WordPress Tutorials (business as usual)

I am making this post to give some “equal weighting” to the level of news coverage, that my previous post on the Worpress Trademark issue received.

This time around it is really good news

It looks like Sherman and the guys at Automattic have come to a level of understanding, and I am sure the newly designed sales letter I mentioned in my previous post helped somewhat.

One additional important factor may well have been the free videos now also available on the site.
Sherman has provided currently 15 “introduction to blogging” videos free of charge, and they are well worth watching for anyone new to the Worpdress blogging platform.

I would like to thank the following sites for their coverage (pinging them where possible so there is some closure)

First of all sites that picked up the initial situation

Andy Wibbles, Kenneth Stein, Blogging Pro, The Blog Herald, Lorelle on WordPress, Denis @ Semiologic, and of course That Girl Again @ WordPress Wank who went through this multiple times.

Sherman’s friends and customers who gave their support

Michael Campbell Michel Fortin, Trish Jones, Saumil Patel, Brian Clark, Troy Pentico, Laura Childs, Marc Quarles

I am sure there are many more posts out there, but not every one of them linked directly through to me, or I didn’t discover them during my initial research. If I missed your post, or simply forgot, I am happy to add you to the list.

I would like to stress that there wasn’t a “good guy” and a “bad guy” in this situation. It was more like 2 good guys realising that they weren’t the only good guys in town.

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  1. says

    Sherman showed a lot of class and dignity through this whole uproar. He’s a man of tremendous integrity and generosity, and those qualities shone through in the way he dealt with the situation.

    My fervent hope is that this publicity sends him a boatload of new customers … who will soon also become Raving Fans.

    Sheila Martin