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I don’t spend a huge amount of time in public forums these days, but a few years ago I gained a lot of valuable knowledge from a multitude of forums, and still communicate with old friends.

Forum mergers probably happen all the time, though I can’t recall one in the webmaster space before that was significant so this seems like a good excuse for YAC – “Yet another competition”

They are giving away $25,000 in prizes in a referral and participation competition and it is free to enter.

I am not entering, so please feel free to add your referral link in the comments

I am always surprised when all the contests from bloggers, forums etc don’t have legal restrictions on country of residence on competitions with physical prizes.

Note: I generally don’t write about competitions even if I am a sponsor – in this case when I heard this was happening I thought it was quite newsworthy.

I wonder how much duplication of membership they had? Maybe even email addresses being used by people with 2 different names, one for each forum?

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    Those are some pretty amazing prizes! No way I’ll even attempt to accrue enough points to win, but since I didn’t know about these forums before, I did join. It looks like the combined forums may have a lot to offer.

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    No way a normal man, outside the business, may want to participate in the competition with winning in mind. There’s far too much material to cover, far too many competitors, far too little knowledge, far too little these 24 hours to catch up with everything.

    In this time, the website (forum) receives a good kick in rankings, traffic increase, probably some of the products are sponsored, anyway they can get fatter deals for ads by now, so they technically end up with alot of good new material, ready for the search engines to index. And you? Time spent while you could’ve done something better.

    Just my two cents.

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    I’m not sure whether they are taking the right move but they are trying to combine resources with others. Most of the time, quality is better than quantity.

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    I fully agree with what Zinruss Studio that quality is much better than quantity. Muddling things down by trying to make them have broader demographics will often greatly reduce their usefulness.

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    Thanks for keeping us updated. I didn’t know about this and its definitely a big move in the marketing world. I think that they will struggle combining the services though… these things typically don’t flow too well.

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    Those contests due sound intriguing but I haven’t participated. I want to see who wins to employ their strategy. See if I win something sometime around later in the future.

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    Who cares about the contest? What matters is that every one of these forums, not just the two that have merged, are fertile grounds for some much information sharing and networking that is blows my mind when I find any web programmer or marketer who does not participate in at least a couple of them. I have learned so much myself, and given back, well, um, at least a little. I’ve earned contracts and found subcontractors. I have initiated link exchanges and other partnerships. Forums are the water coolers for anyone who works in front of a computer. And, by the way, so are blog comment discussions to a lesser degree. :-)

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    I don’t know about Earners, but Webmaster-Talk is one of my favorite forums. Tim Shroeder has done a great job building up this community over the years and doing past contests as well.

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    The union is a great forum indeed although their admin seems quite strict accusing everyone of spamming. They dont ban immediately like other forums though. All in all they dont seem entirely too terrible.