I’ve Been Robbed!!!

That low down scoundrel Andy Beal, you know the one? Yeah the one who goes around confusing people with an almost identical name.

Well anyway I realised a few minutes ago that he had somehow got hold of one of my articles before it was published, and left me with only part of it.

This is all that is left

Climbing The Heights Of Mount Google

When you set out to climb a mountain, or rank for a competitive keyword term, some methods are effective.

This is a simplistic look at climbing the heights of Mount Google.

Human Pyramid

A human pyramid might be suitable for those low hanging fruit, but this method is unlikely to help you scale great heights. Not only is it hard to gain great height, but the weak construction is easily eroded by competitors.

Human Pyramid
Photo credit: >S@TS<

To read the rest of this article you will have to visit Marketing Pilgrim where it is now posted as a guest article.

I should be extremely upset, but Andy is a nice enough guy, and rather than just grabbing my article, he grabbed lots of others, and mixed them into some kind of competition.

Looks like you will just have to go and read the rest of this article over on Marketing Pilgrim and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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  1. says

    Ok. I had to laugh. I’ve made the same Andy B error myself when wanting to follow “that niche marketing Andy guy” on Twitter – only to find myself following the other Andy. No worries though – you’re both worth reading! Keep up the great work.

  2. Walter says

    The famous Andy Beard being Robbed? Well, what the.. I like the pictures.. And had a laugh too. Thanks Andy.. :)

  3. says

    Great picture of a human pyramid. It has been a while since I played that game. matter of fact, I have never played that game and I dont believe I am missing anything either. Not sure who the other Andy is but I will look for him on twitter and tell him to change his name.

  4. says

    Great traffic bait, I actually thought in the beginning that somebody really stole your article! I love the metaphor of the human pyramid for SEO, because it is so true – getting high up there in the search engine ranking is the result of the work of several individuals, not just one person.

  5. says

    My two favorite Andy’s in post tug of war… it’s everything a girl could want! Loved it. Especially the wrath reigned down on blogrolls.

  6. says

    I like the shared content strategy. Working with Andy Beale is always smart. Here in Raleigh he is the king of search marketing- uncontested.

  7. says

    You made me think for a second — “now who is that Andy Beal con artist scoundrel?” This is just proves that confict and controversy are one of the best viral baits, and the best way to get a click out of a server. Good stuff.

  8. says

    The Human Pyramid is a great thing to compare to SEO. Indeed, there is no single person that can do SEO, it is always a team, a well-oiled machine.

  9. greenenergy says

    Nice Human pyramid picture you got there. Simple but deep. Indeed, it's the climb that matters.