having a bit of an affiliate marketing news week, I thought it would be good to mention that SpeedPPC v3.0 has just been announced, and for the next week it will be available at $100 discount.

Last July SpeedPPC launched to huge critical acclaim and they even created this cool demonstration video of how it works.

There is a higher quality version of this on the SpeedPPC site

I know many of my readers spend 1000s on custom solutions for PPC management. SpeedPPC isn’t a tracking solution.

What it does is build highly optimized landing pages which can enhance your keyword level tracking.

I am sure some people already have custom solutions to do this as well, but not everyone can afford to pay a bunch of programmers to develop proprietary systems, plus you still have the problem of teaching a programmer what you are trying to achieve.

SpeedPPC is a battle tested system

One big caveat as I know this will affect a number of my readers. SpeedPPC uses .Net, thus is Windows only

I love mentioning products being launched by readers. In this case I have been reading Allan Gardyne’s newsletter for 3 years, and Jay Stockwell I know is one of those lurking readers.

I know one thing for sure – if I ever decide to drive traffic to this blog using PPC, it will be to specially designed and optimized landing pages. With the right offer it is possible to exponentially increase opt-in rates.

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    This looks pretty interesting. Your parting thought about driving traffic to blogs via PPC got me to thinking about a past project I was working on which was setting up a landing page system to convert to RSS/Email sub or bookmark.

    I ended up scrapping it as I wasn’t able to really lock down a use case where it wouldn’t be better to just promote a newsletter signup rather than a blog subscription. I’ll be curious to read more if you go down that road further in the future.

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    Who can compete with that!

    It really does take hours to set up those ad groups by hand and even longer to customize thousands of html templates. The only downside I see is for the noob who gets really excited, sets up 1427 untested ad groups, forgets to limit the ad spend and comes back to a $10,000 bill and zero sales.

    I see this as being useful to our social marketing clients as sort of a first step test… Before we start building social media “presence” to drive traffic back to their blogs, we could run a quick SpeedPPC test to see which markets and which key phrases actually convert into subs & sales.

    This solves a common problem I have, namely, which social media sites do I target and what message do I use to pull those folks to my clients site.

    Cool tool Andy! Thanks, Deeter

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    Two questions:

    1. Doesn’t anything using .Net use an incredible amount of system resources?

    2. Can this be nicely used with the adtrackz system for tracking?

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      Lots of stuff uses .net, but I don’t really think resources are a problem. You run it on your desktop when creating stuff then upload it to your server.
      It is not going to be running on your system all the time

      I am pretty sure it could be used with Adtrackz, maybe even better than many of the more modern tracking solutions.

      Adtrackz has always been one of the more unique solutions in that it is able to generate tracking links on the fly.

      The big problem with Adtrackz, at least for me buying it directly from Jonah is that it seems to have real problems with PHP5, and Jonah doesn’t seem to be very responsive these days.

      It is a serious application with quite a serious price, but at the same time I expect them to have phenomenal support and you only pay once to own the software.
      There are upgrade fees every 12 months which are optional – I am not sure how much those are – I will give Jay a nudge if he doesn’t pop by in the next 24hrs to answer questions left here.

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    FYI: directly after leaving that comment, I got the error “Internet Explorer cannot open Andy beard – yadda yadda”.

    The comment went through, but thought you’d wanna know.

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      I doubt the price is negotiable – the price works out at less than $40 per month, which for anyone doing serious PPC wouldn’t be a major factor compared to the massive time saving.

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    Thanks for the post Andy! Happy to answer any questions here. :)

    > To Mark Blair

    You should check out the affiliate datafeed solution that comes with the software (in the Affiliate Pro version).

    It allows you to pull the datafeeds (which are basically semi regularly updated CSV files) and upload it into the system (which installs on your server).

    You can then pull all the product names (and combine them with buy style keywords if you like) and then feed them into the campaign builder.

    Using a URL hook when you build the campaigns allows you to point it into the datafeed software (which now has a database of your merchant loaded).

    The net effect is this:

    1 ad group for every product with perfectly targeted ads (with model name included) which then creates a bridge page dynamically that pulls all the contents from the datafeed including product name, descriptions, photos and of course your deep affiliate link (into the merchant product page – not home page).

    If you understand affiliate marketing, you’ll see just how powerful this is!

    See: http://www.speedppc.com/affiliate-datafeed-software-explained/

    > To Dennis Edell

    1) Yeah… Andy is right. It’s a desktop app you run to build the campaign. You only run it when you need it, much like Word etc.
    2) I haven’t used AdTrackz but I have yet to see a tracking system that it won’t work with. It’s super flexible like that.

    > To Anya

    The price fades away to nothing when you see how much time you save and how much better your campaigns are improved. If PPC is a part of your marketing mix you would have to be doing something seriously wrong if you can’t make the purchase price back within a few weeks – even in just time saved. Remember, it’s a one time fee!

    Keep asking questions! I’m happy to answer them. :)

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    Well, you’ve got one more subscriber.

    I’m just getting started with PPC and I’ll be following this site for more information. Thanks for sharing.

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    Just watched the video. That looks amazing but I wonder if there is any chance of accidentally violationg Google Adwords terms of service. These automated tools can sometimes have unintended negative consequences. Anyone have any thoughts or experience regarding that?

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    This looks like an awesome piece of software. Once my earnings grow a little further, I’m definitely coming back for a purchase.

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    I’ve used SpeedPPC for about 5 months now and it is awesome. This new version 3.0 is going to make my campaigns even better. It’s one of the best tools that I have ever invested in. It increased my productivity by an insane amount and has allowed me to work smarter and not harder.

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    > Kit.

    There’s no issue with Google’s TOS as it’s not doing anything tricky or sneaky. It’s just building out your campaigns in a more targeted fashion. In fact, it’s giving them exactly what they want. Perfect relevancy from keyword to text ad to landing page. The quality score that you get reflects this as well.

    > Kitwana

    Great to hear! Always nice to hear it’s working for you.

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    Just watched the video. This looks amazing.
    I’m just getting started with PPC and I’ll be following this site for more information. Thanks for sharing.

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    Just watched the video. Thit looks amazing.
    I’m just getting started with PPC and I’ll be following this site for more information. Thanks for sharing.

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    I first was introduced to Speed PPC by Gauher Chaudry – and I bought it sometime last year and was instantly addicted.

    I highly recommend this software as it makes building campaigns a breeze and the new update has made it even more powerful.

    1 word of warning though – don’t get tempted to make massive campaigns for Adwords (even though SpeedPPC makes it so easy) – make a very small targeted campaign avoiding low/no traffic keywords with small ad groups with individual landing pages for each ad group.

    Use that to test the campaign, tweak it to get a decent CTR and quality score, then expand the campaign after that with more keywords (using SpeedPPC to make it easier).