SEO Tool – Site Seer – Coming Soon

I mentioned in my second poll post that the Stompernet guys would be coming out with a new tool soon, and that also they would be limiting availability of some of their goodies to those that subscribe. That will include this new SEO tool.

First off, I have worked out how to get their videos to syndicated correctly, so click through to watch the video showing off this new tool.

The bad news is that the first piece of totally new content to be locked is a video on keyword research by Dan Thies.

Now Dan is known by professional SEOs as “The Keyword Guru” – he really knows his stuff – it is worth handing over an email address for access. It is a little shorter – 11:33 mins but full of great information, and costly mistakes (to the tune of a $50,000 test result)

Dan Thies Keyword Research
Dan takes another look at commercial intent for a number of niches, including web hosting and electric scooters

Now I don’t expect to win this, but Stompernet are famous for their “JV prizes” for their affiliates. If all the people who previously clicked through to watch videos actually signed up to watch more free videos (they really are good), I get a new Macbook Air.

That is without anyone buying anything, just for the effort – I only need a small fraction of my subscribers to sign up for free.

Also to get access to Site Seer, you will need to be an email subscriber, it will be locked

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  1. says

    Excellent video and very educational. A must see for Webmasters and Bloggers. Very pragmatic approach to SEO.

    Loved the part about the Google Evil Overlord!

    We all know who he is, but if you do not, he is Matt Cutts.

    Here you can see a picture of him and what he does to you when he gets angry at your Website!

    So enjoy the Stompernet professional video.

    A must watch for noobs and advanced Webmasters!

  2. says

    Thanks for posting this video Andy. I’m really looking forward to being able to use this once it’s released.

    Up to now I’ve been using xinu returns ( which is okay, but has some drawbacks and also expects us to understand how to use the information it provides.

    I hope my email sign up will help you get closer to that Macbook Air :)

    Best wishes,