Google Double or Indented Listings

Whilst I gain tons of Google indented listings for money terms, and I can achieve them quite often in minutes, rather than days, they are almost always achieved using a few simple steps.

  • Get one page indexed and ranking
  • Write a second post linking to the first (which will also then trackback to the second page)
  • Use the same primary keyword in both posts

The second method I use, for topics that get frequent mentions, are tags.

  • My post with the highest number of links on a topic will most likely rank well
  • My tag page which leads to further posts on the topic will form the secondary listing

Examples Of Title Based Google Indented Listing

I have at least partially recovered my search ranking since yesterday for Players With Money, and achieved a double listing, though how effective depends on which data center you look at, and geographic location.
Players With Money is being promoted to a number of very large email lists currently, and this is bringing me search traffic – as I wrote yesterday, it is a great service, and worth checking out.

Players With Money Indented Listing

I also have a double indented listing for Stompernet Site Seer – but I am not ranking anywhere near as well for Stomper Site Seer – I have tweaked the page, and also added a tag page for that specific search term.

Stompernet Site Seer - Double Indented Listing

A search just on Site Seer does however bring the results I hoped for.

Indented Listings

Another money terms I rank comfortably for is Social Power Linking – this new link will probably help the page which mentions the new price rank in the top spot and add a little more longevity. Jack has to settle for 3rd and 4th place for his own product, but I am sure he doesn’t mind.

Social Power Linking

Example Of Tag Based Indented Listings

I don’t want to get too graphic heavy on this page, so I will just make a quick list of a few examples

  • Blogcatalog
  • Dofollow
  • SocialSpark

I really should get one for Blogrush and knock Tamar down a couple of spots. Since I wrote about the free traffic from Blogrush that Alex received, I have actually had one day when Blogrush combined with Traffic Jam was my highest referrer.
It is not server breaking traffic, but it is targeted, and 100+ targeted visitors is not to be sneezed at.

You would think I would actually have one for PayPerPost by now – I do have a first page ranking with a tag page, but my most linked to post used “Pay Per Post” in both the headline and title tag – that was easily fixed, and with the additional link I will probably give that post a boost up the SERPs to go knocking on the door of both Wikipedia and Techcrunch.

Techcrunch with their “Crunchbase” in many ways kill their search engine traffic, especially with the way they frequently don’t interlink between posts with keywords. Linking to yourself with keywords is just as important as to other people.
You would think that with all the times they have written about PayPerPost they would have a double listing… they don’t.

Crunchbase is slowly rising up the SERPs but are 2 listings on different domains really a good alternative to a double listing?

Old… Old… Stompernet Video

Ok, so it is not that old, it is from the launch of Stompernet Smarts

Who do you think ranks first for Stompernet Smarts? I do

This video is just 22 minutes, and Andy Jenkins shows you how to get indented listings the scientific way.

Now if Michael Arrington was a member of Stompernet, he or his web developers would know how to get double listings at the top of the search engines.
Currently his team have managed to get a single listing for Facebook… with Crunchbase… just below a 2 year old post from Mashable.

A similar query for Myspace, and both are out of the top30

Lets be a little more topical, the current Microsoft Yahoo deal – all they would probably have to do to have a double listing for a search term like “Microsoft Yahoo”, without quotes would be to do a little interlinking between these 2 posts

Though they should also be getting these newer posts linked in

Fresh search engine results isn’t just a job for Google to handle, site owners who know what they are doing can heavily influence them too.

There are plugins which can probably do enough interlinking to make a difference, and keep the search listings current, and help these top blogs remain looking fresh in the SERPs, or it can be done manually.
Linking purely off-site to Crunchbase, and then back to newer posts isn’t going to achieve double listings.

Now Techcrunch is doing very well for itself, at the start of the year they were hovering around 600,000 subscribers, and now they are 940k+ – I am sure a huge amount of that is related to the Microsoft / Yahoo deal, and possibly Facebook.

Could they be over 1,000,000 if they had their search results current?

If you look at Google trends data, the number of people searching for “microsoft yahoo” without quotes over the last few months has been very similar, and in some cases more than the people searching for stock quotes with MSFT or YHOO in Google.

