Affiliate Evolution With Ustream

A number of internet marketers are now using Ustream extensively for training.

  • Ed Dale with the 30 Day Challenge
  • Sherman Hu with his WordPress Huddles
  • Michael Cheney frequently holds free training sessions combined with special offers (I sat through 2 hours of one the other night)
  • I know that crazy guy Jason Moffat is now into Ustream big-time

Another guy who has always been extremely forward thinking with video for affiliate marketing is Russell Brunson. He must have spent a fortune creating his “Zoobie” internet marketing videos. I am not sure whether it was a big success, but I am sure he learned a lot from the experience.

Affiliate Evolution on Ustream

I started writing this post whilst waiting in a room on Ustream of 500+ people, because Russell mailed his list. Unfortunately all I can see is the following:-

Affiliate Evolution

Fortunately a recording is available later, it looks like Ustream have problems with this many people at once.

Russell will be holding free training every day… LIVE at the following times

Wed. May 21st at 11 am EST
Thurs. May 22nd at 11 am EST
Fri. May 23rd at 11 am EST
Sat. May 24th at 11 am EST
Tues. May 27th at 11 am EST

This tactic is worth studying.

Russell’s team have created a landing page for Affiliate Evolution

That landing page is hosting the video – I have seen a few marketers do this recently

The new twist to this is that this isn’t some private sub page on the domain, but is being used to promote the primary landing page of Affiliate Revolution, and his opt-in list prior to launch.

If you are anything like me, an email notification before something is about to start is always handy, so don’t forget to sign up to Russell’s notification list.

Here you can find details of the Affiliate Program for Affiliate Evolution

Think I am insane?

Russell has a 2 tier affiliate program ;)

I actually have a good idea how Russell makes as much or more from an affiliate promotion than the person whose product it is, even though he might not be the top ranking affiliate.

p.s. Joy if you read this, you might want to get the tech guys to take a look at that 302 redirect

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  1. says

    I’ve been looking into to program for some time now, but I’m not sure if I should join in. Any suggestions?

  2. says

    I bought Russell’s Affiliate Evolution and it’s a really good product. He is just so energetic. A Tony Robbins in the making? I just love his ideas and I will implement them into my own business soon.