How To Find FriendFeed Rooms With Google

I noticed within the new Problogger room on FriendFeed, Darren mentioned the following:-

“feel free to invite others to this room – as long as they are bloggers and/or are interested in the ProBlogger type topic I’m happy for anyone and everyone to join. I’ve invited all my contacts on FF. Pity there’s no list of public groups for people to join.”

Whilst there isn’t a public list, in many ways Google with a site search query these days provides a very real alternative.

How To Find FriendFeed Rooms With Google

Here is the query I used:-

Here is a clickable search link for Friendfeed Rooms in Google

You can always add an extra keyword term to the search to find rooms related to specific niche’s or maybe rooms where specific people have interacted.

In other Friendfeed news, it seems Steve Gilmor doesn’t like Friendfeed much, and I love this line:-

Nowhere in this debate (most of it mercifully hidden forever behind the FriendFeed black hole where conversations go to die)

this seems to be the weekend bitchmeme so I thought I would at least add something useful.

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  1. says

    I do not know why Darren would only selectively invite Bloggers to his room?

    I think if you create a room on Friend Feed and it is a public room, it should be welcome to everybody! Someone who is not a Blogger may learn about what blogging is by participating in a room for bloggers.

    I invite everyone to my Friend Feed room.
    Do not be alarmed by the name! It is a parody!

    Thank you,

    • says

      Martin I am only using Spam Karma, but any mention of and it is flagged as spam – Google need to clean up Google groups to prevent that happening.

      If you look at the retuned results, with my search string they are different, and maybe better, due to the order.

      The difference is Google is actually searching for a specific string, so in some way it is trying to give relevance.

    • says

      Sharon, I looked at the list and it is kind of hard to make heads or tails from it. After visiting a few rooms, I did not find them interesting, even though I followed the room descriptions.

      I recommend for users signing up to Friend Feed to follow a few influential people in Social Media and the Blogorsphere. Once you find someone that you think you like follow them to the rooms that they subscribe to. You can see their room subscription in the bottom right hand panel.

      I do not think you need to subscribe to a room or to another user in order to comment to them.

      But you need to subscribe in order to track the activities.

  2. says

    I think it makes sense to keep rooms selective. Lifestreaming becomes bigger and more popular every day and as we “live” more and more online it makes sense to be selective with who you hang out.