For a blog looking to sell advertising, that is an awful lot of potential subscribers left on the table, probably reading their Microsoft Yahoo news… somewhere else.

This is the kind of stuff the guys at Stompernet teach for free, you should see some case studies.

Stompernet will be reopening their doors tomorrow, and it is unlikely I will be mentioning them again. They provide great material for free, but ultimately often it seems like I am beating a dead horse.
I certainly didn’t come close to winning that MacBook Air at the weekend, though I expected as much… in fact over the course of this week I haven’t managed to encourage enough people to sign up for the various locked FREE resources to win… even a digital picture frame

What ultimately is the value of building an authority blog, and dominating search results, if you don’t at the same time leverage your traffic into a responsive email list?


Yesterday Andy Jenkins released a sneak peak inside Stompernet

Stompernet 8 minue Preview

Now if you haven’t already, make sure you have downloaded all the free videos to your Hard Drive – they are available for download in the right hand navigation.

You never know when you might want to refer to them again – I have lots of Stomper videos recorded on DVD as well.

Also make sure you have signed up for the 100% Free Stomper Site Seer – I know for many the first version might seem a bit basic, but the guys working on it really know their stuff, and I expect it to be immense value in the future.

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  1. says

    Andy I think Michael Arrington cares more about his VC investments that he Promotes on his blog than his Followers.

    Nice post about interlinking.

  2. Power Earners says

    Give MFA sites a good name…that’s a good one.

    Great article Mr. Beard. I read an article about indented listings about a year ago by Travis (insert last name here) the bum marketing guy. I planned to work on it but never did. You must thoroughly enjoy the challenge and the results.

    Anyway, I am reinvigorated. I know an even bigger challenge. Do you think this can be done with a forum? I’d be willing to give it a try. I’ll have to read a lot more of your blog first.

  3. says


    I ended up with an indented listing for pole barns by accident on MSN. Not sure how it happened and the indented page was NOT one I would have chosen for the keyword it shows up for.

    Guess that is the difference in knowing what your are doing and NOT!

    • says

      Heh, I think you know what you are doing, you are going to give MFA sites a good name ;)

      I don’t often leave totally anonymous comments, because they normally link to junk, but I appreciate it when people put together stuff that isn’t junk.

  4. BlogMeTheMoney says

    I enjoyed reading this article, thanks for posting and writing it. Very informative and hey, I learned something new today! Okay I learned 2 new things :)

  5. Stepper says

    Oh this stuff, the way you explain it…I watched the video…looks like you could reach out and grab it straight off of the screen…it’s the stuff dreams are made of…and why the rich get richer.

    Can a little guy sitting at home in his underwear, working his fingers to the bone, trying to get a deposit in his paypal account really make any of this stuff happen…

    I really did try stompernet…and I just didn’t get it going…I even volunteered to be a case study…

    I’m thinking after $1000s spent and years of time without getting that long sought after deposit…maybe…just maybe it’s time to move on…time to fold em and ease on down the road.

    I thought if others could do it…so could I…however it really looks like this ( IM ) is the one that got away…

    I went down swinging…

    Always Drink Better Coffee

  6. Emirhan says

    Hey, nice site. Lots of useful information that will keep me absorbed for a while. You have some very up-to-the-minute information, and some cool analysis. Thanks.

  7. NetAP says

    I think one of the points is you kept a same title or tag for multiple posts to enhance your key words.

  8. HoustonComputerRecycler says

    Great article. I admit I am a bit of a newbie. I had no clue about how to get indented listing on the Google SERP I look forward to putting these tips into practice. I’ll let you know the results!

  9. says

    I have two sites that compete against each other :) in a niche and managed to get the top 4 listings for a few targeted keywords because of these indented listings. It’s a nice trick to learn.

  10. says


    just found your blog, intresting information on the indented listings. I have also noticed that if you change the google search results to show 100 at a time you get a lot more indented sites.

    I have achieved some good indented listings but am now working on the sitelinks. Do you think by following the tips you suggest that it could be used to influence sitelinks?

  11. virtualpa says

    Is this tactic still working for Google or have they shifted the algorithm/page layout etc?


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