How To Get Noticed?

ImpactKen McArthur has pulled out all the stops for the launch of his new book now selling on Barnes & Noble. That isn’t an affiliate link, I am not a B&N affiliate so I just pulled that link from Ken’s blog (one of many).

What I can refer you to is the free stuff, a ton of great audio recordings

There are 2 featured recordings available as you log into the main site

Interview with Matt MullenwegMatt Mullenweg, the WordPress founder needs little introduction
Playtime: 22:54 mins

  • Initial growth
  • Influx of mindshare for WordPress
  • Exploring the Tipping Point and how it relates to WordPress
  • The Open Source Model
  • How growth affected infrastructure and internal systems
  • The move from Cnet to establishing Automattic
  • How would he start a new project now, looking back in hindsight?
  • They don’t do any active marketing (PR etc)
  • How to make an impact on people’s lives? – start small – it just happens along the way, one day at a time
  • Make a difference to one person

Interview with Brendon BurchardBrendon Burchard is the author Life’s Golden Ticket and a highly-acclaimed life coach, leadership speaker, seminar leader, and business consultant.
Playtime: 48:15 mins

  • Your audience is already out there, and listening to someone – find them
  • Accelerate impact curve with leverage
  • Leverage the learning and infrastructure of others
  • We can’t do well until we do good
  • We can’t make an impact until we invest in other people
  • High level joint ventures

Key points:-

  • Make sure it is what you want to do?
  • Can I really do this myself?
  • Who can I partner with that can make this happen faster, easier, and on a larger scale than I could ever do it?
  • What can I do for them? What can I give so that I can receive? How can I work with them that can amplify the message?

Over 100 hours of additional audio recordings are also available for immediate download

Nathan Anderson, Phil Basten, Kevin Bidwell, Anthony Blake, Mike Chen, Joel Christopher R., Holly Cotter, Jason Cox, Willie Crawford, Paulette Ensign, Michael T. Glaspie, Carl Galletti, Rosalind Gardner, David Garfinkel, Frank Garon, Randy Gilbert, Darryl Graham, Sid Hale, Doug Hudiburg, Jack Humphrey, Andy Jenkins, Gary Knuckles, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, James Maduk, Jason Mangrum, Jane Mark, Kenneth A. McArthur, George McKenzie, Paul Myers, Dr. Neil Shearing, Anik Singal, Jeff Smith, Damon Smith, Kim Thomas, Peter Twist, Bryan Voiles, Ramon Williamson, and Eric Wyson.

Want More Attention?

Gary Vaynerchuk deserves some, even though he is an absolute master at getting attention by himself.
Rich Schefren is putting together a special teleseminar for people who buy Gary’s new book. It is a great way of reciprocating all the help Gary has given him.

Key take-aways from Gary’s presentation in Orlando:-

  • Build your own brand
  • Differentiate
  • “A lot of you are building the brand of the people who are ahead of you”

Conflicting Information

First of all here am I building the brand of a number of people who don’t really need it, possibly adding subscribers to their lists, and whilst I might profit from promoting some of their products as an affiliate, at the same time we are competitors for affiliate commissions on other products and services, and competitors for attention.

I even do that fully knowing that I rarely make big pay checks on products I promote as an affiliate, and at times have even highlighted other people’s reviews of affiliate products rather than write my own affiliate review.


  • I have gone some way to build a unique brand, though that needs to eventually be backed by products or services
  • I have differentiated myself within my niche – it can limit my direct reach but at the same time by offering unique perspective, the reach of my readers is certainly in 7 figures, potentially 8 figures.
  • Whilst I do contribute to building the brand of others with new audiences, that can at the same time solidify my position as some kind of bridge between various aspects of the online marketing world which is currently quite fragmented with very polarized positions

In some ways I could be looked on as the “piggy in the middle” which whilst that can be fun, is hardly a position of esteem. However long-term if I am looking to produce products or services that are essential to all manner of online marketers, a central if somewhat controversial position on occasions is beneficial.

Then in the words of Brendon, “Who can I partner with that can make this happen faster, easier, and on a larger scale than I could ever do it?”

  • As time passes, projected needs tend to grow with the growing scope and scaling needs of a project.
  • Increasing marketing reach can actually create problems, though with enough scale, there is no need to worry about competition.
  • With enough critical mass, it is even possible to ignore the initial reaction of internet giants, as long as the internet end user benefits.

So how is your strategic marketing going?

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  1. says

    I signed up a while back. Well worth giving your email address away and I haven’t even figured out what is being sold yet. I listen to these driving back and forth to work every day. Sometimes these even help a bit with post ideas. You can’t help but get ideas when a constant stream is going in through your ear.

    • says

      There has been quite a long build up to his launch, I think I first heard via Facebook, though I didn’t sign up immediately.

      Rich’s post about Gary for some reason has been sending me a fair amount of traffic for the last few days from my blogroll link, so it was certainly one of those “this really should be mentioned” moments, plus I enjoy wine ;)

      Then it was a case of connecting various other pieces together and somehow working out where I fit in the middle of the conflicting thoughts and ideas.

      People on Rich’s list might have also picked up that there are other strategic alliances in the offing, which starts to muddy the waters a little.

  2. says

    Andy, you are in an envious position as far as loyal readers and followers. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum as you. I have the product and services but not the loyal “Social Marketing” followers. Combine both and you have a knockout punch, have one or the other and your ceiling is limited.

    For you, now is the time to start leading the horses to water. Watch how Guy Kawasaki is leveraging his followers to promote his websites outside his blog and books.

  3. says

    Hey Andy,

    I’m flattered that you noticed!

    I dedicated the last year to this project and it’s been an interesting year to say the least.

    The next six months will be even more intensive for me, but real impact comes from the people you build relationships with.

    I’m thrilled to be connecting with you even in this small way.

    Great people make the world go round so much faster!

    All the best,


    Ken McArthur

  4. says

    Who can I partner with that can make this happen faster, easier, and on a larger scale than I could ever do it?

    I’d say this is almost always the most important. I just (12 months ago) sold of a large chunk of my company to a skilled venture capitalist (a very active one). With a good partnership like that the money will start showing fast. I went from a small scale social media run business to a really profitable service company in a year.

    BTW: interesting post.