Players With Money – Devastating The SERPS

What follows is an example of the Google search results being devastated by techniques taught by Alex Goad in his Players With Money membership site.

In the run up to the initial launch, and some time afterwards, I was ranking extremely well, with only the primary domain ranking better.

Now things are a little different…

Players With Money Devastating The SERPS

That is an exact match search – the SERPs are a little noisy without quotes, with many sporting references regarding players and money, so in this case I thought an exact match is a better demonstration.

Relative search positions for a broad match are the same, though the number of indented listings are different, and I end up on page 2.

No Active Linkbuilding

I haven’t spent any time at all actively linkbuilding my original review of Players With Money.

People sometimes bookmark my content on various social sites, and I get splogged fairly heavily. I also gain the occasional human editorial link, and I spread my Google juice around.
I am not actively creating a massive “social media starfish” – I should, especially on product reviews where there is some longevity in the promotion.

I should also give product reviews on this domain more juice – it would be fairly easy to give sidebar listings to various tops posts and mix in with it a few of my more monetary reviews.

Players With Money – Positive Response

I have had some very good response from people who purchased Players With Money after my initial review.

Shock! Horror! Refunds!

Alex is teaching multiple ways to make money online, not just how to SEO when promoting 3rd party products as an affiliate, because the aim is not to just be an affiliate, but to also have your own products promoted by others, without having to do all the work yourself, and even without having all the expert knowledge.

Despite that, I have seen a few refunds in my affiliate account – not many, and in fact I was expecting a few more. Some people would certainly have tried it out just to get access to my bonus in the future.

No worries

It is a Clickbank product – I think they now enforce a 60 day refund period, and Clickbank are the ones holding the money so that is 100% guaranteed, so there is absolutely no risk in following my recommendation.

If you find what Alex is teaching useful… and profitable, then I am sure you will stick around. If you don’t, for whatever reason, it is easy to grab a refund.

Players With Money Reopening Imminent

Alex has let me know that for a short time in the next 24 hours, he will be reopening the doors to Players With Money – at least for a short while.

Whether you believe that people reopen programs to fill up the spots left from refunds, cancellations and other horrendous unforgivable things, or you think it is just a way to create scarcity or a marketing ploy, doesn’t detract from the fact that many of the people I referred to Players With Money:-

  • Found it to be good value
  • Are still members
  • Have actually taken the time to contact me and thank me

Many of my readers will be familiar with Mark Blair, and he had this to say after he followed my recommendation

Just wanted to follow-up and say that I’ve signed up to be “a Player” and am pretty impressed with Alex’s eagerness and vision for the community so far. There are a few rough edges once you get inside, but it looks like he is getting them sorted out pretty quickly.

I’ve looked through about a third of the initial course material so far, and it all seems like a pretty practical approach to creating and marketing an info product to a niche. Over the course of 8 modules, Alex steps you through it all in an easy to read, hands-on fashion.

In this case, it was surely your review that pushed me over the edge as (no offense Alex) the sales letter just didn’t resonate with me personally enough that I would have given it serious consideration.

Kudos Andy — one of the great things about your reviews is that you respect your readers, make well-reasoned recommendations, and don’t settle for the easy buck.

My original bonus still applies, even for those who eventually decide this isn’t for them and cancel.

Players With Money may only reopen for a few hours, so I suggest signing up to the mailing list before it reopens, just in case you miss your chance.

p.s. I want my serp back with an indented double listing – maybe I will sidebar this one for a while, or link to it from a few other “juicy” niche sites.

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  1. says

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks again for the review.

    Realistically, even the best programs will have refunds and cancelations.

    People’s desires and priorities change. They lose their jobs, move accross the country or simply change their minds and that’s what the 60 day refund period is for: no risk on the consumer.

    As you say, overall, people have been happy and those that took action have gotten results, some of them very impressive.


  2. ibanez acoustic electric guitar says


    You are a master marketer. I always love reading your posts. This one is a great example of how to get your readers to read about an affiliate product, but not hit them over the head with a sales pitch. I sure do learn a lot from reading your blog. Thanks!!

  3. says

    I hadn’t actually heard of Alex’s “Players with Money” until I read this. I’ll check it out as I’m forever reading about starting squidoo pages, propeller, etc, but never get around to learning much about it, even though I’ve heard from several people that they’ve had great results (especially in terms of promoting affiliate programs) by using squidoo and other “web 2.0″ sites.

    • says

      Isn’t Drupal a bit of an overkill for your site?

      I would probably also look at alternative monetization, because Chitika at least from Poland isn’t showing any juicer adverts.

  4. says

    Hi Andy,

    Yes, i’ll be changing to adsense at some point but the chitika ads are there whilst i’m still building the site as it’s pretty new. I prefer using drupal because it has all the modules i need to set up the site the way i want and is very easy to publish content to the site (plus is available on fantastico for easy installation). Although wordpress could probably do just as good a job, it’s easy to add forums and other features if I want to, plus I have templates already setup to use on any of my drupal sites.