Blogging Response Rate (Poll)

Whilst the test I performed over the last few days isn’t ideal, recently, just for a few days I actually switched off my email subscriptions.
Email subscriptions has never accounted for the largest percentage of my subscribers, but I have always recognised them among my most responsive readers. I assure you the decision wasn’t taken lightly, especially with a number of major launches to write about which were highly targeted to my core audience.

One of the promotions I was testing was for Jeff Johnson’s WordPress SEO Blogging Software.

The post was written on Friday, not the ideal time to publish, but I have always had reasonable response over weekends, and it was also picked up on Search Engine Land which gives it an additional boost.

The topic is about as targeted as it can get for my audience, WordPress SEO. I spent a fair amount of time in research, and gave a very fair overview of the software, its value even as a freebie (I had previously spent $150+ on other solutions that are now out of date) and had taken time to contact Jeff to get some things changed.

I didn’t give it a “glowing testimonial”, but I did find it useful, and though others would as well.

So how well do you think it performed?

What follows are 2 polls, you will probably have to click through from your RSS reader or email for these to work correctly. Whilst for the last few days Google hasn’t been reporting feed subscribers through to Feedburner correctly for my site, my total subscribers are now hovering around 4000.

Poll 1 – Clickthroughs


Please vote on both polls

Poll 2 – Signups to Download


I will have a followup in a few days.

One of the great things about promoting an affiliate product as opposed to linking through to someone else’s blog post is that there is normally some form of tracking on the back end, so I can actually see how many people clicked through to read about Jeff’s product (which is free) and also how many signed up for his email list so that they could download the software.
This gives an exceptional overview of both sides of the traffic equation not normally possible, and many affiliate promotions don’t offer both.

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  1. says

    This is a great statistic. I look forward to hearing how many of your readers clicked through and then signed up. If enough people do this kind of post, we can create a data line to see how many RSS subscribers lead to sales.

    • says

      You need to test and track results – it depends on your niche, type of blog etc.
      For news type blogs you need to be posting within minutes of news breaking.
      For niche blogs with pillar content using a blog as a form of CMS, it doesn’t really matter.

      For my blog generally the best times are Monday Tuesday and Thursday before 9am EST, but it really depends on the topic.

  2. says

    An SEO package you may wish to check out is RankSense. At the moment it is free for bloggers and offers some very innovative tools. As a creator of SEO tools myself, I know that a number of the tools from RankSense are not easy to make due to captchas and proxies.

    • says

      I actually count Hamlet as a personal friend, even though I have never met him face to face. I was one of the first people to see Ranksense, though offering a full review is taking time to compile.

    • says


      Tough call, it really depends on how many sites you are dealing with, and how many pages you are optimizing on each site.

      You can download a free trial at

      I do know that Hamlet has invested a huge amount of time and money into this software, and is highly commited to make it the best on the market for its target segment who might otherwise pay an SEO firm much more to handle basic SEO tasks.

      One of the problems I have with testing is my connection – just not reliable enough currently, plus on many of my sites, especially this one it is hard to determine which pages are true “landing pages”

  3. seoworkgroup1 says

    At the moment SEo tool are free for bloggers and offers some very innovative tools.
    Thanks for a good stuff.

  4. gauravM says

    Tough call, it really depends on how many sites you are dealing with, and how many pages you are optimizing on each site. Thanks for sharing.